How to Increase Social Media Presence

How to Increase Social Media Presence



A note from Fleur:

I am delighted to welcome Elaine Bennett as a guest blogger today. Please make her welcome and share your comments on this post. Read her bio at the end of this post.


How to Increase Social Media Presence and Engagement

Modern businesses are all building a social media presence in one way or the other. The main reason is that social media platforms today are quite business friendly. Not only does social media help you build awareness, visibility and reputation for your business or brand, but it also helps you actively engage with your target audience. That way, you’re able to build and maintain long-lasting and more personal relationships with your audience, while promoting your business in the process.

However, simply being on social media isn’t enough to guarantee the audience’s interest and engagement. Your business or brand needs a social media strategy that will inspire the audience to engage. That way, you’ll make sure that you’re making the best out of your social media presence, as well as ensure you’re not missing out on any growth opportunities. That being said, here are a few ways to increase your social media engagement.

Communicate constantly

Good communication is the foundation of every relationship you build with your audience on social media. Without good communication, there’s no way to ensure engagement or loyalty for that matter. After all, your audience on social media expects you to be social with them. That’s why it’s important to remain consistent and always effectively communicate with your audience.

However, chances are that you’ll engage your followers on more than one social network. It’s important to understand that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ on social media. In other words, you have to adapt your approach to a specific network and your audience there to boost engagement. Even though it’s the same audience, they still expect you to adapt to the network your engaging them on. That includes your messages, content, the tone of voice, replies, comments and so on.

Sponsor contests and giveaways

As mentioned before, your audience on social media expects you to be social, and there’s no better way to spark engagement than with a social activity. Sponsoring contests is a good way to engage your audience and pique their interest. The kind of contest you’ll promote depends on your business and your followers, just make sure it’s something they’ll prefer to participate in.

Your contest can go viral and inspire even more exposure and engagement. In addition, you can reward contest winners with significant rewards that will encourage loyalty. For example, you can opt for a co-branding master card solution and offer branded gift cards to contestants. This can be a great way to inspire engagement and loyalty in customers but also raise brand awareness. After all, everyone likes free stuff.

How to Increase Social Media Engagement

Publish great content

Content is the most effective marketing strategy for boosting the audience’s engagement on social media. Providing your audience with valuable and relevant content is a good way to secure long-term engagement with them. Just make sure you publish content regularly and consistently though, otherwise, your audience might disengage. Your content needs to be top quality to guarantee good engagement, but it also must be informative, educational, entertaining, and above else, highly relevant for your audience.

Therefore, focus on content that will be of interest to your audience. In addition, enrich it with visuals, such as videos and images. The main reason is that visual content can generate much more engagement and interest than plain text articles. As a matter of fact, your content can generate more engagement when optimized with visuals. Not only that, but visual content can generate up to 97% more views if it contains compelling videos and images.

Leverage social media influencers

Ensuring good engagement from your audience can come from partnering up with a social media influencer. Influencers have a good reputation with their followers and their audience tends to quickly adopt anything their influencers are promoting. As a matter of fact, 49% consumers on Twitter look for reviews from influencers and 40% of them are more likely to make a purchase after a tweet from an influencer.

That being said, having an influencer to help you out with various promotions, whether it’s content or products and services, is a great way to guarantee the audience’s engagement on social media. Not only that but with a help from an influencer, you can also expand your reach to a broader audience and leverage more growth opportunities as your own social following begins to grow.

Social media has vastly grown over the past few years. Nowadays, social media networks boast well over 2 billion active users. For businesses, social media presents a unique opportunity to build their presence and engage their audience. However, for your business to stand out, you must find a way to ensure your audience’s engagement and deliver value to them through good communication and relevant content.


Elaine Bennet is a marketing specialist and a regular contributor at Bizzmark Blog. She writes about business, marketing. and finance, and likes to share her knowledge with others.
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23 Replies to “How to Increase Social Media Presence”

  1. As a beginner in this blogging/affiliate marketing business, I find your article informative and helpful, although I’m at the overwhelmed stage still as I have minor presences on Linkedin, Facebook and Google+ at this point. I know you are right about communicating constantly, but I have limited time, so this is impossible right now. I will return to your site to see what else you post in the future, thanks.

    1. Thanks for your comments Danny and your feelings of overwhelm will pass. Don’t be too hard on yourself and just commit to something regularly that you can do. Even if only monthly or bimonthly or something – schedule it in, commit to it and action it. Let me know how you’re going

  2. These are great suggestions, thank you! As a blogger, I am constantly trying to engage with my social media followers and potential readers. While I’m not at the point of doing a giveaway, I like the idea. I completely agree that constant and consistent posts/engagement is the way to stay in peoples’ focal points. Thank you for the information!

  3. These are great tips for social engagement. It’s always about writing more and more content. And without the constant communication open you’re right. There would be no audience.
    That’s great advice about contests and giveaways. I never thought about that either. Thanks for a great article!

  4. Hi Elaine,
    This piece is very timely for me as I am at a point where I am just getting engaged with my new brand on social platforms. The ideas you presented have given me some things to think about. Is there any specific way to get the attention of an influencer or start a dialogue?
    Thank you,

  5. Thank you Fleur and Elaine. Any information I can get on social media is good information. I have to admit that I struggle with it at times. It’s easy to use if I’m simply communicating with friends, but when my business depends on it , well that’s a different story. Thank you for the social media ‘pointers’ you have provided. Hopefully I’ll get the hang of it soon. Jim

    1. Hi Jim, I’m sure you will – this is Fleur here. I use the strategy that I use Google plus for business and I leave other social media accounts for my personal use and connections. Begin with one and build from there. So I focus on Google Plus first, then Instagram (because I personally love it as a user too) and Twitter. Let us know how you go.

  6. This is great advise, Thank you. I think sometimes as bloggers we are so focused on writing our content, we forget how important it is to share that content with others. If you have a strong social following and communicate well you can certainly drive a lot of traffic to your website and it is totally free advertising. 

    1. Yes agreed Wendy, as important as creating good, quality and regular content is, you need an audience too which social media does provide. I guess it is all about finding a balance.

  7. It’s refreshing to find someone who agrees with the idea of relying on your passion for reaching greatness.  And when that passion is business related, all the better.  Thanks for the information you provide in your article; it benefits me specially, since I have no experience with social media, and your post give me a good head start.

    1. Excellent Hugo I’m delighted to hear you found the content here helpful. It is all about making a start and then measuring your results in business. If it’s achieving your goals keep doing it, if it isn’t then reviewing your strategy and make a change until you do achieve your goals.

  8. Thank you for this insightful post. One of my biggest challenges is getting a bigger social media presence. I will use the tips from this article in my own social platforms and see what happens.I love the idea of a giveaway, that has my brain going a hundred miles per hour with ideasThank you again for this great post.

    1. My pleasure these tips were provided by our guest blogger Elaine Bennett. Giveaways are great just check in for any particular ‘rules’ about how you conduct it according to the social networks you wish to share on.

  9. The importance of social media to online businesses cannot be overstated. It is very important and one has to have the right approach on how they go about it so they can get the best positive results. 

    Been able to effectively engage your audience is very important and the fact that one has to be consistent can build trust with your audience. 

    Also quality content would forever be important for a bloggers trying to build an online presence. Like was said in this post been able to create quality content can help foster better engagement with your audience.

    1. Yes agreed 100% Jay. I think social media brings quality content to life because people can respond and engage in real time. This is also valuable as a blogger to track what content is resonating with your audience which can help shape future content and also your focus and the needs of those following you.

  10. I love the idea of leveraging social media influencer. I heard a lot of success stories from people doing it and I believe it is a great strategy. 

    And I agree with you that social media presence is about engagement, not just being on social media. I do find that during  the time when I post my content regularly, the respond tends to get better. Consistency is the key 

    1. Absolutely agreed Grace, consistency in all areas of business is so important to build rapport and trust with your audience. But also to match what you say you do or will do in business but also what you actually take action on.

  11. Hi, I find it still hard to do the proper social media marketing.

    I just don’t find the passion for writing engaging posts for Facebook. I do post my latest articles every time but the engagement is very low.

    At the moment I’m building my website and don’t want to invest too much time in social media. But still, your tips are great and I’ll try my best in the future 🙂

    1. Thanks Stefan for your comment and I can relate to how you’re feeling. You may like to check out this additional training by Jay from Wealthy Affiliate as I know he has a relaxed style in terms of what he says when he shares his posts to his social media channels. Check it out here and let me know if it was helpful.

  12. Social media is something that I am not really good at. Even with my personal account on Facebook, I’ve been inactive for a while. I find them too time consuming and distractive over trivial matters. But now that I’ve started a blog, I realized that it’s important to get back into social media, at least with one platform. 

    Which one would you recommend that I start with? I am in the make-money online niche. Thanks. 

    1. Hey Cathy, that is a very good question. Personally I love using Instagram but it is important to check out which social media platforms also block affiliate links. Robert from Wealthy Affiliate is an expert on this in his words: ‘Currently Google+ and Pinterest block links from WA. Sometimes Facebook will too. At this link here I show you how I have successfully got around this problem.‘ Check out the link where he discusses how to get around this problem. But you can also link your blog posts to any social media channel successfully as this is not an affiliate link. Let me know how you go?

  13. Hello Fleur, great informative post. I use social media as a way to lead my audience to my website (Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest). I invest in using Facebook Ads so I can lead people to my website, and I’m also building my following on Instagram and Pinterest. I am also sharing my website content by using these social media platforms as well. I plan to do some research, and learn about more social media platforms that I can use. 

    1. That sounds excellent Ahmad, thanks for sharing. Do you have a blog post about how to use Facebook Ads? I’d be interested to know. Feel free to share here if you do.

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