What is Working What is Not Working

Sometimes what was working, no longer works due to a change in circumstances, focus or goals. Which is why I’m reviewing my personal planning and action strategies. In fact reviewing the way you work I do recommend, perhaps annually. Depending on your level of success; i.e. if something is clearly NOT working then change it! Thus the motivation for this post ‘What is Working What is not Working’.

As Einstein said:

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it






Therefore looking at:

What is working What is not working.


I was recently unwell for over a week and am still recovering from the last of it. Periods of illness always motivates me to take stock. Take some time for reflection to uncover what was happening at the time of being unwell and if it can be improved or changed.

Over the past 6 months I took a great deal of work on which I was very grateful for however I have now decided to cut back a little and maintain greater balance. I was getting a little too stressed and when this turned into a lingering cough and cold; what I had been just thinking about changing, I was moved into action and confirmed the change (for the better). I value my health but like many of us (human nature possibly) unfortunately I value it most when it isn’t 100%.

In just over a week, I will have this change of workload with a week off with my son on school holidays in between which will be a lovely transition. So one thing that wasn’t working will soon be working for me again.

The Success Principles

the success principles by jack canfirld

For me, because I live a lifestyle with my son of having him in my full time care one week, then I have the following week off. I thought, why not fill the week off with some of the activities, tasks and goals I want to achieve and then have a different pace when I have my son. That way I can focus on him, plus know I’m also working towards where I want to be. Which is good for both he and I. This came about because during my week at home fighting off this cold. I managed to reread the book ‘The Success Principles’ by Jack Canfield.

I read the book almost 10 years ago but have been attempting to reread it for a year or so (with varying degrees of success). Plus, I had been putting the additional pressure on myself of providing short summary reviews of aspects of the book. When what I really needed to do was focus on reading it for myself. Giving myself 100% focus. So that’s what I did and I read it completely within 5 days! I had no intention of finishing it, but there you go. It certainly boosted my mood and me mentally and emotionally during a time of physical illness. Therefore illustrating how focusing on yourself is sometimes necessary.

Back to the topic at hand…

What is working


  • My current part-time job in the Arts
  • Now I have reduced my hours in my part-time Education job
  • My blog posts regularly being indexed and now beginning to rank in between the top 3 to 5 search pages (a good start). Test it for yourself, Google ‘turn a passion to profits’ – to see for yourself!
  • Balance in my personal life

What is not working

  • Prior overload of hours I committed to in my part-time Education job (now renegotiated and therefore resolved)
  • The blogging schedule I had created for myself (which I am now rearranging)

How to change what is not working

I find giving myself priority is easier when I remind myself that I need to be in the best shape physically, mentally and emotionally to be in service for all those I work with or socialise with in my business and personal lives. Therefore it should always be our number one priority. However, life gets busy and sometimes we lose sight of what we are aiming for.

The renegotiation for my hours for my part-time education role ended up being far straight forward than I anticipated (which is often the case). It was at a time my contract was due for renewal so I put in my request with my reasons and enough time was given so this was able to be supported. Job done. Tick! …. Relief.

planningRegarding my blogging schedule this is something that I appear to be resisting. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE blogging and I have so many ideas I want to share. Committing to a regular schedule has been a challenge. Why? Because I have an alternating timetable. I became unwell for a period of 2 weeks and perhaps subconsciously I am afraid.




Yes, but why would I be afraid. I think it is a small reaction from a booming face-to-face business in 2016 changing dramatically (unexpectedly). My business wasn’t the only one. However with the benefit of hindsight, I was far too focused on one geographical location. One in which is well known to ride dramatic waves of highs and lows. The benefit of hind sight hey?!

I think it is well and truly time to let go of the past, accept it and move forward. Appreciate what I have now, and move forward. I truly am grateful for taking the past 6 months out to regroup and recover. Now I feel recharged and ready for the next chapter in business.

Online Success

online success

All my traditional businesses have always had a current and successful online aspect to them. However, I believe for myself as an entrepreneur, I have room to improve to greater heights, to grow and learn a great deal more and to share in this area. Therefore, this is why I am focused now on this mode of business rather than combining with a face-to-face component. A small amount of face-to-face (such as an annual conference) may eventuate but for now my focus in business is to empower and educate entrepreneurs to succeed in the online aspect of their businesses. So here we all are.

I would love to hear from you what is your greatest fear in creating online success in business. Please share as a comment below and I will respond to you personally:





2 Replies to “What is Working What is Not Working”

  1. Very informative article, I do like writing as well and love to read I have a couple of books that I regularly get out and re read it again , I am doing it at the moment and the book I am reading again is the Maxwell Maltze Book Pyscho Cybernetics. that book is my favourite one as it brings me back to the core things I need to focus on daily. I decided this year 2018 to do something about internet marketing, The problem is not that I have never heard of it, but have tried it several times and failed miserably at it!!..lol..so this time with a different mindset off course I have decided to stay the course regardless what ha[pens until I can break through the barrier. So your article brought e back to what is important and what I should be focusing on. Thank you for the information and good luck in your endeavours, article writing can be a bummer but I find that if I am interested in a subject than words flows naturally.

    1. That’s awesome Gus thanks for stopping by and sharing. I’m going to check out the book you mentioned too.

      Always good to stay fresh and read new books or reread quality books regularly.

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