The Barefoot Investor Review

There a large number of books about Wealth Creation, often with very dry and elaborate budgeting methods. I share the following book review because this author provides a ‘financial strategy drawn up on the back of a serviette’. It is that simple. It is an Australian book however the principles shared, I believe, particularly the serviette budgeting strategy can be applied anywhere. I have been concerned with professionals taking care of themselves financially for many years and motivated me to work as a property mentor for many years. As I express in Australia Best Selling Book ‘Ignite Your Property Investment MOJO’

The Barefoot Investor Review will include:

  • Summary
  • Who the book is for?
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • An Invitation for You
  • Next Steps
  • Your Commitment

Summary The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape

The Barefoot Investor (TBI) book published in 2017 is written by Scott Pape.

This book claims to be ‘The Only Money Guide You’ll Ever Need’ showing you how to create a financial strategy drawn up on the back of a serviette. Which it actually does.

the barefoot investor reviewThe book is structured into 9 chapters (or steps) organised into three overall parts:

Part 1: Plant

Step 1: Schedule a Monthly Barefoot Date Night

Step 2: Set Up Your Buckets

Step 3: Domino Your Debts

Part 2: Grow How to Double Your Income

Step 4: Buy Your Home

Step 5: Supercharge Your Wealth

Step 6: Boost Your Mojo to Three Months

Part 3: Harvest

Step 7: Get the Banker off Your Back

Step 8: Nail Your Retirement Number

Step 9: Leave a Legacy

However, you need to keep in mind: While it is very helpful and with easy, practical strategies you can implement immediately. I would recommend implementing within the context of consulting a financial planner that supports your goals, dreams and aspirations. What I mean by that is, if one financial planner is not really ‘into’ property investment but you love it then perhaps a planner that is more open to this as an investment strategy would be a better match for you. But I digress, back to Scott’s book. Noting, Scott too regularly advocates to consult a financial planner too throughout the book. It is a book and therefore some of the content will date over the years as tax, superannuation and banking products change. Again the author, Scott Pape highlights therefore focus on the strategies he provides.

Grab this easy to read book to find out what these ‘buckets’ and bank accounts mean and how to use them:

BlowDaily Expenses Splurge Smile Fire Extinguisher Grow MOJO

Listen to a message from the author, Scott Pape:

Who the Book is for?

I believe this book is for Business Professionals that are:

  • Seeking financial change
  • Dissatisfied or unhappy with their current financial situation
  • Ready to take control of their financial goals
  • Committed to their own success and reaching financial independence
  • Understand they don’t need to go through this journey alone. There is a community of ‘Barefoot Investors’ which suits those that have ‘domino their debts’ and those that are already financially independent.


What is great about this book is it is:

A simple step-by-step guide that works

Simplifies personal financial education

Includes practical examples and case studies for you to identify with

An easy read


Some of the specific financial strategies may not be suitable to everyone. Therefore, I believe that consulting your own financial planner that has an understanding of your individual situation is appropriate. The everyday strategies to budget and domino your debts and to achieve being mortgage free are fantastic and I’m sure in alignment with your own financial planner. The details on some insurances, particularly life insurance and superannuation, I would consider in consultation with a trusted financial planner. This is what I personally have done and am on track to recover from a devastating 2 years in business in 2016 and 2017, on track to achieve full financial recovery in 2018 thanks to the simple strategies in this book.

Your Commitment

What is your commitment to creating and achieving your financial independence? Remember, this is a commitment to yourself. Even if this book is simply a starting point for you to take control and make a personal financial plan. Then the book has been a success.  Are you ready to take action nnow? I encourage you to share your level of commitment or experiences in the comments below this post… And Let’s Go!

Next Steps

Are you ready for change?

  1. The first step is… you will need a copy of the book. Click the image if you don’t have a copy already to purchase one:

    the barefoot investor review

  2. Next, set aside time in your routine to read a chapter of the book. Schedule in what works for you. Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly. I was on holiday when I first purchased the book and so I read the whole book in 2 days. However, I then went back over each chapter, as he suggests, one each week.

An invitation for you:

Now that you have a copy of the book. I invite you to commit to the journey, the author, Scott Pape suggests. Then share the love. I have now bought 6 additional copies to give as gifts to those I am close too and want to enjoy financial freedom as I do. One copy, I have forwarded on as a gift that keeps giving, a way of paying it forward. In that, the purpose, is once it is read, for it then to be passed onto another person to read. Discussing your financial situation is something that is not always easy or accepted to discuss. Therefore, I have found this book a great way to give people the knowledge without having to offend or confront people. After all, none of us actually knows each others financial situations, nor do we need too.

Share your commitment to taking action to achieve your financial goals in the below comments:

4 Replies to “The Barefoot Investor Review”

  1. My wife and I are working on our financial plan with our adviser. I am always interested in “money guides”, I like to see what these folks have to say. You have provided a very interesting read and I really like the video. My question is in regards to working with a financial planner, would he need to read this book as well? I am sure it would help, but I am just curious about that.

    I am definitely going to take a look at this book. The fact that it is an easy read, and the testimonials in the video are what sold me. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Dear Steve, thank you for your comment and question. I would certainly make your financial planner aware of the principles of the book. I use the saving principles in this book but I still refer to my financial planner for long term financial goals because he is able to tailor something specific to my needs which a book is not able to do.

      I highly recommend the book to support you in achieving savings to support your long term goals which you work towards with the guidance of this book and that of your financial planner.

  2. Looks like a good read! I am always interested in financial planning books and haven’t heard of the barefoot investor over here in the US. The plan looks solid to me and I agree becoming financially independent and meeting your goals is a real commitment. No one made it that far the easy way.

    1. Yes financial independence and commitment is important to us all – it needn’t be beyond our reach either. This author makes it feel achievable and gives you a simple plan on how to achieve it

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