I will succeed – My Super Affiliate Training Diary – Month 1

I will succeed

I will succeed… but… Have you ever set yourself a task or goal and 2 days away from the due date you are far from succeeding?

I am at that point right now. But my mantra is:

  • I will succeed
  • I will succeed
  • I will succeed

but you need me to go back a step and give you some background:

Background – April 2017

April last year, 2017, I was researching for online tools and or education that was cost effective and appropriate for small business owners starting out or with turnovers under $1Million. In this turnover bracket, profit margins can be extremely tight however costs can equally be very expensive. So I was motivated to find a cost effective solution. This is when I came across a community that delivered all that I was looking for plus more. I joined as a member mself and am now a part of a community of approximately 1 Million members. If you’d like to know more about this community read my review here however this is not the focus of this article.

February 2018

Back to my story…. fast track almost 11 months (time flies) and I am now ranked in the top 200 of this community. Plus, I was invited to an exclusive training group to be mentored by one of the founders of this community and accepted the challenge to join the 12 month Super Affiliate Challenge.

So, I aced the tasks for week 1, however I procrastinated and celebrated my festival of birthday celebrations and right when I was ready to catch up on my blogging tasks….

March 2018

I came down with a head cold and ended the week (yes today) with a broken toe! Well the broken toe happened on Wednesday night, but that’s another story. Actually no great war story just super clumsy. Can you believe it? So it is now 2 days away from the deadline and of the 18 tasks set for February, I will fail 2 of them if I don’t publish 16 blog posts to my blog!!! By the way I have currently completed 15 of the 18 tasks, so haven’t exactly been ignoring the challenge. I did the classic, do the easy things for me first and left the challenging tasks till last!!!

So what do you think I should do? Give up?

give up

Or go for it and have a writing marathon?

go for itI’ve never done it before, I have no idea if I will achieve it… but seeing as I’m stuck on the couch with an elevated broken toe, I thought I may as well take advantage of the time… I’m averaging writing a 1000 word article in under 2 hours including keyword research and any additional research I may, but on topics I’m already familiar with


I need your help

I need your helpWhat topics would you like me to write and discuss over the next 48 hours? I have a list of suggestions but I need more ideas and am open to hear what you want to know more about:

I have already written 2 blog posts for this month, plus this one, means I only have 13 more to write. As 13 is a lucky number for me (was born on 13 Feb on ‘Black Friday’ no less) Here are some suggested topics I’ve come up with so far:

  1. Motivation (I need to practice what I preach here plus this is content I have planned to have here anyway)
  2. Determination (I am practising this one right now)
  3. Focus (don’t even go there)
  4. Site Content walkthrough, this is the tool I use to write and plan my blog posts
  5. Importance of health and well being for every successful business professional
  6. Importance of balance in life
  7. Create trainings through the online platform I am a member of
  8. Transition an offline business to an online business or having an online presence or something
  9. Jaaxy menu upgrade walk through, the keyword research tool I use
  10. .
  11. .
  12. .
  13. .

As you can see I need some more topics. Can you help?

I am experienced about running small businesses particularly turning a passion into a profitable business therefore from what you do know about me, what topics would you specifically like to hear me discuss? If I receive too many suggestions I will plan to write on them (if I feel I am able too) in future weeks therefore all suggestions will be considered. I will also personally let you know if I’m able to write on your suggested topic or not too.

Please comment with your suggested topics for me to write over the next 48 hours:

12 Replies to “I will succeed – My Super Affiliate Training Diary – Month 1”

  1. Hi Fleur, as always a pleasure to visit you site. I loved the sincerity of where you’re at right now. Who wouldn’t want to come rushing to your aid? As you may know I’m a new member at Wealthy Affiliate and I am LOVING it. I’ve come up with a few ideas that I would like to create training on but as you are aware I’m not quite eligible yet. When I ripen I would like to create some tutorials but it would be very helpful if you could make one of your projects on point 7 – Create trainings….. . It would be fabulous if you could share the process and the technical ins and outs of it.

    Many thanks,


    1. Thanks so much Brian, for taking the time to offer your support, it really is greatly appreciated. And yes I am planning on that topic but good to know there is an audience for it and not just a good idea on my behalf – thanking you!

  2. Hi, Fleur.I have no doubt that you are going to succeed. Giving up isn’t an option of course. My suggestion:
    The importance of useful and well-researched information in the articles that you write for your blog.

    All the best

    1. Great thanks so much Hennie, appreciate your comment and suggested, a great idea, it is on the list. Wish me luck!

  3. Hi Fleur,

    Very sorry to hear about your broken toe! I’ve broken a toe too so I feel your pain. Ouch.

    Any latest market trends we should be capitalizing on?

    1. Oh no Kim, I don’t wish it on anyone, the broken toe that is. Thanks so much for your suggestion, I love it!

  4. That lost you have is a great start. I would love to read an article about the subconscious mind and the power it has. I love that sort of thing.

    Yes, always find the good in a “bad” situation. Great post, I look forward to reading more!

    1. Oh yes that sound interesting too, I will definitely cover that topic, will just require some more research so if I don’t fit it into the next 48 hours I definitely will as a future post – thanking you, great idea!

  5. Hi Fleur, My goodness, you have done so well. Am sure you will get it all done in time. Sorry about broken toe. Hope all well again now. Sorry can’t suggest a topic, am too new in this wonderful organization. Best wishes. Rooting for you. Regards, Jill

  6. People get so caught up on instant results, that when they don’t see anything happen they give up at the VERY FIRST hurdle. It’s sad to say but it kills dreams, however, if it was so easy everyone will be doing it. I’m all for chasing dreams and making things happen, and I absolutely know that if you don’t give up success is inevitable. You have a proven formula so the only thing stopping you from success is you and time. Continue, friend. Your breakthrough is close.

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