Origins of Black Friday Deals

Did you know the origins of Black Friday Deals/Sales?

Being an Aussie, I didn’t know much about it at all. It has only been from 2017, since becoming a member of the global community, Wealthy Affiliate, that I became aware of this annual phenomena. It is not as well known here DownUnder possibly because we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving as a majority, but I am happy to take advantage of online retail opportunities just the same. So for those of you that were like me…

What are Black Friday Deals and Sales?

Black Friday Sale occur the day after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is always on the fourth Thursday of November.

But… did you know?

According to these sources: and

The contemporary/modern use of the phrase is apparently when retailers go ‘into the black’ in other words profits. It also kicked off the US Christmas shopping or holiday season, as per the quote below.

shopping crowds

But historically, it was first used in reference to a financial crash in 24 Sept 1869 – it was a Friday…

I found this interesting.

According to Wikipedia:

Black Friday is an informal name for the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, the fourth Thursday of November, which has been regarded as the beginning of the country’s Christmas shopping season since 1952.

I was curious to know if it was an official holiday. This is not the case, I’m sure retailers would support it, although some US states do observe it.

My experience of a Black Friday Sale

Although 2017 was the first time I was really aware of Black Friday Sales due to researching what it was all about, here is a short blog I did at the time: ‘Did you know? Origins of Black Friday‘ I was vaguely aware of it, in terms of having heard that there was one weekend a year where retailers offered great sales. I took the time to do a little bit of research because I was interested in taking up a Black Friday Sale offer. Therefore by doing this research I felt more confident spending the money. So what did I buy?

black friday sale

Wealthy Affiliate Annual, Black Friday Sale

I had been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since April 2017. In my connections and research within the community I began to hear snippets about the annual Black Friday deal as we got closer and closer to November. By October, I had decided to commit to my Wealthy Affiliate membership more (and therefore my blogging goals) by upgrading from a monthly subscription to an annual one. My renewed committed attitude was most important and the the reduced financial cost was an added incentive.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership costs are:

Monthly is $47 per month ($564 per year)

Annual is $359 per year and

Black Friday Annual is usually $299 per year. Savings of 47% compared to monthly membership. Please note, ****Black Friday 2018**** Dates this price is available is: November 23rd, 2018 (Friday) – November 26th, 2018 (Monday) only.

Therefore it was a ‘no brainer’ for me, almost half the price of monthly membership. So I took the plunge and haven’t regretted a moment of it. Plus not long after making this commitment I was accepted into the 12 month pilot Super Affiliate Challenge (at no extra cost to my annual membership). Win/Win!

Therefore, this year I will definitely be renewing my membership at this price. Plus I am considering another Black Friday deal for another service to support my blogging goals and take advantage of some great savings. This has therefore motivated me to create a blog devoted to only the Black Friday deals and sales that I use and take advantage of here. So bookmark that site and stay tuned!

If you’re reading this and you’re not a member of Wealthy Affiliate yet, then sign up for your free account to try it all out before taking advantage of the annual Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Sale price here.

What Black Friday Deals have you taken in the past or are considering for this year?

Please share in the comments below:





24 Replies to “Origins of Black Friday Deals”

  1. Black Friday!! I’m so excited for it! And I love thanksgiving so doubly excited every year during this time. I’m a Wealthy Affiliate member and joined a few months ago. And I haven’t taken the yearly membership yet. And quite frankly, I’m waiting for the black friday deal this year so I could grab the opportunity! I agree with how affordable it is. It is already less than $1/day going yearly premium, but this is even better! It’s such a great platform that it’s a bargain getting it at this price for sure. 

    1. That’s great news, yes I did the same as you last year, waited for the Black Friday Deal so I could save even more. I mean, why not save as much as you can while you can. Delighted you’ll be committing to a full year membership in November!

  2. It is a gift for me to read your article as I will wait till November 23rd to grab annual subscription on wealthy affiliate at $299 . Though I am not up to a month on wealthy affiliate but stumb!e upon your blog favoured me a lot . I started heard Black Friday as well on Amazon last year as well and I been have saving money for the coming blackfriday for amazon this year, so your blog educate me.

    1. I’m delighted to hear this blog has been helpful and educated you on what is available. As the Black Friday Sale is only a month away, it is worth sharing the news so people such as yourself can get ready and take advantage this year.

  3. Hello there.
    This is great article on Black friday and thanksgiving.
    I live in Denmark and you do not celebrate thanks giving as well BUT the funny thing is that we adapted the sale! Sale! And more sales and discounts of Black Friday where we folllow the US black fridays.

    So yes! black friday sales are popular here in Denmark but nobody knows the tradition behind it.

    Thanks for the great resources on the post.

    Best regards,

    1. Wow, that’s incredible Che, thanks for sharing. Yes, I’m at a time in my life where I want to know why we have annual traditions or habits or celebrations. Where they originated from. It gives it more meaning I think. My pleasure and I hope you take advantage of the Black Friday Sale for yourself.

  4. I learned a couple things by reading your blog post today. I learned the origin and meaning of Black Friday, and I am from America. Took an Aussie to teach me the particulars, I’m sure there is a joke there somewhere. I have been to stores here in the U.S. and let me tell you, it is crazy to say the least. Makes a lot of folks, myself included, want to stay home and shop online. LOL

    I also learned that Wealthy Affiliate has a great deal on Black Friday as well. That is great and surprising news. I am also a Wealthy Affiliate member and I am completely satisfied with the full price I paid for yearly, but this is incredible. 

    Thank you for sharing this and I’m sure to pass this information on.  Gobble Gobble 🦃

    1. I’m delighted to hear you got so much from this blog post. Yes that is funny an Aussie teaching an American about an American sale but, there you go! Black Friday Sales sound very similar to Boxing Day Sales here, where all the major retailers have massive sales the day after Christmas! People queue from early morning, almost like a stampede when the shops open. That is definitely a day I prefer online shopping too!

      Yes take advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Sale, I think they calculate a pro-rata rate if you’re on an existing annual membership, in fact, I’ll check to make sure that detail is correct.

  5. Well, I never paid attention to Origin of Black Friday– all I know is that it’s SALE! lol Thank you for talking about it.

    To be honest, I am waiting for Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday Sale too! I’m a premium member and I was planning to go yearly last month, but heard/read about the “Black Friday Sale” it will save me a lot!

    Anyway thanks for sharing and wishing you success.

  6. Hi Fleur, 

    Thanks for this great article and absolutely loved this article on Black Friday Sales. After reading your article about how you upgraded your WA membership from monthly to yearly on Black Friday Sales, I somehow am convinced that I might take the plunge of going yearly like what you have done on Black Friday Sales, and how you explained and compared well the savings that we will be getting, will eventually help change my mind on going to yearly subscription. 

    1. That’s fantastic news Glenda, you won’t regret it, it was the best decision I made. Not only because I saved more money but because I committed to my blogging more seriously, and for a full year. It has totally transformed my writing. 

  7. Hi Fleur,

    These informations are interesting, I didn’t know that Black Friday occurs the day after Thanksgiving, we have Black Fridays also but usually in November. So they are near New Year’s Eve but not related to some specific day. There are more people in the store that day, but not as much as in the US. There’s a bigger crowd there.

    Wealthy Affiliate has nice prices for the whole package. 47$ is really a great price, for everything you get – support, courses, wordpress, jaxxy etc.

    This Black Friday offer for annual membership looks like a real deal! I will consider taking it.



    1. Oh do, I encourage you to take up the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal, you save a huge amount. Where are you located? It doesn’t sounds like the US

  8. I have taken advantage of many Black Friday deals when it comes to online shopping. Recently, it has been a lot more challenging due to massive traffic surge during that time period. The merchant server would either be down or unable to complete payment processing. But that’s beside the point. 

    My most well invested Black Friday deals would be the membership at Wealthy Affiliate. I only paid for the full year price once and thereafter, it was $299 all the way. If you do the math, it only takes 82 cents to run an online business per day. That’s very cost effective if you asked me.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences with Black Friday deals and the potential payment processing issues. Do you mind me asking, did you experience any of these issues when you took up the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal?

      Yes it’s fantastic value at 82 cents per day!

  9. The sale at Wealthy Affiliate (WA) for Black Friday is the only part of Black Friday I look forward to. Some people love to go stand in line at 5 am for stores to open and run through the crowds trying to get great deals. I don’t do that anymore. Now I stay home and avoid the crowds unless there is a particular item I need and can get cheaper.

    I Love the Black Friday deal at Wealthy Affiliate! I upgraded to the annual membership during the Black Friday deal in 2016. I renew at that time every year and get all the benefits of WA (including the ability to run multiple website businesses) for this ridiculously low price. I love it!!!! Anyone thinking of signing up for WA, or anyone who is serious about starting an online business should check this out.

    1. Oh I’m absolutely with you Jessica, no 5am queues for me. I’d much prefer a bargain online!!

      Yes agreed, as you know from my post, I took up the WA Black Friday Sale last year and plan to do the same this year at less than 82cents per day why wouldn’t you when the list of benefits are through the roof!

  10. Black Friday Deal in Wealthy Affiliate is quite a big hit. I’m waiting for it as well. I hope I have the money to pay the whole year premium when that day comes.

    Concerning any black Friday deals, in my country there’s a lot of it. Halloween get up and accessories are there. Department stores make promo days such as less 50-70% for three days sale, for home appliances, electronic products, and a lot more. Personally, for buying, I prefer to wait for special deals so that I can get the discounts compared on buying on normal days. This save me a lot.

    1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with saving money from these annual discounts. Regarding the WA Black Friday Sale – just plan to have the money then you are in front if you put $1 a day aside for a year and you’ll be able to pay for it time and time again!

  11. This is an amazing article about the Black Friday. Until I read this article today I actually had no idea of when exactly they do black Fridays and why it happens. This article had lots of information about those questions I had. Honestly I never knew it was after thanksgiving day.

    I always wait for Black Friday so I can get things for less price. I’m a member in Wealthy Affiliate for about a month now. And knowing that I can get yearly for $299 on Black Friday is awesome.

    Thank you for sharing this article with us.

    1. My pleasure Sujandar! Yes I was curious about what Black Friday was all about when I first heard about it in relation to online and retail sales.

      Yes take advantage of the WA Black Friday Sale for sure!

  12. I am from the states and I never actually knew what the background was of black friday I just knew ever since I was a kid the stores would be packed on that firday the day after thanksgiving. All the deals would be going on from the huge screen tvs to clothes you name it there was a marked off price. I always knew it was the start of christmas shopping season. 

    I never knew about how it was first ever reverenced ” financial crash in 24 Sept 1869″ that is really interesting I didn’t know black friday started in 1952. 

    Another thing I don’t know if you guys in Australi  have the cyber monday sale (or if it is just an american thing) which is that monday after black friday. It is where all the online sellers have their products on sale kind of like how the brick and mortar stores do but online. 

    I don’t know why but for some reason last year I didn’t take advantage of the BF Sale I can say this year I definitely will be. You can’t beat the savings you get off the regular price of $47. 

    I never actually took part in the craziness of BF mostly because the stores are a mad house. Also now they have been starting BF here at midnight so they have from midnight friday until whenever friday in the evening it is crazy. The sales are pretty cool though that is why I mostly go for the cyber monday since it is all online I don’t have to deal with no crazy mad house of a store you know?

    Thank you for the interesting information you learn something new every day I hope the best for you,


    1. I’m delighted you found the background to Black Friday deals interesting, I did too! Yes I had heard of Cyber Monday but you have reminded me of it because I, to be honest, wasn’t clear that Black Friday was focused on retailers (actual bricks and mortar shops) and Cyber Monday for online stores (thus the cyber description)! I should create a blog for that too (after some research) so thanks for highlighting this.

      Oh yes do take advantage of the WA BF deal this year too! It works out less than 82c per day – that’s nuts when you receive oh so much from WA. Plus they just keep getting better and better with all the regular upgrades and enhancements

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