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What is Word Swag?

Do You Need the Best Text Photo App?

This Word Swag App Review gives you an introduction to how it is the Best Text Photo App

I came across Word Swag in November 2016. Back then it cost me $7.99 and I believe it is still available for a once off payment of less than $10. I had been trially a few other options during the previous 3 months such as Over Photo & Video Editor, Adobe Lightroom, Quick – add text to photos fast and Canva. But the one I stuck with and resonated the best with me and for my purposes was Word Swag.  I took the plunge and paid my $7.99 and have thoroughly enjoyed using the app on a daily basis since. What do I use it for?

  • To create weekly affirmations I share on this blog and social media
  • To add titles to inspiring images from my personal travels and add to my personal Instagram account (you know capturing that ‘Instagram moment’) and
  • Creating image banners for my blog posts

Word Swag App Review Outcome – Legit

Product Reviewed is Word Swag. Overall Ranking: 4.8/5
Price: Free or $7.99 once off payment for Premium Available for iOS and Android Website:


Remember that Word Swag is only available from for mobile devices and not PCs or desktops or laptops. As their website says ‘It’s like having a graphic designer in your pocket’. Therefore it does not meet the expectations of a full software graphic design program such as Adobe Photoshop. For more of a discussion on this topic go to the recent blog post: ‘How to Put Text on Photos‘.

This review will include:

  • Walk Through Video
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Who it is for
  • Best Text Photo App Overview
  • Price
  • Final Opinion/Verdict

Walk Through Video

For this WordSwag Review, I have created a screen video on showing you how to use word swag:

how to use word swag mobile app


  • Simple app to use
  • Low once off cost
  • Free photos included
  • 100s of font styles included
  • Ability to change all font colors
  • Some affirmations and quotes also included
  • Can add text to your own photos


  • Limited capability – cannot compare to full graphic design programs
  • Sometimes difficult to initially click into edit text
  • Sometimes confusing if it has remembered your previous design instead of starting from the beginning


This is a great product for:

  • Professional Bloggers
  • E-commerce websites
  • Website owners
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Health and Well Being professionals sharing affirmations and quotes


best text photo app

Word swag is a mobile app where you’re able to edit photos and pictures which is fantastic and really helpful if you want to do promotions or affirmations and the like.  The above video show what it looks like when you open the app after you’ve downloaded it.  What is great about Word Swag is you can use either the free photos that are included in the app or you can create or your own photos. I show you how to do both in the video.  Here is a screenshot of some examples on Instagram: In addition, all the images used on our Monday Motivation quotes page have been created using Word Swag.

The main advantage of using an editor like Word Swag is you own the copyright of the images you create. Therefore you have permission to use them on your blog, website, social media or email newsletters. You don’t have to worry about getting permission to use copyright of images because you’ve created them yourself.  And if you used them either on free stock images that you have permission to use or your own images again you have copyright permission to use.

This app is great to use to put text over the top of photos such as if you want to do basic titles and things like that. It doesn’t replace a graphic designer but it’s helpful for this day and age of Instagram and want to share quotes and affirmations and things like. The app has a small cost, under $10 but it’s a once-off cost. It’s really worthwhile.  In the video, I demonstrate how to use the app and show you: the photos that are included in when you signup.

You can:

  1. Choose/change the format of the image, for example, square or rectangle etc
  2. You then double tap on the text to edit.  Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to access so just persist. I don’t know why sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s tricky but you literally double tap on the text and then it goes to the editor and then you can add in whatever you want to say. For example, I wanted to create an image for my current 100 blog post challenge which I’ve given myself, which I think I’ve got 85 to go in something like 70 days, so wish me luck on that one!
  3. Then choose the colour of your text design first because that changes in the style.
  4. Next, go into style. Here I scroll through and show you some different styles and what they look like. Within the Styles there are the numbers one, two, three, four, five so there are five versions of each style. There are multitudes of variations so  I then go through and show you some examples of how different the formatting already provided in the app are.
  5. Once you make a decision you save it then it goes save directly to your camera roll on your mobile.
  6. Then I send it to my computer or just post on social media directly from my phone depending on what I’m doing.

Please note,  you can also use your own image, something you’ve already. You can also take a photo in the app too.


There is training support within in the app under the menu item More. Including a video tutorial and a link to a list of Frequently Asked Questions which are also available on their website.

From my point of view, I haven’t used support until now when I was researching this article. I have managed to work out most functions from the app through trial and error. However, now that I’ve found the FAQs taking 5 minutes to scan through these will fast-track any new user to this app and therefore is of benefit. But in the context that this app is not difficult to use. Which is its main appeal to novice designers or experienced designers that just want to use an effective product ‘on the go’.


There is a free option to try out the service plus a once off paid level

Join here Word Swag


Best Text Photo App Review Outcome – Legit

In summary, this app I have used on a daily basis for over 2 years. I use it for all my blog posts to create feature images and also my weekly motivational quote that I share every Monday on this blog and my social media networks.

Word Swag Review

I welcome you to share your experiences using text photo apps including Word Swag in the comments below so we can all learn together what the best product us for each of our individual needs:


14 Replies to “Best Text Photo App: Word Swag App Review”

  1. So it is an advanced photo editor? like Photoshop, but for your phone? Sounds good. I have been using the free crap and it doesn’t seem to cut it. Thanks for the review. Can you maybe show a demo of the app? It would be cool if you could also illustrate the use of it on different platforms. Maybe a you tube video? 

    1. Yes I show a demo of the app under the section of this review ‘Walk through video’ but the youtube video link is here in case you missed it:

  2. Hi Fleur, I use Canva for creating logos and header images..   II also Depositphotos (a library of photos and vector images.). I use Tailwind to post photos to Social Media like Twitter, FBook and Pinterest.

    Up til now, I tend to use my laptop for blogging.  I rarely use my smartphone except for taking photos with. Then I email it and download to my laptop.

    It is a pity Word Swag is only for mobiles as I would find it fiddly to use.  If it were for laptops as well, I would have bought it! However, I did find your review an interesting read.  Technology is moving at an ever increasing pace isn’t it?

    1. Thanks Stella for sharing what you use to create logos and header images. Sounds like you’re at an experience level well beyond novice in your designing skills and experience. I find Word Swag great where my level of skills and simple to use being an app. But good to know what you are using should I ever want to further develop in this area or anyone else reading this.

  3. This looks like a great tool to use. I have used Canva on my laptop to work with creating my logo and a few other images for my website. The WordPress theme I currently use adds the post title to the featured image and adds a slideshow on my home page of the last few posts, which looks good. I will need in the future to add my own text to images and it looks like this Word Swag may do the trick for me. Will I be able to use Word Swag on my laptop or will I have to do all my Word Swag related tasks on my smartphone?  

    1. Yes Word Swag is available only via mobile device. Once I’ve created the image or edited the text on the photo I just send it via AirDrop (I’m on Mac) to my laptop and then use on my posts from there.

  4. Thanks Fluer..  this is awesome!  I use canva on my laptop but have been struggling to find somesthing worthwhile for my phone.  I travel a bit so spend a lot of time in departure lounges and doing up my grqphics can be time consuimg so I like to get them sorted whilst waiting for my plane.  Being able to do these things on my phone in my spare time rather than having to drag out a laptop is priceless to me.

    Apologies if I missed this in your demo but am I able to save different file setups for Instagram and Facebook?

    1. I’m delighted you have found this helpful Paul, that’s what sharing reviews like these are all about for me.

      Regarding your question, yes you can create different formats for Instagram (e.g. square) and Facebook (e.g. rectangle for banners) but they are all saved as a jpeg file to your phone photo roll. I touch on this briefly on the demo video at here at 2 mins 50 secs: 

  5. This sounds like a great way to go for your mobile device! I have never heard of it before. Then again, I am pretty new to the blogging and website world. Looks like there are a lot fun things you can do with your website. I do like the fact they offer the training support. Actually, it sounds pretty simple to use so I may just have to try it out! Thank you for sharing this way to “jazz” up my blogs.

    1. As you have read I highly recommend it and they even have a training video accessible direct from the app. High returns for such a low cost. Let us all know here how you get on with it.

  6. Great review! Word Swag sounds really good. I’ve even bookmarked your post so I can do more research. Videos make the review so much more useful too. Thanks for the introduction to this app. I think it will make life much easier if I can do images without having to sit down with my computer. Will definitely take a more detailed look at this.

    1. Great to hear and thanks for sharing. Yes it is great to have an option available that is simple, light weight and direct to use on the go. Yes I agree a walk through video brings a review to life which is why I try to include on in most of my reviews.

  7. What do you get with the free version?I haave heard a lot about Canva but not about this.  I have just started to look into something like this but have yet to try any of them out yet.I just might try the free version of this if it gives you enough to get started on. 

    1. I will find out for you Shy to be honest I can’t remember because I think there was not a free version 2 years ago when I first purchased it but that is a great question – I’ll get back to you on this one

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