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Do You need a Project Collaboration Tool?

Do you need to manage a project in one place online?

Not sure what online tool to use?

Not sure what is best for you and your team?

Want the one tool to use for Personal projects and Business projects?


Look no further. The Tool reviewed here is simple, FREE and it works! I personally have used a range of tools however this is my personal choice. This stands out because the company behind it appear to be developing augmented intelligence enhancements to continue its capability and relevance in todays changing world of online tools and apps.

Review of online tool trello

Product Reviews Online – Teamwork Collaboration Tool Outcome – Legit

Product Reviewed is Trello. Overall Ranking: 4.5/5
Price: Free or $9.99 per month Business Class or less than $21 per month Enterprise
Owners: Joel Spolsky


Trello is an online tool that can be used to collaborate with teams, share lists or simply to help achieve personal and business goals. It is like virtual boards of lists of ‘sticky notes’ or as called in Trello ‘cards’. Therefore if you have repeated projects or tasks to do solo or within a team environment then Trello is a tool that can handle this. There is a free user version and there are also paid options to ‘power up’. Which may be of use once you have exhausted all the features that are available in the free section.



  • User-friendly
  • Visually appealing
  • Free level to get started
  • Very good ‘on-boarding’ series of training videos
  • Known and used by small business operators and large organisations
  • Great mobile app to work with ‘on the go’



  • Takes a small amount of time to understand terminology e.g. cards (think sticky notes or item on your list) or power-ups
  • Take the time to become familiar with if feeling overwhelmed with ‘not another online tool’
  • Took some time to understand the differences between unpaid and paid levels



This is a great product for:

  • Any business professional
  • Especially good for Entrepreneurs wanting to maintain individual and team goals
  • Great for large projects in large organisations
  • Effective for multiple organisations to use when working on one project together
  • Having your lists with you at all times via the mobile app


Full training is included by a series of onboarding or induction emails and on-demand or live webinars are available too. Choose what works for your work style.

Here is an example of the training available. This sample is on how to get a new website up and running fast.


I have not yet needed to use support because the Trello blog and How to Articles have been enough so far. I will comment on this when I use their support.



There is a free option to try out the service

A ‘tell your friends’ style of service to upgrade to Trello Gold (1 referral per month of upgrade)

It appears the Enterprise pricing can vary according to the needs of large organisations

If you want to Join for FREE and form your own opinion go here



Teamwork Collaboration Tool Review = Legit

This is an easy to use tool and has a great capacity to grow in line with your growing use of the tool.  Including the augmented intelligent service of Butler for Trello. I personally am ‘in love’ with Butler for Trello. What it does is, begins to ‘learn’ how you use Trello and begins to make suggestions of when you complete one action (card) then do this… therefore learning to become more and more intuitive to your workflow. Trello also gives you limited access to Butler for Trello for FREE to test it out and integrate into your Trello boards. Smart I say. If it’s working for you, then you use more and I guess increase productivity so when you are paying the cost is no longer an outgo but increasing your productivity and therefore income (hopefully).

I welcome you to share your experiences using Trello or Butler for Trello here below:


13 Replies to “Product Reviews Online Project Collaboration Tool”

  1. Hello,
    I like this blog on Trello. Wow I got to learn something today. So with Trello you can organize your projects as individuals and as a team.

    When engulfed in a lot of activities at the same time, you need an organizer, if not the tasks really become overwhelming. This is really a great tool to sort this out. Will certainly try this out.

    I also like the fact that you give yourself room to come back and update your site. I’m talking about the support section.
    Thanks for this information

    1. Absolute pleasure and I’m delighted the review was helpful to you. I am simply in love with Trello right now. I do recommend sitting down a couple of times when first using it to go through some of the initial blogs and training suggested as this has really transformed my experience and productivity levels.

      Regarding coming back and updating my site, I’m back adding content or improving my websites either several times a month or usually several times a week. But daily when I have comments such as yours to respond too.

      Enjoy Trello!

  2. HI, Fleur. Thanks for your review of Trello. It looks like a pretty good productivity app, and I like that you can use if for free and maybe upgrade later.
    I don’t have a team to organize or follow, it’s just me. I purposely don’t want to have a team in my business, because of all the work involved. That and the problems with keeping track of payroll, taxes, and such, so maybe Trello isn’t for me.
    I hadn’t heard of the app before, though, so I’m glad I found your post. I’ll keep it in mind for the future.

    1. No problem at all Grant. Trello I also use just to organise myself. You may like to give it a go to track your own to do list. I’ll find the link for a video I did will show you. Thanks for stopping by and checking it out.

  3. I have never heard of an online teamwork collaboration tool before but I think it’s a great concept. This is a tool that can help many business owners to manage their businesses more efficiently while achieving their goals. The pros outweigh the cons and I think it’s great that they allow you to try this tool for free. How long has the teamwork collaboration tool been around?

    1. Thanks so much for your comments. In answer to your question, a prototype called Trellis was created in 2011. Trello is launched in September 2011.

  4. I enjoyed navigating through the website and the information was very helpful. Good encouraging blogs for anyone looking to get motivated starting an online business. Great tips and reviews! I would recommend this site for the motivation alone. Keep the articles coming..I agree that everyone needs daily tasks to stay on track with business goals.

    1. Thanks Noah, delighted you stopped by and thank you for taking the time for your comment. Yes I completely believe the power to success is the small daily tasks that accumulate over time.

  5. I’d almost forgotten about Trello. It was recommended to me a couple of years ago when I was looking. I really like the idea of the cards that help you arrange and view the tasks you and your team have to do.
    I finally decided on Zoho because the company that I went to. I’m now in the market again, so I’m gonna relook at Trello. I had a friend who used it and loved it.
    Thanks for the review. nicely done…..thorough and helpful

    1. Absolute pleasure! Yes I was the same, was reminded of Trello when working on a large project across a number of organisations. What has impressed me is they appear to have kept up with the times and are introducing the augmented intelligence bot Butler for Trello. Delighted you’re going to relook at Trello from this review.

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