My Number 1 Recommendation in Business on How to Make Money Online with no BS

how to make money online with no bs

You want to know How to Make Money Online with no BS?

My apologies for the use of BS however I wanted you to know that the review of this strategy on how to make money online is real and it absolutely works. But you need to do the work.

The Service reviewed here is simple, FREE and it works! I have been in business for over 10 years beginning blogging. Therefore all my businesses have always had a strong online presence. Although I have been blogging for all of that time, well since 2007. I don’t believe I really knew what I was doing. I wasn’t really very effective. Until back in 2017, I was searching for an online global community for me to join. I had experienced a sudden downturn in my existing traditional, offline business Out of the Box Biz and I needed to regroup and rebuild myself as an entrepreneur but also to shift the focus of the business and broaden my audience from one geographic area.

Ask Google…

So where did I go to search? Yes you guessed it…. Google. I came across a couple of options. I joined two of them at their free level. I was very grateful for the first community I joined as it gave me a comparison to measure the choice I ultimately went with. The online community I joined and upgraded to their full paid (Premium) membership level within the first few days of being a free member was Wealthy Affiliate. I have already written a review of this community back when I first joined however I wanted to create another review now that I have been a member for over a year and am now regularly ranked in the Top 100 members (this is a community of over 800,000 entrepreneurs). Again this is real, no BS! Frankly if I can achieve at this level anyone can including YOU. Including ranking page 1 on Google! And you can too.

stand out

Before continuing with the review. What stands out about this company amongst the multitude of options available about how to make money online is they are continually updating and improving what they offer, with no price increase. Well they have had a recent slight price increase from $47 per month to $49 per month…but that’s not what I pay and I can show you how. But first I will share why I have remained a member and why I committed to an annual membership last November.

How to Make Money Online with no BS Review Outcome – Legit

Product Reviewed is Wealthy Affiliate

Overall Ranking: 4.7/5
Price: Free (Starter membership) or $49 per month (Premium membership) or $359 per year (Premium membership).
Owners: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim


Here is a short walk through video tour of a new starter (free) membership for you to see the look and feel of Wealthy Affiliate:


Wealthy Affiliate is an online community that aims to teach its members how to make money online through affiliate marketing. These skills are also 100% transferable to promoting your own services or products online via websites. This is absolutely a real opportunity as I promised no BS But… it is NOT a:

  • Get rich quick opportunity
  • Pyramid scheme or
  • Multi-level marketing opportunity

Therefore if you’re not interested in devoting the time or effort to following the training and doing the work then this will not work. I want to be very clear about that so we understand each other clearly. I am not interested in wasting your time here. I know it doesn’t work because whenever I do not do the work, guess what, it doesn’t work. That is not to say it will be a hard slog forever. Initially the work simply needs to be done consistently then once your business grows and you build your team then the demands on you will shift and change to where you want to be.



  • Genuine community
  • Support available 24/7
  • Global community
  • Community of successful entrepreneurs
  • Quality, current education and training
  • Live trainings available
  • Over delivers on expectations
  • Membership includes Free websites; free site hosting; Free keyword research tool; Free Image Gallery and Free Blogging Tool and Exceptional Site Support.


  • You can experience overwhelm when first joining as there is so much training available.
  • Initially I was a little ‘sceptical’ about the genuine sincerity from members when you first join, but they have been consistently sincere, helpful and supportive throughout my membership.
  • Like any service that offers so much you can become distracted.


This is a great service for:

  • Business professionals seeking new business online
  • Bloggers seeking to improve their skills
  • Coaches seeking more knowledge on Search Engine Optimisation
  • Those seeking to turn a passion into a profitable business and
  • Generating a part-time or full-time income (depending on how much time you have available).

How to Make Money Online with no BS OVERVIEW

In summary, your Wealthy Affiliate membership includes:

  • Quality, relevant training that works
  • WordPress Website platform to build multiple websites (although I recommend focusing on one first)
  • Premium Website hosting
  • Content writing platform (this has tranformed my writing)
  • Keyword research tool (yes included – tick!)
  • 24/7 global community that is active and sincere
  • Support and Mentoring from the Owners and successful members

Read more in detail here


Support is available in a number of ways:

  • Asking a question to the community
  • Site Support for all your website needs
  • Live chat where experienced members are answering questions 24/7
  • Network with real, successful affiliate marketers and
  • Opportunities and invitations to be mentored by the Founders


There is a free Starter membership option to try out the service. I highly recommend to begin here. After all, don’t take my word for it. Jump and check it out for yourself however I encourage you before you do, to list what it is you’re looking for? Then compare what Wealthy Affiliate offers and see if it is a good match.

You can begin to refer Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate and begin to make money from your affiliate referrals before you even pay for your own membership – how cool is that?

You can access the paid Premium membership in a few ways however I challenge you to see your membership not as a cost but as an investment into your education and future income potential:

  • within your first week of joining as a free member you will be invited to upgrade to Premium level for only $19 for the first month
  • Thereafter the monthly membership fee is $49 per month
  • You can take advantage of annual membership of $359 per year which works out to be just under, $30 per month plus
  • There is another option to reduce this annual price even further which I can explain to you once you’ve joined as either a Starter or Premium member

Click to Join Here

Once you join I am available to you to mentor you and guide you as you explore the community and what it has to offer. This again is Free once you’ve joined as a Starter or Premium member.


How to Make Money Online with no BS Review Outcome – Legit

make money online with no bs

This is a genuine community with high quality services and training that works – no BS. As I said at the beginning if you’re looking for a get rich quick option with no effort from yourself then this is definitely not for you. But if you’re looking for a one stop shop to learn how to succeed online as an affiliate marketer or to promote your own products and services online then this is very much for you. Therefore which are you?

If you’re the latter I invite you to join me as a member and allow me to mentor and guide you within the community to achieve your goals online.

If you have any questions please ask below and I look forward to seeing you on the other side:


14 Replies to “My Number 1 Recommendation in Business on How to Make Money Online with no BS”

  1. Awesome review you have here. Indeed you have to be able to create time for the business to make it work and it’s not a get rich quick scheme. However there’s help all the way and it does really work.

    Great review of WA!

    1. Thanks so much, Grace, delighted you are already ‘one of the converted’. Yes, it is important not only to devote time to the business but also consistent time, this is very much the key.

  2. Thanks for this great review on Wealthy Affiliate Fleur!

    I’m a WA member and I am a living proof that this program/community works.

    I managed to achieve financial independence at the age of 21, thanks to the help of WA.

    So, for those of you reading this right now, highly recommend you to give it a shot since it’s free to get started and there’s nothing to lose!

    Keep up the good work Fleur!

    1. Hey Jerry, that is fantastic news and what it is all about – financial independence, I have shared your story with my 11-year-old son to inspire him. He continually talks about being in business, he’s grown up watching and listening to me run a variety of offline businesses and is now enjoying me learn, grow and evolve in the online business space now.

  3. I can definitely vouch for what you said, as I am myself currently a Premium Member. This is really a no BS community, no spam, no recruiting required, no mlm, no forcing your family and friends. This is 100% a business that can be run from home or anywhere on the go, on vacation. I even work on it in my spare time at my full-time job and slowly growing! I see positive results every single day!

    About the cons you mentions, I personally don’t really see them as cons, only that we need to discipline ourselves to take things step by step, shut out the noise and focus on the work. I was also a little skeptical at first because I had been a victim of numerous scams and lost money as a result. But once you join and look around, you realize right away the worth of this platform, which is higher than ANYTHING else you will find on the internet rightnow.

    I highly recommend this platform, for its simplicity, its navigation, its training and its support structure.

    1. Thanks for your comment Reyhana and I see you around the community contributing in a positive way too. Yes, what is the most impressive is the continual upgrades. I like the attitude of the founders Kyle and Carson, that they stay current. They don’t take their community for granted, always looking for ways to improve.

  4. I enjoyed your walk through video and your voice is so cute! Thank you for showing us every quality this community have and how it can help us grow our online bussiness

    I like it when people are honest about a product, or program, and you just did that by mentioning this program is not a get rich quick or pyramid or MLM type of program. Atleast from the onset i will know what i am getting into and be sure it is something that will work for me. Thanks for this review.

    1. Thanks, Queen I appreciate your feedback. Glad you like my voice too! Yes, I find it perplexing when people make false claims about a service they clearly know nothing about. So am happy to clear the confusion.

  5. Thank you  for this great, honest and unbiased review . An online business needs enough dedication and commitment. I can’t agree less that the wealthy affiliate platform is one of the best place to build an online business, What I love most about it Is the arrays of resourceful training and ability to create website even as a free member. Kyle and Carson deserve a pat on the back for this. 

    1. Yes you’ve got it Clement and it is great you can see the real value that is provided in this membership free or paid. The training is an incredible value and continually being updated and improved.

  6. I am glad I started taking this course over two years ago. I came from the network marketing industry and what I have come to realize is that I am just not as authentic to people because they see me as just wanting their money. At least I don’t feel like that with affiliate marketing which I have had more financial success with.

    1. That is interesting you say that about the network marketing industry, I have had a little bit of experience there too, but fantastic news that affiliate marketing has been more financially successful for you. I think it is just a case of finding what works for you sometimes.

  7. Great review of Wealthy Affiliate, it’s really in depth and I absolutely agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the best and not just because I’m a premium member. When I started out at WA I had no idea what I was doing or what niche to build and I now have 5 different niche sites all indexed in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Wealthy Affiliate Rocks!

    1. Congratulations John sounds like you’ve been busy, 5 niche sites that is an incredible achievement but totally doable at Wealthy Affiliate – well done!

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