How to Create a Free Business Website Fast

Get Started with your Free Business Website Today

That’s right, in this article we are showing you exactly how to create a free business website fast. Today in fact – less than 5 minutes. You can do this by creating a Free Starter Membership here with the online community of over 800,000 online entrepreneurs that I am a member of.

Please note, this article contains affiliate links to access this Free Starter Membership. You receive free access forever. What this means is, you have access for free therefore I don’t receive any money either as an affiliate, but I am there within the community to assist you. Obviously as a Starter member you don’t have access to the full benefits of full Premium membership but the ability to create 2 free websites is real and available on the free Starter membership. . I may receive a small commission if you upgrade to Premium membership (via one of my affiliate links) however that is entirely your decision if this level is meeting your needs.

But, if you’re seeking access to a free website today you can create one right now, then jump on in and take advantage of this opportunity here.

How to Access Creating a Free Business Website

As soon as you log in, if you’ve joined through one of my (affiliate) links then I will be welcoming you on the inside at Wealthy Affiliate. I use it regularly myself, daily in fact.

But what you’ve all been waiting for is…. where you get direct access to a free website.

An added bonus is you have access to a free domain on a Site Rubix domain. I’ve got a website could FDL tribe (FDL for fleur-de-lis): This site works very well for me sharing my knowledge on essential oils.

The Process Step by Step

Back to the task at hand…  I know you’re all wanting to know about your free website. I have created a short 3 minute video walking you through this exact process explained below, in the video I create a free website 

  • Once you’ve created your free Starter membership here then
  • Go into Site Builder to build a free WordPress website then
  • Click on a free domain – I created the website to demonstrate this then
  • Choose one of the free themes listed. There are many to choose from. I recommend and prefer themes with a lot of white background because they are easier to read the text and any colourful images really stand out. Then
  • Click to build your website. On this occasion with my internet speed it took less than 90 seconds to build.  I’ve let this process run (without editing) to show you how quickly it is to build your new website (less than 90 seconds).
  • Finally,  of course you add your content.


There is a lot of the training within WA., the online community. It can help you with not only what content to create but also how to organize it and how to optimize it for the best way to receive traffic so there it is.

There we are. How you can Create a Free WordPress Website in under 90 seconds. That’s the number one thing you wanted to know how to do in this blog post so I’m going to leave it there today.

Support is Available

If you need any help reach out to me, I’m available within the WA community to assist.

Update (29th July, 2018) I’m now ranked as an Ambassador member in WA (top 25) members.

Originally, at the time of writing this article earlier in 2018, I was ranked in the Top 100 of this community of almost 1 Million entrepreneurs globally. As a global community, what this means is there is always someone around online to offer assistance. I personally specialise with short trainings for new Premium members in the community.

If you have any questions on the process on how to create your free WordPress website please ask in the comments below:



10 Replies to “How to Create a Free Business Website Fast”

  1. Hi there Fleur,

    Thank you so much for the information regarding the creation of a free wordress based website. It is appreciated, thanks.

    I am kind of quite surprised, is it really that easy and that quick to set up a website these days?

    And free for how long? surely there has to be some kind of catch?

    1. Thanks for stopping by Derek and your questions. Yes it really is that easy, as you can see from the video. It is free forever there are some limitations and not having access to adding plugins etc but for a free service it is more than ample. I do hope you take advantage of it.

  2. I love the SiteRubix platform because it allows for me to build 2 free websites and host it FOR FREE! Not to mention the completely free 10 lessons to get you up and running. I love how you are allowed to have a free lifetime membership and also have the opportunity to become an affiliate of the platform. All wonderful perks to joining this wonderful community.

  3. Hi, Fleur, I can definitely vouch for the Wealthy Affiliate community. At WA you will have all the tools you need to succeed and more. Many people have this impression that you can’t build a profitable website for free. My very first website was free and I was able to gain substantial traffic with hard work and dedication of course as well as monetizing it. People fear the unknown so it’s very important to create awareness. Thank you for such an incredible website, with such valuable information.

    1. Thanks Viviana yes it is often the case we don’t know what we don’t know. Thanks for your comment and stopping by. Look forward to seeing you here again

  4. I also like themes with white background. These just look normal and they are easy on the eyes as well. However I know that some themes are faster than the others.

    Should I consider that while choosing a theme or should I increase the speed with plug ins? Do you have personal experience about this?

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. In answer to your question, in my experience, I would consider an appropriate theme you are happy to achieve your design goals for your site and its structure of your content. In my experience many plugins can slow the entire website down which is not what you want to do. 

      This level of technical knowledge is not my strength therefore to answer your question in full here is a training on improving site speed from a trusted colleague you might find helpful.

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