The Gold is in Daily Habits

I just love talking and sharing about ways daily habits can impact not only your day to day life but over time your weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual outcomes. This is underestimated a great deal which is what motivated me to write this post on The Gold is in Daily Habits:

This is what I talk about in a tutorial I wrote specifically for the online community I am enjoying being a member of.

What I share is all about the Power and Magic of Regular Routines. I save the best till last in the Gold of daily habits, rituals and routines.

The topics for the Gold is in Daily Habits are:

  • Annual Routines
  • Quarterly Routines
  • Monthly Routines
  • Weekly routines – refer to my discussion on using a default diary here and
  • Daily routines – this is the GOLD

I bet you’re thinking, this all sounds great but how to I:

  • take action?
  • keep organised?
  • make a start?

I understand which is why I share an online project management tool that can help you action these daily habits here.

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