Writing a Blog Post Checklist – including SEO steps

This Writing a Blog Post Checklist has been motivated from the comments and responses both on my most recent blog post 10 Steps in writing a blog post and private messages I have received since writing it – so thank you.


As a brief aside, this is one aspect I absolutely love about blogging. It is not an act that sits in isolation from your home office. Once your blog is published then there is the opportunity to interact and engage with like-minded people. Plus these discussions also motivate and inspire new content and directions. Win/win!

This checklist is based on the 10 Steps to Writing a Blog Post I published a couple of days ago plus the Search Engine Optimisation steps from the promised (now published) post: How to Get Traffic for Your Website for Free

This Checklist is available publically now but will become content available to only our e-newsletter subscribers here so take advantage, be the first to use and share freely.

Writing Blog Post Checklist

blog post checklist with SEO

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10 Replies to “Writing a Blog Post Checklist – including SEO steps”

  1. I love this checklist! As a blogger, I absolutely need something like this to keep me organized. It always feels like there are a million things to do to launch a successful and informative article, and this helps streamline it. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Christina delighted you found it helpful it is absolutely a testament to the wealth of information and knowledge and mentorship I have uncovered from the community I have been a member of for over a year. But delighted this has been helpful for you right now.

  2. Oh my. I missed the sharing part today. I published my post but wasn’t patient enough to share it. At least I fetched and resubmitted sitemap in Google Search Console. I also missed the external links..LOL

    This is one great checklist to always keep handy. You seem to have summarized Jay’s lessons all on one single page. Great job. I’ve actually bookmarked this page, will return to it and consult when necessary.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. It isn’t too late, you can always go back and do the steps you missed. You can share it now and you can also go back and edit it to add a relevant external link.

      Yes I refer to it each time I publish a post so why I decided to share it so others could bookmark it and use it the same way.

  3. Fleur, I like the fact that the Blog Post Checklist is concise and meticulous.  This lends itself to finding the flaws and any process that perhaps may have been left out.

    I like checklists as this way I can find out if I’ve completed all tasks related to the project and it helps me to understand where I may not have fully understood the concept of what was being applied.

    Thank you for taking the time to compile and provide this valuable list for us.

    Much appreciated.


    1. My absolute pleasure Edu. I’m delighted you received value from this checklist. I had the same checklist handwritten above my work from home office desk and realised that perhaps other bloggers would find it useful. Thank you for confirming that is the case.

  4. Hi Fleur, I am a member at WA too. Still in early stages. Your website is put together very well. Nice and organized. Easy to navigate. 

    I read your WA review. I have read some of those reviews you are talking about. They rip WA. Thank you for saying enough is enough. You presented a very good case for truth of WA.

    I have learn so much at WA. And speaking of learning. I went through your list of tutorials and tools links. They are very helpful tips to be a better blogger. Since I am new, I want to learn as much as possible. I have added your website to my favorites list as an added resource for study. 

    Thank you for reminding me of my first priority, making a living from my website. I need to get that going. 

    I agree, it is easy to get involved helping others, spending time getting to know each other, and all the training. It can chew up precious time. 

    It is interesting the cons of WA you mentioned. Study and hard work and patience = Success. I like that formula. 

    Good job, thank you, johnny

    1. Hey Johnny, first of all thank you for your comment but also I’m delighted to hear you you have found not only this article but many of my articles helpful. 

      Regarding my WA review this took some time for me to put together and I was very much motivated by so many reviews out there that clearly have never experience the community and are making false claims. 

      Thank you for bookmarking my site to your favourites list I look forward to welcoming you back and helping you to make a living from your website.

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