Working from Home Opportunities

Are you Researching Working from Home Opportunities?

You have found there an Overwhelming amount of opportunities?

Don’t know where to start?


Learning about a range of working from Home Opportunities that are Real

Narrowing down the options to those that Interest and Suit You

Creating the Ideal Laptop Lifestyle for yourself

I recently wrote an article about Work Home Ideas which I have received great feedback on. However, I realised that this article really focused on only 3 broad categories of working from home opportunities that I have experience in. Therefore, in this article I will provide you with a more diverse list of working from home opportunities that I know work; I know this either first had or I know people where it has worked.

3 Points of Advice:

1. Please note, it is important that you complete your own due diligence; your own research to a level that satisfies you. Balanced with not backing yourself into a corner of information overload. Once you have completed your research. Narrow down this information to what you think would be your top 3 working from home opportunities that appeal to you.

2. Then contact people that have succeeded in each of these choices:

– Acknowledge that you understand that their time is precious and ask for a few moments of their time.

– Let them know you are considering beginning working from home in their type of work.

– Then ask them (if it is appropriate) what they believe are the top 3 characteristics of those that succeed? They may already have information, a blog or frequently asked questions that answers this.

– Make sure you check their publically available information first.

– Finally, thank them in advance for their time. Both when you have contacted them to ask them questions and also thank them if they had provided these answers already and you found it helpful.

Most successful people are more than happy to assist someone demonstrating initiative and respectfully asking relevant questions on how to go about following in their path and succeeding. This person may also be an option as a mentor once you have chosen the working from home opportunity that appeals to you.-

3. Many working from home opportunities exist through online access. For some reason, many people think that because it is online you don’t need to work very hard to succeed. In my experience, those that succeed in their professional careers offline or online do so because they are committed to it. Commit to do whatever it takes to succeed. Including achieving great work home life balance. This takes a conscious decision and discipline to achieve this.

Let’s begin…


515 Million results in a Google search for Working from Home Opportunities

This is an overwhelming result. You cannot be blamed for thinking ‘where do I begin?’ So where do you begin?

My recommendation is to consider the following list and overview of these 5 broad categories of working from home opportuntiies:

  1. Home based Consultant: Usually a service based profession
  2. E-commerce: Online Shop – usually a product based business
  3. Online Marketing (Blogging and Affiliate Marketing)
  4. Multi Level Marketing: Distributing a product and
  5. Investor

1. Home Based Consultant: Usually a service based profession

home based consultant


There are an endless number of consultant style occupations and opportunities you can be successfully work from home. The starting point for this opportunity is an existing qualification or work experience. For example:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Lawyer
  • Accountant
  • Hairdresser
  • Beautician
  • Music Tutor
  • Education Tutor

I am a trained musician and teacher. I have successfully taught my instrument, flute and music theory from my home for many, many years. Working as a home based consultant has the potential for you to get started very quickly. You can begin with your own networks and use free platforms such as LinkedIn to let people already connected with you know that you’re available. Beginning with your known networks is important because you already have a level of trust and often valuable rapport with this community of contacts, therefore converting these contacts to use your services (as long as they have the need) can be highly successful.

Once you have regular clients, achievable for most of the options list above, getting to come back regularly is the key to your long term success. It is cheaper, easier and less time-consuming to have repeat business. Needing regular hair cuts from your hairdresser is brilliant because hair always grows back. However, maintaining a regular system of booking and following up existing clients is essential.

Please note, this is not a good option for you if you are not comfortable with asking to be paid. For example, sending invoices immediately. I recommend payment up front or immediately however I understand sometimes this is not always possible – but I would challenge this. The quicker you are paid the better for you and your busines

2. E-commerce: Online Shop – usually a product based business


The possibilities are enormous here. Just go browse Instagram to see how many products are available to purchase through an online shops. I would recommend you promoting products that you believe in, that you use and love.

Online Marketplace

These can be in the form of marketplaces (where you have a virtual shopfront) like being one retail outlet in a virtual shopping centre such as:

  • Amazon
  • ebay
  • Craigslist (US)/Gumtree (Australia)

The advantage here is there is already an audience on these marketplaces. My son calls me the ‘gumtree guru’ we buy and sell most of our no longer needed items here, especially toys he has outgrown or simply doesn’t use anymore.

My number 1 tip to selling anything online is to provide information that will address any question or objection in the sales process. Whenever I sell anything on Gumtree (the Australian version of Craigslist) I generally provide MUCH more detailed information than any ‘competitior’ post. I also tend to sell at higher prices than similar products. You know those really long ‘sales letters’ there is a reason why they work online:

  • They have enough information to answer all questions from a buyer. Think like a buyer what do they want to know from their perspective what are the benefits to them
  • They provide testimonials of past or existing clients.
  • They make it easy (just one click) to make the purchase when the buyer is ready and with options of payment gateways such as Paypal and/or Stripe

This builds trust and rapport – 2 essential ingredients for the success of any sales transaction.

Also note some social networks can act as marketplaces due to having an existing audience already there. For example, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. In addition, some social networks also act as search engines such as Youtube and Pinterest.

Shopping Cart

Or one private websites by adding a shopping cart. This gives you complete control and is a good option if you have regular traffic visiting your website. Some examples of shopping carts that can be added easily to most websites:

  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify and
  • Bigcommerce

I have used WooCommerce for many years on one website and am happy with the way it works and its layout. It suits the way my brain works. Make a list of what you are looking for and complete a comparison between 3 options.


3. Online Marketing (Blogging/ Affiliate Marketing e.g. Amazon)

Content is King. Quality, comprehensive and regular content is the key to success. If you’re not a writer then you will either need to engage someone to create the content for you or learn how to do it. Online or Internet marketing is here to stay. It is interesting the potential ‘scam’ reputation it has when many people are on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter and/or Pinterest on a daily basis, we are now using some form of online channel every day. Very different to 10 years ago.

Like anything, do your own personal research and investigations to make sure you feel comfortable about making a purchase. In addition, if you are anyway in doubt make sure you pay through a global payment gateway such as Paypal. They will support you to chase a refund if you don’t receive what you paid for. Plus if it sounds too good to be true (make $10,000 per day in 30 days) it probably is.

Online Marketing is the communication of what a business does and provides (sells) via online channels. Online channels:

  • Online advertising (Google, Facebook, LinkedIN)
  • Search engine marketing (paid known as pay per click and organic which is free but time consuming a great deal of content needs to be created over a long period of time)
  • Email marketing (communicate regularly with your audience)
  • Social media engagement (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Video marketing (You Tube channels, Vimeo)

It is important to have multiple sources of lead generation that convert to sales. What I mean by that is traffic from Search Engine Optimisation (known as SEO), Social media and Email marketing is a good balance. It is a good balance because you are creating good quality and helpful content for SEO, Social Media is social proof, your raving fans are there singing your praises and Email marketing builds your audience through building trust because you are communicating regularly and consistently to your audience.

Be mindful not to get too distracted particularly with social media engagement campaigns. Make sure you test and measure everything. If something isn’t working then change it, improve it or try something else.

Make sure you are monetizing your content (generating revenue) this can be achieved through:

  • Display Advertising on your blog or website (Google Adsense ads)
  • Affiliate marketing (receive commissions on successful sales of products and services you endorse) Amazon Affiliates is probably the most well known
  • Guest posts (you write content for your website in exchange for a financial fee or backlink to your website)

If you’re needing to learn more about how to succeed in Online Marketing go read my review on the community that I am a member of for this purpose here.

4. Multi Level Marketing (MLM): e.g. doTERRA

multi level marketing

Multi Level Marketing is a business structure designed to distribute product. It works on the premise that those that join the MLM network will have access to products at wholesale rather then retail pricing. If you decide to participate in the network as a distributor then you are often rewarded for the number of people you bring into the network and how much product you and your network sells. Successful MLM businesses have comprehensive training on their products and how to succeed in their MLM compensation structure.

Again a belief and love of the product is important and being a people-person also helps as well to support you distributing the product.

I have experience as a client in Arbonne, I buy their make-up regularly. I love the product and I think I’m on some distributor level for the price discounts, I don’t actively distribute or sell the product.

My son and I spent a year actively working as distributors for doTERRA; selling essential oils. I did this because my son wanted the experience of being in business. It was a great experience, the product is of a high quality, we love the product. In fact we use it daily. Plus there is a great deal of training available to support you to succeed. We succeeded in achieving a milestone rank within 7 weeks of joining. We were successful because this was our focus. It was a very positive experience for us.

We are currently taking a break from building this as a business due to my son having also developed as a young, competitive sailor and so has decided on this as his current focus, which I support. He is a child after all and I said he can come back to the doTERRA whenever he chooses. I support our existing network with their purchasing needs.

I am very familiar with their structure and highly recommend it. Where we are currently at with it is not a reflection of the system and business but personal choices for my son.

5. InvestorInvestor


Investors commit financially to ventures with the expectation of generating revenue therefore profit. Therefore you will require capital (money) to pursue this oppportunity. Profit is what is left when the costs of running a business or venture is taken from the revenue that was generated. Revenue (income in) – Costs (money out) = Profit

Investors invest in:

  • Property
  • Shares
  • Businesses

I am an experienced Property Investor and have worked as a property mentor for many years. I owe my start in business to the success of my past property investments. When investing always treat it like any other business opportunity. You need money to be coming in regularly and to be generating more than what it is costing to run the opportunity. This may sound obvious but it is very common for new start up investors to forget this point and get pulled along in the excitement of purchasing the investment or the process of research and analysis. Unless action is taken you are not an investor. If you don’t generate a profit you will not be an investor for very long.

This strategy absolutely does work but requires capital upfront, discpline and making balanced decisions.

Next Steps: The Common Theme to Success in Working from Home Opportunities


What you now need to do is to make some decisions and begin to take action.

  1. Narrow down the working from home opportunities that appeal to you and you believe you could succeed in
  2. Follow and build a relationship with those that have succeeded in what you want to do
  3. Decide on what you will do
  4. Seek out a mentor to follow to support your success. This can begin simply by following a blog or joining a mailing list
  5. Take action daily, surrounding yourself with positive people that uplift you and your goals.


Finally, no matter what opportunity you decide to pursue working from home 3 things are essential:

  1. A commitment to do whatever you need to to succeed. Do you need more knowledge? Do you need to take Action?
  2. Having a Disciplined, planned, considered approach to your work and
  3. Taking regular and consistent Action. That is consistent work.

Your success is determined by how much work you put in. Now if you have the capital to pay for someone else to do the work then that is slightly different. However it will still require ou to set the goals and strategies and to ensure your team are committed to the cause and trained appropriately to support them.


Feel free to share the working from home opportunities you are considering to assist you with making a decision on what you will commit too:





16 Replies to “Working from Home Opportunities”

  1. Thank you. Your guide is very informative.
    You did forget one more profession…A jeweler (LOL).
    Working from home in that profession takes the same amount of all you have mentioned.

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to new posts

    1. Thanks so much Serafija, yes I have my apologies I will update. In fact, I’ve left out any arts and craft, creative style business – where was my head at this morning? I actually know a jeweller that works from home too and successfully!

  2. It’s so refreshing to read an honest approach to working from home, There are so many options available out there that it can leave one overwhelmed. I scoured the net for many years sifting through information from countless amount of blogs on “Easy Money”, “”10 great ways to make money from home”, Affiliate marketing’ and the list goes on. I was scammed by several and left after they cost me a lot of money. Your article gets down to the nitty gritty, it’s an easy, informative read that leads one to actual real possibilities. I thank you for the quality and truthfulness of your post. You can be sure I will be checking out some of your fabulous ideas. Thank you fleur, I’ll be back for another good look at your web page. Jim

    1. Thanks, Jim I appreciate your comments and you taking the time to share your feedback. I am passionate about dispelling the myths around working from home and working online from home. There are many great real choices out there it is simply a matter of working out what suits you personally and your skills.

      I look forward to hearing from you on your return visit!

  3. I like how you said, contact people that have succeeded. Most people I believe never do that, but just ask people around them, when there results say otherwise. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, Alex, it is crazy we talk to those close to us although they may know nothing about working from home or working online. As much as I love my family and close friends I don’t discuss with them the details about working from home or online, particularly my Mum, it just freaks her out!

      I was given this advice, to contact those that have been successful many years ago when I was seeking a change of career direction. I found many people incredibly generous with their time when you take the initiative and approach them.

  4. Hi Fleur, great article. I hadn’t really considered all these option before and thought mainly I needed to be a blogger to make money online. But now this shows that I can use my skills and provide a service from the comfort of my own home. The investor recommendation seems a little too risky for me at the moment with a lack of experience in this field, however I feel the other suggestions provided are opportunities I could seriously look at. Thanks for opening my eyes.

    1. Thanks, Nicole for taking the time to stop by and read this article but for your comment and feedback. I’m delighted to hear that it has given you some food for thought. Yes, blogging is definitely a real option, in actual fact, we all should be blogging in our field of expertise particularly work from home businesses. However to generate a full-time income from blogging takes some time and a commitment to consistent content creation, therefore some of these other options can get you set up faster at home and can then be combined or complement blogging activities.

  5. Great article! Very, very informative. I didn’t realize there were so many sources for at home work on Google (515 million plus)…it can indeed be overwhelming.

    I liked reading about property investment as an option; so many people shy away from it because it can be overwhelming; however, when done correctly, it is indeed highly profitable. E-commerce is certainly another way to earn online, I have just started using woo-commerce on one of my sites and hope to get things going soon. Thanks for sharing this info.

    1. Thanks, I appreciate your feedback Lem. Yes, the amount of information is full-on but my aim with this article was to assist to ‘clear through some of the minefield’ of information available.

      Property investment is a very real option however to be super successful in this area it really is a long-term view and does usually require some kind of up front capital therefore I often recommend this as part of an overall wealth creation strategy on top of the daily income generation usually obtained through our work whether it be a job (working for someone else) or working for ourselves in our own business.

      Let me know how you go with woo commerce I think it’s terrific!

    1. Yes, and I have realised I have left many out but I think this is a good starting point to get you thinking about the different options. There really is a solution out there to suit everyone.

  6. Hi Fleur,

    Great post! You cover all these working from home opportunities beautifully. I love affiliate marketing and I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and love their training and friendly community.

    We have also just started in the network marketing industry a small business and as you say these companies provide excellent training and support. You also mention you have to have a passion and belief in the product. The product we have is personal development and wealth creation. Something we are very passionate about. Thanks again for a brilliant post!


    1. Thanks, Kev and thanks for stopping by! We are like-minded I love affiliate marketing too and the training and supportive community at Wealthy Affiliate are like no other. What is particularly appealing for me being located in Australia, is that it is a global community and therefore there is always help at hand 24/7 due to the live chat and there is always a helpful member somewhere in the world that is online ready to assist – this level of support I just haven’t found here.

      Congratulations on your new network marketing venture and you love working with a product that is your passion and within an environment of support and education. I look forward to hearing about your success.

  7. Hi Fleur
    What an informative website and yes you are right- It is all about choosing the right online opportunity and thanks to you for your honesty- Very refreshing to read

    1. Thanks, Vicki I’m delighted you found this post and my website helpful. Being guided into navigating the overwhelming amount of information available down to a focused few that appeal to the individual is essential to be able to make an informed decision of what to decide to choose when working from home.

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