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You and Your Mindset Online have a great effect on your success and outcomes. It is a far greater efffect than most people ever imagine. This is a topic that is often dismissed however, it is so important yet so simple to achieve.

As Napoleon Hill wrote in Think and Grow Rich:

Whatever the Mind can Conceive and Believe, it can Achieve.

Join those achieving success and read on:

Positive Mindset


Your Mindset are the the thoughts you think. Particularly your repeated, daily thoughts. About yourself, business or career and life.

I encourage you to think about the areas of your life that you are happy with right now. What are your thoughts around these?

Likewise, do the same for areas of your life you wish to change or improve. What are you thoughts around these?

What also needs to be acknowledged is, this is a ongoing, evolving process.

What you are happy with today may shift and change in the future. Therefore it is important to have short reminders to keep a positive mindset daily. Treat it exactly the same as having a shower or brushing your teeth every day. We do these daily habits for our overall physical health. Practicing affirmations are just as important to your mental and emotional health. Why not say them as you take your daily shower?

For example, with my own personal health and wellbeing for the majority of my life I have been pretty happy with this aspect of life. I am also a person that exercises regularly several times a week. However, as I get older and different areas of my health change I need to be aware of these changes and act accordingly (where needed). Such as, I now do short yoga sessions once or twice a day rather than long sessions once a week.

Take a moment to consider your thoughts in the following 4 areas of your life:

  • Business/Career

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Wealth and

  • Personal

For me, I earn my income from multiple sources (which is by choice and what I love). I am happy with where I am at today however I want to improve the level of income I earn through online business sources. However, I am very mindful that my overall income has improved and is much more sustainable now in 2017 than what it was in 2016. So I am regularly grateful of this balance.

In 12 months time, I expect my goals to be slightly different and will have a different focus or need. Therefore this is a continual, evolving process.

Therefore, my current focus is on my Mindset Online. What I mean by that is my mindset around online business and income generation.

I find it curious that many people have different expectations on how much they need to work in traditional business as  to online business. Unfortunately many think, less effort is needed with online business. What are your thoughts on this topic?

Daily Practice

As I have mentioned briefly. Maintaining your mindset to be a positive, healthy one I recommend being a part of your daily habits. We all have daily practices, either intentional or not.

For example, a person that is stressed can quickly become sleep deprived. This can easily become a vicious circle of stress. Stress doesn’t support a good night’s sleep. The more sleep deprived you are, the more stressed you become. Believe me, I know, I have been there too.

The key is to change the daily habit of lack of sleep and add into the daily routine, practices that will support and encourage more sleep. For myself, I practice a short meditation for sleep at the end of each day. However, each of us needs to find strategies that work for ourselves. Not everyone is open to meditation.

Take Action

This is ESSENTIAL. However, often this is the step that is either overanalysed or most procrastinated on.

I believe the key is to not to overwhelm yourself with the task of the end goal you wish to acheive.

It is great to think about how you will feel once you have achieved it. But take the time to break down that ultimate, end result into:

  • quarterly
  • monthly
  • weekly and then
  • daily tasks.

Then if you focus on the daily tasks and achieve those. The weekly, monthly, quarterly and annuall goals will gain momentum and be achieved.


For example, to reduce my caffeine intake recently. Rather than focusing on not having caffeine forever, I thought about my daily routine and when I usually felt the need to have caffeine. I need made sure I had a favourite juice in the morning instead of a caffeine drink and then I increased my sleep, returned to exercising regularly and reduced my carbohydrate and sugar intake. This has all resulted in me actually not feeling the need to have a caffeine drink in the morning and mid afternoon. For example, a short yoga routine in the morning gets me feeling awake and alert in a better way than having a caffeine drink.

What daily habits have you changed or adopted to achieve a mid or long term goal?


Express Gratitude

This simply increases your overall quality of life. This is not an exaggeration. Too many times, I know I have made achievements however on the same day I may have experienced a challenge. It is all too easy to over think the negative rather than uplift and rejoice in the positive. Therefore, including in your daily routine, writing in a gratitude journal at the end of each day assists to remind you of your successes both great and small.

Interestingly, this week, I was experiencing a challenge and when I thought about this apparent challenge in a different way it suddenly became the motivation to change a part of my own situation. Therefore, I created a new point of view and therefore path way and have solved the problem myself. Nice! As they say ‘in every cloud is a silver lining’.


Adopt a daily routine to support you to keeping a positive mindset. This can be using strategies like saying affirmations, reviewing your goals, looking at a vision board, listening to short guided mediations or being in the moment and observing your surroundings. Use what is motivating and enjoyable to YOU.

PLUS use tools to support you to:

  • Take Action
  • Express Gratitude

Please share what tools and strategies you use to keep a positive mindset online:




2 Replies to “Mindset Online”

  1. What a great post. You are right about stress easily creating a negative cascading effect in life, where things get out of whack and become less manageable. Stress is the main killer, many nasty illnesses can be traced back to stress. As someone who has suffered mood problems, I definitely can say that giving yourself some positivity throughout your day shifts the perception and is a healthy habit to get into. I think reminding yourself of the journey you are on is good as well, it reminds you that each day is completely new. Many of the lessons of health and happiness lay in the art of balance, it is part of the mystery of living.

    1. I completely agree with you Pavlos. Practising daily positive thoughts such as affirmations and/or gratitude and/or visualise your goals and remind yourself how you will feel when achieving your goals so just so simple but oh so powerful.

      Let’s be mindful of balance and live a stress free life!

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