The Wealthy Affiliate Review: How to Become a Blogger

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Do you want to become a Blogger and get paid for it?

Have you heard Wealthy Affiliate is the Best Community for Purposeful Bloggers?

Are you searching for The Wealthy Affiliate Review?

Are you wanting to know if Wealthy Affiliate is Real or a Scam?

Are you tired of sifting through ‘fake’ or ‘misinformed’ reviews?


Look no further

But… Attention: This is NOT a magic pill or a Get Rich Quick Scheme


This service is of high quality and it works. However, as with most things, it is what you do with the education, resources and connections provided that determines your outcomes.

real review

Fake Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

Unfortunately, there are misinformed people online reviewing Wealthy Affiliate incorrectly. Sadly, many of these reviews are written by those that haven’t actually tried out the community. Which is crazy because it is easy enough to do with the free, Starter level membership. But I’ll share more about that later.

For example, there are misinformed reviews claiming Wealthy Affiliate is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business structure. I am here to tell you that this is false. I know that this is false because one of my business interests (sharing essential oils) is with an MLM structure.

Wealthy Affiliate does not claim to be an MLM structure. It is an affiliate marketing structure. What this means is when someone clicks an affiliate link from a review, the affiliate marketer may receive a commission. I say may because if you join as a Starter (free) membership there are no commissions paid for this referral until the new Starter member upgrades to Premium (paid) membership.

In addition, other misinformed reviews claim current Wealthy Affiliate members don’t tell you how much work is needed to succeed at affiliate marketing. I am here to tell you that the Super Affiliates (those making serious money online) are very clear about how much work and effort you need to put into this model for it to work. Therefore reviews that claim this again are false.

Fleur Allen Current Wealthy Affiliate Member (since April 2017)

Fleur Allen Top 50 ranked member

But there is an important point before I begin my review. I can assure you that as a current member since April 2017 I am well informed to write this review. Plus with over 10 years of business experience, I can tell you that this service is real and it works. Win/Win!

So with so much business experience why did I join Wealthy Affiliate? All the businesses I had achieved success in where from one geographical area, my hometown, Perth, Western Australia. In 2017, I simply set myself a new business goal: to achieve outside this local geographical area. What I know and teach is transferable online so that’s when I began researching on google for an online community with an education focus on online marketing.

I found several options of which I joined a few on their free membership levels. It is Wealthy Affiliate that I stuck with. One of the major reasons is the paying forward mentality within the online community. This is real and sincere and the initial reason why I joined. The reason why I have stayed is for these same reasons (education and networking with experts) but also the web hosting, keyword research tool, site support, site content platform, free image library and much more.

Review Update 24 October 2018

Wealthy Affiliate mobile responsive

Seriously could Wealthy Affiliate get any better? Yes! 13th September 2018, they announced a major upgrade of the full website being converted to mobile responsive forms. Remembering this business has been around since 2005 and mobile responsive design wasn’t a need or an important consideration back then due to our use of web browsing was mainly from desk tops and laptops rather than mobile devices.

But instead of creating a mobile app for the business with limited functionality the founders Carson and Kyle made the decision to upgrade and convert the full website. Wow! Here is Carson explaining the technical aspects of this upgrade far better than I can: Wealthy Affiliate Has Gone Mobile! But wait there’s more…

Plus in October there has been a MAJOR upgrade to the SiteComments platform. However, I’ll share this upgrade for those that join as a free Starter member at Wealthy Affiliate because it needs to be understood with in the context of the whole membership offering.

Review Update 5 September 2018

25th July 2018 I achieved an indirect goal of mine to achieve Ambassador member (Ranks 1 to 25) of Wealthy Affiliate. When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I was both in awe of the Ambassador members but also grateful for all the support

Ambassador Badge I was receiving as a new and continuing member. But I soon realised that to be an Ambassador member was not going to meet my objective of necessarily earning an income from my blog. Don’t get me wrong, many of the Ambassador members are Super Affiliates in their own right but they all emphasise to make your income goals a priority before seeking Ambassador ranking. This is the advice I followed. As I was writing and learning and progressing on my own journey I succeeded in ranking higher. Therefore as a byproduct of me seeking my Super Affiliate goal I achieved Ambassador rank. Nice!

But now my goal and focus are to achieve Super Affiliate status. This is to achieve 100 referral sales in 4 months. To achieve this I have set the Marathon Blog challenge of writing 100 posts in 122 days. I am on track having written my 4th post on day 5 and plan to write another today. It is too early to tell if I will achieve the Super Affiliate goal of 100 referral sales but whatever the outcome I know I will be closer to achieving this. Do I believe I can do it? Yes. Would you like to join me? Read more about it here on my blog post Learn How to be a Become a Super Affiliate – only 100 Sales. Therefore I’m not only focused on ‘doing the work’ but also to visualising and feeling the emotion of what it will be like when I do achieve it.

Review Updated 9 July 2018

This Review has most recently been updated on 9 July 2018. I update this review reasonably regularly because there are regular updates and improvements to the Wealthy Affiliate platform. There is no price increase with these improvements either.

Wealthy Affiliate Upgrades

For example:

  • May 2018 Platform layout upgrade
  • March 2018 Easier access to the Free Image Library via Site Content and WA blog
  • January 2018 Can view speed to view video training on platform 1 x – 2x
  • November 2017 Site Content platform major upgrade

At the time of this update, I am ranked within the Top 50 members at Wealthy Affiliate. I share the screenshot of my profile above so you can get a look and feel of what it is like inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

As you can see from the image the left-hand side menu bar gives you access to all the great services available. Please note, I am a Premium (paid) member therefore if you’re a Starter member this layout may look slightly different. More about that later… now for my informed review:

Wealthy Affiliate Review Outcome = Real

Product Reviewed is Wealthy Affiliate membership
Overall Ranking: 4.5/5
Price: Free or $49 per month or $359 per annum (Join Here)

Owners: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim



Wealthy Affiliate Founder Kyle
Kyle co-owner and family
Wealthy Affiliate founder Carson
Carson co-owner and family










This review will cover:

  • Introduction
  • What Wealthy Affiliate is not
  • Pros/ConsKyle Loudoun
  • Who is it for
  • Training/Tools Overview
  • Support
  • Price + Bonus
  • What People Say
  • Final Opinion/Verdict

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Introduction

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community of 800,000+ online entrepreneurs that began in 2005. This is a membership structured business.

As the name suggests you are trained in affiliate marketing. With this knowledge are you also capable of promoting any product or service including your own? Therefore it is ideal an ideal resource to use to turn your passion into a purposeful online business.

This community has helped over 1 Million entrepreneurs since 2005. The company is passionate about providing a service that helps members and a service that their members love.

The fundamentals of online marketing that are taught are:

  • Choosing your audience
  • Focus on your niche audience’s needs
  • How to create a website
  • How and Why to blog
  • Choosing a domain name
  • Understanding and applying Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) principles
  • Problem shooting and much more

As a life-long learner, myself and teacher and trainer for the past 30+ years. Teaching and mentoring entrepreneurs in this community is one way I utilise my membership. In addition, it is the free tools and services that are included in this membership that take it to an incredible level in terms of value for money rather than a cost to your business.

As an aside, Wealthy Affiliate members often refer to the community as WA for short.

What is included:

  • Keyword tool
  • SEO Training
  • Affiliate Marketing Training
  • How to choose our business niche Training
  • How to Build and Structure a website Training
  • Website hosting
  • Exceptional IT support (the best I have ever experienced and I have left 2 major organisations due to this issue)
  • Ease of setting up and integrating email
  • One click website builder
  • As I’ve already mentioned hundreds of educational courses, especially on all things SEO and WordPress and Affiliate Marketing.


Wealthy Affiliate is Not:

  • A Multi-Level Marketing business structure
  • Does not promote providing Scam reviews for its competitors
  • A Get Rich Quick Scheme



  • An active, sincere community of real entrepreneurs of varying experience levels.
  • Step by step training on how to create and market your business online
  • As it is a global community there is always someone online from around the globe able to answer questions quickly through live chat. Therefore you’re not limited if needing to rely on support networks closed due to bank (or public) holidays or even out of hours.
  • Web hosting and free SSL included in subscription for multiple websites
  • Access to purchasing and managing your domain names in one platform. I have created short training on How to Transfer Your Domain Name to Wealthy Affiliate contact me if you’d like the link to the training?
  • One click easy set-up for multiple WordPress websites and
  • Active engagement daily from the leaders of the organisation providing personal support


  • Name of business ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ may turn some people off.
  • Due to the comprehensive amount of training available initially, this can be confusing or overwhelming
  • This is minor, however, I prefer navigation to be on the right-hand side of a web page. Their main navigation menu is on the left-hand side.
  • Easy to get distracted by conversations and helping others when you have planned to work on your own sites. However, a con common to most online communities and forums. Therefore, you just need to have a disciplined approach. Here is a training within this community on how to consistently take action to succeed.
  • You need to work for this affiliate marketing model to be successful. This is not a get rich quick scheme.


This is a great product for:

  • Beginners in business
  • Beginners in online marketing and blogging
  • Bloggers seeking education on Search Engine Optimisation strategies that work
  • Entrepreneurs seeking a cost-effective, one-stop platform to host multiple websites
  • Experienced entrepreneurs that seek greater success in online marketing
  • Experienced entrepreneurs seeking an online community for support with like-minded people


Full training is included. You require a disciplined approach, commitment and motivation yourself to complete the training. Or have a staff member to learn and implement the training on your behalf.

Here is an example of the training available. This sample is on how to get a new website up and running fast.

You may also like to take a quick look inside Wealthy Affiliate on this short video tour of a new Starter (Free) membership:


Yes, support is available 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Site support at Wealthy Affiliate is like no other that I have ever experienced. Always professional and always very quick.

There are different types of support available:

  • Site Support, the best I’ve ever experienced, read more detail in this post
  • Questions to the whole WA community
  • Live Chat, as it is a global community there is someone online to help 24/7 and
  • Private message experienced members or those you have built a relationship with for individual support


free membershipPrice

There is a FREE option to use the service. This is a great way to try out the community 100% risk-free. Frankly, what have you got to lose? However, please don’t be disappointed that you don’t receive full access to this level membership. When you upgrade to Premium level this is when you receive access to all areas of the community.

When you join I will welcome you and show you how you can get started fast either as a Starter or Premium member!

A great incentive to upgrade to a paid (Premium) account within the first 7 days for USD$19 (instead of $49) for the first month. USD$49 per month thereafter or else USD$359 per annum.


fleur allen mentor

Bonus – My Gift to You


There are hours of quality training at Wealthy Affiliate, however, I am a specialist in creating short (under 10 mins) training at Wealthy Affiliate specifically for those new to the community. I will give you FULL ACCESS to these when you upgrade to a Premium paid account.




Please view the chart below to see the real differences between the Starter (Free) and Premium (Paid) memberships levels. Plus once you’re a Premium member there are no further upsells or upgrades. Yes, I speak the truth!!! You can get on with focusing on building your Purposeful online business without worrying about continual sales pitches.Wealthy Affiliate Review


Ready to get started? Join here

I am available to support and mentor you when you decide to become a member at no extra cost to you. Simply click the Join here link above and Let’s Go!


What People Say About Wealth Affiliate Click here for Reviews from Members

Wealthy Affilite reviewwealthy affiliate review



Wealthy Affiliate Review = Real

I highly recommend all entrepreneurs interested in greater online marketing success to take advantage of the Starter (free) membership level to try out this service first hand.

I came across the service while researching online, tried it out and upgraded within the first 7 days. I have been a Premium (paid) member since April 2017 and I have loved it ever since.

I encourage you to take a moment now and write down what you are seeking what you are looking for. Once you’ve done this then go to this page and compare what Wealthy Affiliate provides with what you are seeking. If you’re unsure then create a free Starter account that way you have no risk. This account can stay free forever if you choose. Plus when you do upgrade you are not locked in you can cancel and leave at any time.

With consistent effort what is taught at Wealthy Affiliate absolutely does work? But if you’re looking for a Get Rich Quick Scheme this is not the right fit for you.

Please share your own online marketing experiences or questions in the comments below :

64 Replies to “The Wealthy Affiliate Review: How to Become a Blogger”

  1. WOW, It’s incredible that Wealthy Affiliate has been around for so long and also helping so many people to build successful online businesses.

    I think there are hardly any internet marketing training communities that have nearly 1 million members. Some get as far as a few thousand members.

    So it just goes to show just how big and popular WA really is.

    I really love the fact that both free and premium members can get so much value inside the WA community, and everything is in one place instead of having to purchase other tools and services from various other platforms on the web. It saves so much time and money too!

    WA is certainly a community worth joining for any newbie wanting to learn how to build an affiliate business from scratch.


    1. Thanks Neil for your comments. Yes Wealthy Affiliate or for those not familiar WA really is a valuable find for those seeking to put the work in and succeed online. It really is worth taking the time to begin at the free level and seeing if it works for your own situation. Let’s connect in WA!

  2. Seriously, Wealthy Affiliate is the most cost-effective program in the affiliate marketing industry. I’m a member so some may consider me being biased.

    But can you really find a program that offers you web hosting, website builder, keyword research tool, 24/7 support and many many more resources at just $49/month?

    If you pay annually, your business investment is just $0.98 per day. That’s freaking awesome.

    So, I definitely agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is a real deal. In fact, I’m now making a 4-figure monthly passive income at just 21 years old, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

    Great review Fleur! Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Jerry I appreciate your comments. You are so right. I believe Wealthy Affiliate is a valuable asset rather than a cost to a business. As you so rightly pointed out when the cost is as little as $0.98 per day in comparison to the income potential; of which you are living proof of a real 4-figure income per month. I have been watching the progress of your journey, you are a living example of the generosity and support that can be found through this membership on top of all the tangible services. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Great review. I believe that wealthy affiliate has the best online training in the world when it comes to affiliate marketing, website building and all of that other good stuff. When you think of the community, the tools and the training you know that you are a part of a community that is helping people to have online success. Your readers will find what you are sharing to be most helpful and life-changing.

    1. Thanks Norman for your comment.Yes it must sound ‘too good to be true’ to someone new to Wealthy Affiliate but I’m delighted to confirm 12 months later as a member it really does live up to expectations. Agreed a life-changing community.

  4. Hi, Wealthy Affiliate seems to be the right place after I read your review.

    I see they also host websites. I have a website hosted at GoDaddy now but the training there is very minimal. I’d like to try the training you recommend.
    Would it be possible to move my website to Wealthy Affiliate if I get premium? and how much would this cost the transfer etc.

    1. Hi Stefan thanks for your comment and question. Yes you’re able to move your website hosting to Wealthy Affiliate. The costs of hosting is included in the Wealthy Affiliate membership therefore it is not an additional cost. So once you upgrade to Premium for either $49 per month of $359 per year then you can transfer your website from GoDaddy to Wealthy Affiliate. I will look out for you on the other side to assist when you need it.

  5. Since I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I have been recommending it to so many people. It’s one of the best sites around that helps people in creating a successful online business without any hassles. Be it a beginner who wishes to learn ways to design a website or a professional looking for a great platform, Wealthy affiliate sure is a great choice.

    1. Well you know I absolutely agree with you Saurav. For the beginner I think it is absolutely a ‘no brainer’ with all the great education. For the experienced professional it is a great resource for included in the membership pricing access to multiple websites, web hosting, keyword and niche tool, site content content creation platform and the best Site Support I’ve ever experienced.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your support – appreciated

  6. Hello Fleur,

    Until now I only saw amateuristic reviews of Wealthy Affiliate compared with yours 🙂

    You tell us visitors how many members the platform has, this started me thinking:

    Are there also members from non-English areas?
    When people have another language as mothertongue, could they also join?

    I already have a few years experience with websites, is the hosting on your platform also possible in Koken, Joomla or Drupal and now the subject went to the hosting area, is the hosting SSD based and which maximum of storage does your hostingplatform offer?

    I sure hope my questions weren’t too difficult 🙂


    1. Hi Farid, thank you for your comments and questions. Appreciate your feedback regarding my Wealthy Affiliate review, I am very passionate about this community because I am receiving so much value from it beyond the obvious, tangible benefits such as access to building multiple websites and web hosting all included.

      Yes, there are many members where English is not their first language. The platform engagement and education is all in English but you absolute can join should you wish to practice and/or improve your English.

      I admit I’m not the most technical person on the planet however that is exactly why I love Wealthy Affiliate so much, their Site Support team is the best I’ve ever experienced. Therefore I am able to succeed here because they are able to assist me with all technical aspects of running websites.

      As far as I understand the hosting platform is for WordPress websites only. To answer the rest of your questions take a look at this screenshot of the siterubix hosting platform specifications:

      Let me know if you have any more questions. Feel free to take a look round on the inside of the community for free with the Starter membership too

  7. Thanks for pointing out the fact that Wealthy Affiliate is in no way shape or form an MLM. I have ran into a few different posts myself that seem to indicate that it is. WA is just another affiliate opportunity to show you how to do affiliate marketing. What makes this program is that it is the best around!

    What I really love about it is the fact that you can either choose to promote WA (simply as an affiliate), or choose your own niche and there is separate training for both. I was just searching around and happened to run into your review so I thought I would take a minute to add my two cents 😉

    1. Thanks, Nathan I’m delighted you stopped by to add your ‘two cents’ this is appreciated. We are both clearly like-minded. Yes Wealthy Affiliate is straightforward about what it is and I find it curious that so many people think it is an MLM structure; clearly, those saying that haven’t even tried it out. Which I find crazy when there is a free (forever) Starter level membership!

  8. Hi Fleur! I just came across your review here and I really like how you have pointed out many of the misconceptions about Wealthy Affiliate. Though you have been a member since 2017, I have been a member since 2013, and I can with out a doubt say that the training here WORKS! This is only true if you work hard to apply what you learn.

    I often get people asking me what kind of money making opportunity Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is and I often reply that WA is an online education opportunity that gives you the training, help and resources to create your own money making online opportunity. I guess because of the name, people think that WA is some sort of get rich quick scheme.

    Another question I hear often is, how soon will I start making money? To which I reply, how soon will you make money after going to a university to learn a particular trade craft? There is no difference in WA and a university, other than the price, the up-to-date training, the available resources, the support and the help of other members.

    If WA was some sort of get-rich-quick-opportunity, or even an MLM (which I have no desires for), I would not have stayed a member for 5 years. I make more money per month from what I have learned than some people make in 2 or 3 months time. This is because the WA training allows me to make money from my website and to freelance my knowledge. There is no other place I know of that gives me all of this for only $49 per month.

    1. Robert, you are so right. Your explanations and responses to the common questions of what WA is and how soon you will start making money are so true. I love your comparison to a university education. The greatest advantage of Wealthy Affiliate is that the founders are continually improving, updating and upgrading all that we receive as members without increasing our membership fees. This is simply rare. Plus you receive so much on top of the actual training (websites, web hosting, keyword search tool, content writing tool, free image library…)

      I also find the claims on the internet saying that Wealthy Affiliate is a MLM (multi level marketing) structured business perplexing because it is not, it is affiliate marketing and it has never claimed to be anything other than that. Perhaps it is the name?

      I appreciate hearing from you as a much more experienced member since 2013, it is important to hear from members with all levels of experiences from this fantastic community and educational opportunity. Thanks for dropping by and appreciate your comments.

  9. Hi Fleur, reading your review just made me have a light bulb moment! I have spent 17 years, maybe more, looking around online for THAT program that is going to help me achieve financial freedom. With very little knowledge, I have not been very successful! A few dollars here and there, but nothing life changing.

    Reading your review on Wealthy Affiliate, and all that it has to offer, has made me realise, that affiliate marketing training could be the answer. The thing that is most appealing to me is community support, I always have questions and usually no answers! This could be a game changer for me.

    Thank you for this thorough, very informative review, it has certainly given me a lot to think about. I am going to head over and take a look at Wealthy Affiliate, it could be just what I have been looking for.


    1. I’m delighted to hear you’ve had a light bulb moment from this review! Yes, it is important to be a part of a community where you can access experts with more experience than yourself. Often it’s simply a case of you don’t know, what you don’t know.

      Do jump on over and take a look around with the free Starter membership, I’ll be on the other side, in the community available to assist and to show you around – see you there!

    1. Thanks, Alan, your comment is appreciated. For anyone that has come across WA for the first time it is important to hear from multiple people that the community and the services are included: websites, web hosting, keyword research tool, content writing platform and especially all the online marketing training.

  10. Hey Fleur, I joined Wealthy Affiliate about 2 years ago. I was initially sceptical I could make money from my passion due to my inexperience in this field but thought I’d give it a try as they offer a genuine ‘try-before-you-buy’ package, promises you can cancel at any time, no contracts & no upsells; hugely important in my initial stages.

    Help & support is everywhere meanwhile their video training suits me down to the ground. You realise further on in the course how powerful the large community is, the way everybody helps each other succeed with regards to commenting & sharing links on Social Media. Along with writing regular unique content, this is essentially what drives website rankings.

    I think Affiliate marketing is one of the most genuine opportunities online, the reason large enterprises like Amazon & eBay are involved. Bloggers promoting company products seriously cut down advertisement costs, only receiving commissions when a purchase has been made via your website link.

    Along with legitimacy, I think this type of business is the cheapest way to run a fully fledged business where the sky’s the limit with regards to earnings potential. A year’s Premium membership equates to 2 weeks rent of my previous business premises, never mind all the overheads, insurances, stock, wages, etc, etc.

    Like you mention though, there are no overnight fortunes, it takes time to become established before conversions can be made – Thanks for your honesty,

    1. Thank you Simon, I appreciate your comments. Yes I’m not sure people that criticise Affiliate marketing as being a scam understand that it is the back bone and a great part of the success that Amazon is. In addition, as you say the running costs of the business are extremely long cost to traditional business models and investment models. I have come from a traditional business model and what appeals to me about affiliate marketing in addition to what you have shared is that I can connect and work with people from around the globe. That I find truly exciting and inspirational.

      I’m also glad you mentioned that it can be overwhelming initially when you join WA – the community really is that engaged and supportive; when you’re new it can take some getting used to until your trust levels are satisfied that the community is sincere – it truly is! I will now go seek you out and connect with you within the community as well as I know we are already connected via Google Plus.

  11. I always say ” Either you work for your boss and make his dreams a reality, or you work for yourself and make your dreams a reality.”

    There is really only 2 ways to make money and I work hard at work anyways. I might as well just work hard for ME and lead myself to a better financial and freedom position in life.

    Where I am rightnow, I only get 2 weeks vacation through out the year and that’s hardly fair! We give our lives up for our companies but they are more than ready to replace you at any time if you can’t bring in business for them.

    This is what made me realize how important it is to direct my own life. That’s why I joined Wealthy Affiliate. Since I joined 7 months ago, I have nothing but positive things to say about the program. I am progressing nicely. It really isn’t a get rich quick scheme. But success will come! The work is needed first!

    1. That is SO true Reyhana, are you based in the US? I’ve heard you guys only get 2 weeks a year annual leave – that is terrible! I have 2 part-time jobs and one I get 12 weeks a year (teaching) and the other 5 weeks per year. Prior I was 100% in business and I averaged 6 – 12 weeks per year. I’m not sharing this to boast but to say that working for yourself you absolutely have choices like how much you work and how much you go on vacation.

      Keep going and I will look out for you in the WA community and connect there too!

  12. Hi Fleur,

    Brilliant review on Wealthy Affiliate by the way. It’s interesting what you said at the beginning about inaccurate reviews on the platform and people saying that it is an MLM business structure. I saw just such a review the other day and was quite shocked as like you say it is totally false!! I find it incredible that people can be bothered to write reviews on things they know nothing about. I’m just glad that there are people like you to put people straight.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Dan I appreciate your comments and support. Yes it is shocking what false claims are unfortunately on the internet, I just don’t understand the purpose. All we can do, as you say is set the record straight and remain honest and authentic in our own conduct.

  13. Waow this is a great review on Wealthy Affiliate. Its just unfortunate that some people out there will do anything to bash the system and i think its more out of jealousy than missimformation. ThankGod WA speaks for itself, i joined it through someone’s review awhile ago and i am loving every second of being there and utilising everything it has to offer. The owners are wise enough to make it free to join as the program speaks for itself!

    1. Thanks appreciate your comments. Yes it is unfortunate re those that give reviews including saying it has a MLM structure. If you’re going to criticise something at least get the facts straight, then decide if it’s a good fit for you. It is a membership structure teaching you how to make money as an affiliate marketer and it has a great affiliate commission system and structure. So I am motivated to set the record straight!

  14. Hi i juast wanted to comment because of how key word rich full of contact the site has, what an achievment, even with all the advertising it just looks grouse. I read it too and it goes into detailed information that you just cant beat so thanks for the enjoyable time.
    from michael

  15. Great Wealthy Affiliate review Fleur.

    I especially love how you address the fake reviews online.

    I also don’t understand why people don’t give the right information when anyone can easily join for free and figure it out for themselves and write an informed review that way.

    At least there are honest reviewers, like you, who give a realistic idea of what is available and achievable within Wealthy Affiliate.

    Wishing you all the best in your online venture 🙂

    1. Thanks, Stephanie I appreciate your comments. Yes, I find it bizarre and a waste of time and energy to criticise something with false claims. I can accept it if someone gives Wealthy Affiliate a go but it doesn’t work out for them. I’d be interested to hear why but, everyone is open to their own opinions but be informed.

  16. Nice post dear
    I couldn’t agree more. I have come across so many people saying all kind of rubbish about wealthy affiliate, even a close friend of mine was telling that I was wasting my money on wealthy affiliate that it is one of these online platforms that normally promise people a whole lot but end up giving them nothing. I told her she could not understand because she was not part of the community. So am really happy when I see people like you who take out their time to educate people on online marketing. Keep it up

    1. Exactly Bibian that is a shame about your friend. Offer them to try the free starter membership. However, I prefer to work with people that are open to the possibilities so then again, it is good you explained it is not what they thought and wait for them to come to you again. Focus on those that are ready to suspend their doubts and be open minded.

  17. Fleur,
    Great post, lots of captivating information, I could not stop reading it. I’ve been searching for a place to start my online career, I think Wealthy Affiliate is where it’s at!

  18. Fleur,
    What a great and comprehensive review on Wealthy Affiliate. I think the information you have provided will help a great number of entrepreneurs make an informed decision about where to spend their time. I have truly valued the members of the WA community and they have guided me well!

    1. Thanks so much, Jennifer and it is great to meet you here, I look forward to connecting with you inside WA. I appreciate your feedback and am committed to providing as you mention a comprehensive review so readers can make an informed decision, make up their own minds if it is a good fit based on accurate not false claims. I am very open that I recommend this community so much because I am an active member and am receiving so much myself. Therefore, what I share is authentic and real. See you in WA!

  19. Thanks for sharing such as detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate, you have highlighted all the quality’s of the platform and why you should check them out if creating a online business is your next path to go down.

    Heck if I wasn’t a member already I would have been sold again lol

    For real though what made me join WA and at a young age of 16 was a determination to succeed for myself, to achieve something that was different to others. Everyone else around me seems to either get a  full time job in a shop or go to university both of which are perfectly fine but I was after something different and would bring me the opportunity to live my life to the fullest.

    I’m now 19 years old now and I wouldn’t look back, while I’m not quite making a full-time income I am definety on course to achieving my goals. 


    1. Well done you, Josh. I will share your comment with my 12 year old son. He is very keen to begin earning his own income as soon as possible and he is already an expert in sailing therefore he could easily begin to build a niche sailing blog. 

      It is great you are on track to achieving your goals. Stick with it and the full time income you desire will be yours before you know it. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your experience with WA.

  20. wow what an amazing and detailed article. You covered many questions I would have. Wealthy affiliate is a great platform and I would recommend it to anyone. It’s so nice you list the pros and the cons. Keep up the great work and good luck with your goals. Thanks for taking the time to explain in such great detail. Keep up the good work 

    1. Thanks Ruth, I appreciate your comment. It is important for others that have a positive experience with WA to share their opinion too and for readers to my site not just take my word for it! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Great review.I am WA affiliate since 2 weeks but i can say that WA is not a quick rich area. It asks to work hard  to achieve your goals. There are people who can fear to enter WA platform thinking that it is a scam like others but WA is a real place which helps its member to fulfill their dram. I am happy that i know what WA is about( helping me to make money online)

    1. You’re absolutely right Julienne. It definitely isn’t a get rich quick scheme but is quality education and support to get you to where you want to be in your online business goals. Go for it!

  22. I  have to say that the name Wealthy Affiliate definitely does not turn me off.  It excites me, especially after reading your review about the program.  Since you are a paid member, and you have been paying since April of last year, I would say you must be getting great value from the platform to continue to pay $49 every month.  The fact that the Wealthy Affiliate program lets you try it out with a free membership, and the fact that they don’t require an upgrade ever, then that just shows me the value is there as well. 

    1. Absolutely Babie! I am receiving incredible value.  Plus I pay significantly less than $49 per month now because I pay annually so same value  for a fraction of the cost. Win/win I say

  23. I’ve been a member now for about 5 months and can’t agree more about the platform as a whole. The site building and management tools alone are worth the cost and you’re also getting a fantastic online entrepreneur training course (with video walkthroughs) and an amazing community that’s there to help you every step of the way. They really do provide all the training and tools necessary to achieve your goals as long as you put the work in.

    1. Agreed Ryan Wealthy Affiliate really does over deliver on value. Plus they are making regular upgrades and enhancements such as recently transformed the mobile responsiveness of the main website. So rather than develop an app for members with limited access they are working on converting the whole website to be mobile responsive. Incredible!

  24. Before I even heard of WA, I was jumping from video to video on YouTube trying to at least have some idea as to how to become an Affiliate.  During this time I learned some things about affiliate marketing, but the information was always short and if you wanted to proceed I had to pay some crazy amounts of money. 

    I personally thought that all hope was lost, but I kept on searching and watching more videos, until I seen what a Wealthy Affiliate member had wrote on a YouTube video, and that was (“This is a scam, Join Wealthy Affiliates for free”).  I clicked on his link and 2 days later I upgraded and became a premium member.  For those who are really serious and want to learn all about Affiliate Marketing there’s no other place in the world like Wealthy Affiliates. 

    Almost 3 years at Wealthy Affiliates, and I can honestly say joining WA is the best decision I ever made. 


    1. Thanks for sharing Dora, I’m always delighted to hear from long term Wealthy Affiliate members. I particularly like hearing how everyone came across WA and it usually is through a search online and connecting with a member that is receiving high value from the comprehensive membership.

      Have you found that what you were originally seeking although these needs are met, you now continue to maintain your membership for these services but also additional ones you weren’t aware Wealthy Affiliate had or even were good to have?

  25. Hi Fleur, I’m a member too. At just $49 per month you won’t find a program that offers you web hosting, website builder, keyword research tool, 24/7 support and many other resources and tools. Not to mention a kick ass community who is willing to help you.If you pay annually, you make more savings. A worthwhile win/win investment if you ask me. So, I concur, Wealthy Affiliate is a real deal. Great review! 

    1. Agreed 100% Sam. If I wasn’t already a member I may think some of us all are crazy the way we all rave about it so much. But it seriously is all true! I don’t know why all online businesses and bloggers aren’t members. Even for just the web hosting alone!

  26. I first started this whole blogging adventure 13 years ago, when I had a travel blog. It was basically just for friends and family to keep track of what I was seeing and experiencing. I found that I like it very much and people, not just friends and family, seemed to like what I did too.

    The second time around I tried to do this whole thing professionally, but there was nothing out there really to help me along with WordPress and SEO. I was able to teach myself WordPress to a certain degree, but SEO was something I just had no idea about.

    So, third time around I came across Wealthy Affiliate and FINALLY! I found the help and information and training I needed to create a professional website AND learn how to make money with it. 

  27. Hi Fleur,

    I am a Wealth Affiliate premium member for 6 months, and I have to say that their training is working, with discipline patience and hunger for success, anyone could achieve the goal of making money online. The people there are amazing and everyone helping each other.

    Thank you for this helpful article, wish you a lot of success with your business.

    1. Thanks Shai I’m delighted to hear you’re receiving so much value as a Wealthy Affiliate member. As you have not been a member for a year yet, if you’re paying the monthly membership then you may like to consider taking advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Sale coming up on November? Check out my post giving some background about it all here – it is a significant savings over 40% compared to the monthly prices.

  28. Wonderful review. One of the reasons I stay with Wealthy Affiliate and will continue to do so is because of the evolving education. The online world and affiliate marketing is ever evolving and Wealthy Affiliate evolves with it. What I find besides the community are all the video walk throughs, there is nothing left out!! For the small, small price we pay what you get is priceless in my opinion.

    1. I know Cathy, it completely blows me away how current they remain. I have just updated this blog just now to highlight the recent upgrades last month of going mobile and this month of the significant upgrade of the Site Comments platform! So much value at such a great price, it ends up being an essential service and return on investment for any online business rather than a cost.

  29. I don’t think there is high direct substitute to wealthy affiliate, from my opinion they are the best in the industry. I don’t think any company can offer web-hosting, web builder, 24/7 support at that cheap price and at the same time you still make money with them , sincerely speaking we should commend them for what they are offering to their member.

    The support were so caring about your business progress which make them above their competitors. The training were so excellent, so how can you be a member of wealthy affiliate and you find it difficult to make money online that is lie, once you complete all the training and you apply it, then make money online is at your doorstep.

    If you are reading this post , and you are struggled to make money, please don’t think twice to join wealthy affiliate through the link in this post. You have done justice to your review.

  30. Hey Fleur,

    A solid 13 years track records have spoken well of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s truly a platform that provide all the features (training and tools) you need to succeed in your online business provided you have the right mindset and work hard to success. I would say that there is no other program come closer to what Wealthy Affiliate has offered. Great value for money!

    Once again thank you for sharing this great review in detail, and I am confident that you can achieve your Super Affiliate Status in due time.

    I will be following you on your progress.

    Good luck and wishing you all the success.


    1. Thank you Zayn yes 13 years speaks for itself particularly in the online space. Wealthy Affiliate (WA) certainly has seen many changes to online needs, SEO, website design, mobile responsiveness, social media the list goes on.

      Yes the right mindset and work ethic is critical to your success no matter how great the training, tools and community is. Ultimately it comes down to each and every one of us to take responsibility and take action. This is a big reason why I devote as many blog posts to the technical and practical aspects to online business as to the ‘softer’ essential skills. As I recently mentioned in my blog ‘Every Cloud has a Silver Lining’ this saying assists you to move through any challenge that may present itself on the path to success.

      I am very much looking forward to reaching Super Affiliate Status. I feel like every post I create is one small step closer to reaching that goal. I look forward to seeing you again through this journey.

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