What is a Super Affiliate? What are their characteristics?

What is a Super Affiliate?

I asked that question to the online business community I am a member of. I gave a definition myself but soon realised that the characteristics I described were far too limiting. Sometimes we not only need to challenge ourselves with new knowledge and training but also to raise our expectations as we gain this new insight. Therefore I will now give you here my updated definition of what is a Super Affiliate. But first that original article: What is a Super Affiliate? the blog post from my WA blog

I will provide my updated definition later in this post, but first, as I know you’ll be asking the question:

Am I a Super Affiliate?

No, not yet.

I am actively participating in a 12 month Super Affiliate Challenge to learn how to be a Super Affiliate. If you’d like to know about my progress go here to my Month 5 Super Affiliate Challenge update it is in 2 parts. WA rank 26However, what I have achieved so far amongst learning how to blog, how to be indexed by Google, how to begin to rank on Google I am also currently Rank 26 (in a community of over 800,000 online entrepreneurs. To give you some context ranks 1 to 25 are known as the Ambassador members of this online community. So I am sitting just outside the door of Ambassadorship.

What is an Affiliate Marketer?

An Affiliate Marketer earns their income by recommending products and services from other people and businesses.


blogger affiliate marketer

How this works is:

Affiliate Marketers are often bloggers (although not all bloggers are affiliate marketers, purely content marketers) and within some (not all) of their content they will include affiliate links. The aim is to produce high, quality, valuable content and in exchange, the audience uses the affiliate links for the products and services that are recommended.

An affiliate link is a trackable link that if you click on that link and then buy from that link then the affiliate marketer will receive a small commission as a result of this sale. Therefore this is a cost per sale and is low cost for those providing an affiliate marketing commission structure.

Does this affect what you pay? No. You still pay the same regardless of whether you buy through this link or not. Now I know when affiliate marketing was in its infancy many years ago there were some marketers that weren’t behaving authentically and therefore ‘abused the system’ and therefore damaged the trust of many online consumers. But affiliate marketing has come a LONG way since. After all, most of the professionals we use regularly face-to-face such as real estate agents, some financial planners (not all), mortgage brokers etc all receive commissions due to successful sales. Therefore this is not a new concept.

I actually ask people that don’t have an affiliate link, if they have introduced me to a new product or service or their information convinced me to buy then if they haven’t provided an affiliate link I actually want them to be acknowledged financially for the good quality content they are providing. Frankly, why wouldn’t you?

What is a Super Affiliate? Mastery? Consistency

To me, a Super Affiliate is a ‘Super Hero’ of Affiliate Marketing that has the following 3 characteristics, they”

  1. Earn a 6 figure annual income through their Affiliate Marketing business(es).
  2. Provide consistent, quality, relevant content.
  3. Reach out and are available to support and share their knowledge with their community of Affiliate Marketers.

As an aside this is why I love being a part of a business community so much; you get to learn, share and grow amongst likeminded people. This is so valuable particularly as I develop this as a home-based, online business. It is important not to feel isolated but be able to connect and test or brainstorm ideas. In fact, it is as a direct result of this community that I realised I was limiting my own expectations of what a Super Affiliate is but also the potential income possible for myself (as I mentioned earlier in this post)!


I am definitely succeeding in point 3 which is why I am currently rank 26 in the community I am a member of. I am providing quality, relevant content, I believe, I am now working on consistency which I am almost therewith. I needed the discipline of writing regularly, to come a little easier. With practice, I feel I am now there. So it is now the consistent, growing income which is now my focus then I will achieve my goal. Yay! In the meantime, I follow mentors to help me but also to inspire me as I see them regularly achieving goals I presently aspire too.



Wealthy Affiliate Founder Kyle
Kyle Loudoun and his family

For affiliate marketing, my main mentor is Kyle in the Super Affiliate Challenge. Informally, I follow a young entrepreneur (in his early 20s) Jerry Huang, Tony Hamilton, and Grace.

Plus, I continue to follow my existing mentors of  Louise Hay (now deceased), Jack Canfield, T Harv Eker and Wayne Dyer.


In summary, the 3 characteristics and keys to success and for me, what defines a Super Affiliate is their income, the quality of their content and that they give back to their community.


Please share: What is your definition of a Super Affiliate?

4 Replies to “What is a Super Affiliate? What are their characteristics?”

  1. Excellent article , i myself am in the niche market of affiliate marketing but if i were in the make money niche i would want you to be my mentor, the things you have accomplished are just awesome, i will still take a lot out of the wonderful content you have added here to help others along their journey, well done

    1. Thank you, Robert, I appreciate your comment I would be delighted to be your mentor in the make money online (MMO) niche let me know if that ever is an opportunity. That’s exactly what I do at WA. As you’re probably aware much of what is applied to the MMO niche can be applied to a specific niche, from your website I’m presuming golf swing technique. Reach out if you ever need any support delighted to have connected with you!

  2. Brilliant post! You hit the nail on the head about affiliate marketing. Providing consistently good informative content is what it should always ultimately be about.

    1. Thanks Shyla yes it really is that simple however sometimes it’s amazing how we as humans with our incredible brains sometimes insist on the making the simple complex. It’s all about focus and our commitment to remain consistent. Delighted you connected, we are likeminded.

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