First Wednesday Weekly Business Update Published – Topic ‘Be Consistent in Business’

I’m very much looking forward to sharing this my first Wednesday Weekly Business Update on my YouTube channel. #weeklybusinessupdate

So why am I doing this other than why not?

Personal reason

Well for a multitude of reasons from it being a close online medium to face-to-face communication (my favourite soap box topic) – to reigniting a passion of mine, film which I studied back in University years ago to it was always a part of the marketing mix for all that I do (although the latter is less exciting) – to recently been inspired by my 9 year old son and conversations with him about social media channels and business.

Business reason

I want to help more people. In addition to all the above personal reasons, I was sharing my vision with one of our most recent members yesterday that I wish to build my personal brand for business beyond my home town, Perth Western Australia – this is for the benefit of the already 100 members of Out of the Box Biz we have. As I have been in business for 8 and a half years and this most recent business is only 2 and a half years old – when I began this business it was off the credibility I provided as I was already known to the local business market. Therefore I wish to grow this business beyond Perth Western Australia therefore why I wish to grow my personal brand beyond this locality also. We are able to provide levels of membership for those outside Perth, Western Australia and if we build 50 members in another capital city we can begin running live events there also.


Love them or hate them they have a following and influence…. My son and I were both researching about ‘Youtubers’ together and I have become fascinated by the following and influence they attract. There is no ‘fluke’ why many of them have achieved such high numbers of subscribers – we’re talking in the millions here – while their content may or may not be of appeal to you personally, I am more interested in the business fundamentals and principles they are following. One of which is to ‘Be Consistent’. This is the topic of this my first Weekly Business Update. Please check it out on the video below and I would love to hear your comments or receive your likes or subscriptions.

Have a great day Being Consistent in Business #beconsistent

I revisit this topic again in April 2018 – to highlight this business fundamental is timeless. View this blog post: Why it is important to be consistent here

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