What is SumoMe Plugin: Review of the Best Website Traffic Tools

What is SumoMe Plugin?

Do You Need the Best Website Traffic Tools?

This Review outlines what is SumoMe Plugin:

The Sumo Plugin has replaced the following 5 WordPress plugins:

  • Google Analytics Plugin?
  • Pop-up plugin?
  • Contact Form plugin?
  • Social Share plugin and
  • E-newsletter plugin

This Sumo Plugin Review gives you an introduction to how it gives you access to the Best Website Traffic Tools

In July 2018 I began using the free version of the Sumo WordPress Plugin. From the recommendation from a colleague, Tony Hamilton, a great benefit to being a part of an active online community. From his personal recommendation, I signed up for the free version and less than 6 weeks later I upgraded to their paid Premium version. In the end, it was access to more ready-made form templates that got me to upgrade.


Sumo Plugin Review Outcome – Legit

Product Reviewed is Sumo. Overall Ranking: 4.4/5
Price: Free or $29 per month Professional (1 website) or $79 per month E-commerce (multiple websites)
Founder: Noah Kagan
Website: Sumo.com

website traffic tools


Sumo also is known as SumoMe is a WordPress plugin that initially appealed to me because of its well designed and attractive pop-ups. However, after creating a free account I quickly realised this one plugin could replace multiple plugins. Plus, what I share here is not the most comprehensive review (yet) simply because I’ve only been using it for a short time. However, as I use more of its features then I will update this post.



  • This one plugin replaced 5 plugins on one of my websites (so far)
  • It is easy to get started particularly with the pop-ups
  • Includes syncing to Google Analytics data
  • Integrates with multiple web tools such as Zapier
  • Full training on creating high converting pop-ups


  • If you don’t believe in pop-ups this is not the app for you
  • Initially confusing on how to include automated email messaging
  • A greater capability that needs some time to understand its full potential (however a good problem to have)



This is a great product for:

  • Professional Bloggers
  • E-commerce websites
  • Website owners wanting to increase sales and subscription conversions

Check out a few businesses who use Sumo.


Sumo Tools To Automate Your Growth

This plugin is capable of much more than what I yet have an understanding of. Therefore, Here is a list of tools included in Sumo with links to examples of some of the features. I have listed them in order of what my priorities were when I first joined:


Pop-up Demo CTA Popup Demo

Scroll Box Demo CTA Scroll Box Demo

An embedded pop-up is preferred if you’re not convinced pop-ups work. It is a more subtle, less intrusive approach. Embedded Pop-up Demo: Embedded Popups Demo

Share Buttons

Share Buttons Demo Share Buttons Demo

Image Sharer Demon Image Sharer

Highlighter Highlighter


Full training is included by a series of onboarding or induction emails. Plus you receive regular tips and hints each week which I find a good way to uncover all that is available with this one plugin and subscription.

From my point of view, my background has been in business for over 10 years and now focusing on online business since 2017.  A big part of an online business is getting traffic to your website. For example, this website, Passion to Purpose, is talking to people about how to blog. How to make a living online as a blogger. An important part of blogging is the experience on your website. In this review, I want to go through a quick run-through of sumo which is the app that I used for the share buttons it’s also providing a Contact pop-up page and other pop-ups on my blog.

Essentially Sumo is a plugin for your WordPress website. I started out on a free membership and about three weeks in I decided to upgrade so I’m just going to show you what I use it for.  So this one plug-in has replaced several plugins for me. It  replaced:

  • Google Analytics plug-in because I can view now through sumo.
  • Social plugin
  • Form plug-in so these forms can either be as pop-ups or also you can embed them into your content
  • E-newsletter plugin. I’m no longer going through to MailChimp because now it doesn’t support an affiliate marketing website which is what this is essentially a lot of bloggers are affiliate marketers in the background, not just content marketers. However, once I build my subscriber base to a certain level then I’ll reconnect to a CRM, which you’re able to do so you’re able to connect a whole range of different other software programs such as MailChimp or Infusionsoft or Ontraport or whatever you choose.
  • Pop-ups plugin. My number one pop up is the five steps to online success but I think I’ll change that now that I’ve created the content of my blogging checklist and I’ve also refocused the purpose of this website to really be focusing on how to be a blogger, how to work from home particularly for at home parents because that’s how I started out in business so that’s a niche that is close to my heart.  In the app, you can actually create the forms. And it takes you through step by step, it’s really easy and this is a template already within Sumo. I like it, it’s eye-catching and appealing and I think it also works well in the design of my website. It actually gives you suggestions of what to write and you just click through it’s super easy.

I upgraded from the free membership, because I wanted to have a few more templates.

Here is a walk through video I have created to give you a look inside Sumo and a little of what it can do.

walk through video

Here is an example Grow Your Ecommerce Empire of the training available. This sample is on how to grow your e-commerce shop.


I have not yet needed to use support because the induction and weekly emails have been enough so far. I will comment on this when I use their support.


There is a free option to try out the service plus 2 paid levels

$29 per month Professional (1 website) or

$79 per montE-commercece (multiple websites)

Join here Sumo.com



Sumo Plugin Review Outcome – Legit

In summary, this one plugin, Sumo, has replaced my Google Analytics plug-in, my forms, my contact form plug-in, my email newsletters plugin, and my social plugins. I think it is fantastic for all of those plugins to be replaced by one. This helps with your site speed and efficiency so that’s it. I’ll update this review once I’m much more of an expert but for those of you who have never come across Sumo before I think it would be a great start for you.

Use Sumo, Get Results

I welcome you to share your experiences using website traffic tools:


20 Replies to “What is SumoMe Plugin: Review of the Best Website Traffic Tools”

  1. Hi Fleur,

    I’m no stranger to website plugins and have heard of SumoMe before, but had no idea it replaced all of those other plugins, including Google Analytics. Although you have used it for a short period of time, you know alot.

    I’m not a fan of pop-ups at all, so this won’t be a choice for me, along with it having to be ‘simple’ over the list of cons you have. Your video was thorough so this would be great for someone who is interested!


    1. Awesome Patsy, thanks for your comments. I hear you, pop-ups aren’t for everyone but you may like to consider the embedded pop-up option that is included in the review – with a demonstration of it.

      I guess using it every day over a short period of time you still build up your knowledge of it. It is a case of the more I learn about it the more I realise how much more capability it has.

  2. Hey Fleur 🙂 The Sumo plugin replaces 5 plugins? Wow! This appears to be something good because I know that too many plugins slows your site down. If it’s for SEO, then it’s important. I have to look into this further because I need help with SEO. Thanks Fleur!

    1. Do check out this plugin Rob, it really is action-packed full of tools to increase traffic and engagement and conversion onto your site. Once you receive your SEO traffic you then want to develop a relationship with your visitors and convert them to subscribers to your e-newsletter or purchasing your products and services or those you recommend.

    1. Thanks, Joe I’m delighted to hear you found this information helpful. Yes marketing is something that continually needs to happen, using tools like this can make life a whole lot easier.

  3. Wow really impressed with your review, Fleur!
    Super detailed with a video, you’ve earned yourself a subscriber. I use the Sumo Me popup but never knew that they provide training too! Is it true that Sumo Me can slow down your site though? I’ve heard a lot of rumours about it but have to admit, it does make me curious.

    1. Hey Riaz, thanks for your comments and question. If it does slow your site down I haven’t noticed. I do check my site speed regularly through Site Manager but it all seems fine. Have you found it slows down your site?

  4. Fleur,

    This is great! Thank you for finding this plug in.  I am new to blogging but have so many things I want to do on my website. Pop ups are one of these things and I can’t wait to try this! I appreciate that it has so many different levels so once my website is more monetized I can bump up my level! That you for your review. I can’t wait to see it in action! 


    1. That’s great Kara yes that is definitely one aspect of SumoMe that I like you can begin on a free level and upgrade as your needs increase. You can experience about 3 different types of pop-ups and the contact form page just by hanging around on this site. This might help you make some decisions of the types of pop-ups you may begin with. All the best and come back and share your experiences.

  5. Hi Fleur,I’m not a big fan of pop ups but the couple that popped up on your website are done very nice and are not distracting from your content. Well done review. I’ll have to pass this info along to my colleagues that use pop-ups on their own websites using several plug-ins. It’s nice that they can also give it a try for free. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing with your colleagues that is appreciated and what it is all about. I hear what you mean re some pop-ups can be annoying but like any tool it is about using it in a way that is relevant to your content and website and business purpose. Thank you for the feedback on the use of the pop-ups on this website because I aim to provide deeper knowledge or a more enhanced experience by what is offered through the pop-ups. Not to mention the opportunity to have a longer, ongoing interaction with visitors rather than once off experiences.

  6. You mentioned that this plugin can sync to your google analytics. I am currently using the Yoast SEO plugin to sync to google analytics. Are you saying I can get rid of that if I just use Sumome? If so, that is awesome because I have a few too many plugins at the moment and would like to speed up my load time.

    1. Yoast SEO plugin although syncing to Google Analytics will be providing you with some services that SumoMe does not i.e. SEO features. I use All in One plug in instead of Yoast for my SEO so I have that as well but the SumoMe plugin allowed me to delete the Google Analytics plugin so I could view that data in the back end of my website. So yes I deleted this plugin but not the SEO plugin. I hope that makes sense.

  7. Fleur: Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the SumoMe plugin. You’ve given me food for thought. I like that what you’ve had to say is well-rounded. I’m one of those people who generally have a dim view of pop-ups, as I remember my user experience of being annoyed at the experience. But you did mention that the product is a “subtle, less intrusive approach,” which I like; I’d like to not be too intrusive, while also leveraging the power of a tool such as this. Also, your video is very informative. I’ve heard that as a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand times that; that said, your video is very valuable, as it demonstrates very clearly the points you textually make in the space around the video box. Thanks for the post. 

    1. My absolute pleasure Kevin. I agree video is very helpful to include when making reviews I believe so readers can have a taste of what it is actually like. I’ve just done another one for the mobile app Word Swag so stay tuned as I write up that review.

      What did you think of the pop-ups while you were on this website? As these were all obviously through the SumoMe plugin reviewed.

  8. wow I really do like the idea that this can replace 5 other plugins, which kinda food also help with your SEO since Google doesn’t like website with lots of plugins.

    I also really like the design of everything, inclcuding the pop ups which I’m assuming your using in your website.

    I have a quick question though regarding pop ups. Do they really help convert people into a list, or do you think your driving more people away by using them?

    1. Thanks for your comment Michael. Yes confirming all the pop-ups on this website and the contact us form are all from the SumoMe plugin. There are many designs provided that you can choose from and change the content too.

      Regarding do pop-ups really help people into a list? Yes. However, if you have a visitor that has come to your website that is seeking something else. For example, if someone came to my website that was looking to buy shoes online then the pop-ups here definitely would not appeal to this type of visitor. However if your niche client was visiting for example, for this website a professional person creating a home based business through blogging then the Free Blog Post Checklist that I offer in one of my pop-ups has a higher appeal to this type of visitor. Therefore, yes they absolutely do work for those that are you ideal client and are seeking what you offer. Which means they need to be relevant to your content and the purpose of your website for them to work.

      But don’t take my word for it, there is a large number of statistics that are real that demonstrates how high they convert compared to other methods of engagement.

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