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Month 6 Amplifying Traffic with Video Marketing

video marketing

This month I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m pretty comfortable with creating short training videos because I have been creating these for many years in my previous offline businesses. I also have performance art (music) and public speaking background not to mention being a teacher. So I just can’t help myself, I love helping and sharing my knowledge. What I particularly love doing is providing short training (10 minutes or less) so that you can progress in short bite-size pieces. That way it is less overwhelming, particularly if you’re just starting out in the online space.

Therefore this month’s focus, as you can tell from the title ‘Amplifying traffic with video marketing’ I really enjoyed.  So here are the videos I created this month. Now I haven’t achieved the segmentation that my mentor, Kyle does yet. I really see this as a great addition because it allows the viewer a moment to pause the video and to action what you’ve already shared. In fact, I may go back over these today and add this element in. If I do, I’ll update this post so you can see the results.

The videos are:

How to Create a Free Business Website Fast

Video tour of the Free Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate

How to Navigate the Passion to Purpose website

What’s Inside Jaaxy – a walk through tour

Here is a screenshot of the feedback I received from my mentor = Nice (can you tell I was excited?!)

feedback from mentor

Grammarly Review


The most recent video, Grammarly Review, is receiving the most organic traffic which is great so I think I’m getting better at them.


When You find Video Marketing a Challenge

video marketing fearAlthough I am now comfortable with video marketing, it wasn’t initially, many years ago and I know that it quite simply ‘scares’ people.


The concept of being on video (being filmed) and then seeing yourself and hearing your voice can be quite confronting when you’re not used to it.

If you are feeling this way, you are not alone. I recommend:

1. Beginning with the screen tour style videos (as above) where I am recording my voice while I’m using the computer. Therefore the video is recording my screen as the vision rather than me. This is a great way to get started.

2. Just do it. Don’t overanalyse it. You will only get better the more you do it. So just get on and do it. You can always go back later once you’ve had some experience and improve your first videos.

So take a look at these videos to compare so I can reassure you that it does get better:

A Live Video Interview from March 2010:

A Live Video from November 2017:

In the first one you can see immediately I’m far less relaxed in front of the camera by looking around a lot. This just looks ‘shifty’ so if you can focus on looking straight at the camera and not look around too much you look much more trustworthy. Start taking notice of the techniques that television journalists or politicians use when on camera to improve how they come across in terms of appearing trustworthy

Live Presentation that was filmed from April 2012:

Live Presentation that was filmed from October 2016:


You can see the production values have increased significantly by using a professional videographer. I am speaking from a small elevated stage, the audience is approximately 100 people instead of just 12 in the first one. I share these comparisons with you to demonstrate that we all need to start from somewhere. So I encourage you to just get started with video marketing. Frankly, you can only get better!

My accomplishments for the 6th month of this 12-month challenge:

August I decided to take a break from writing regular posts to do more keyword research and to improve my search engine rankings. I have shared this with the online community, I am a member of here:

I think I’ve finally got it – keywords – Google page 1 position and Jaaxy Pro Rocks – my Number 1 take away from upgrading

Although this meant that traffic to this new website plummeted, at least I now know whether I am ranking or not. It means I feel like I’m able to measure my results rather than ‘shooting in the dark’ and guessing.

Now I’m waiting on the next month’s tasks but in the meantime have set myself the crazy goal of 100 posts in 122 days (this is post 3) find out all about this crazy challenge here on my last post:

How to Become a Super Affiliate

because that is my ultimate goal.

Do share your experiences in the comments below creating Video Marketing content:

8 Replies to “Super Affiliate Training – My diary – Half Way”

    1. Hey Melanie, thanks for your message. When it’s a passion you make the time, don’t you think? Set your goal and do everything you can to work towards achieving it every day!

  1. Wow, this is an amazing article. I’ve wanted to use video marketing to increase traffic and more importantly, sales. However, I had no idea how to do this or even where to start for that matter. I am scared of just doing it but as you say it gets better overtime. So I’ll just start asap! Thanks.

  2. Hi Fleur
    Loved your video’s it must have taken you forever to make them all. This is on my list of things to start doing. Have you any tips? Video’s and maybe Podcasts . I would like to make video’s that didn’t include me.

    Your website is amazing though, really an inspiration for all. We all know that this kind f media is the next big thing in content marketing. It’s just that for me I am a bit slow on the uptake.

    To your success


    1. Hi Janet, thanks for your comment. Yes, I say just do it. Start with a screencast style video. This is where I’m explaining what I’m doing and the vision is my computer screen rather than my face. Besides, then you can get away doing these without worrying about doing your hair etc. Also, begin with short videos and have a checklist of what you want to cover in your video so you stay on track and get to the point in a shorter rather than longer amount of time. Let me know how you go!

      Thanks for your feedback on this website, I like its vibe too but it’s more important that you the readers do too!

  3. Just do it! I’m not that brave – I cringe at the sight of me in photographs and on film, and I commend you for showing us your early works (which does kind of inspire a camera-shy gal, just a little bit) Your video presentations will bring your business to a whole new level, and I wish you much success with it!
    Did your plummeted ranking recover with your different keyword searches being implemented?

    1. Hey Shannon, like wise to you – just do it – do a screen video recording only your voice to begin with if you’re camera shy… Yes ranking and traffic recovering with better keyword research and also more regular posts!

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