How to Buy Property for Investment – Love Thy Property

How to Buy Property for Investment – Love Thy Property

This expression, ‘Love Thy Property’ I have been using since before I was a property mentor. I began as a property mentor back in 2010, although I had been mentoring those I knew informally for many years prior to that.

In 2011 I was invited to write a chapter for a book on the topic of How to Buy Property for Investment. The book is an Australian best seller and is called ‘Ignite Your Property Investment MOJO’. I was thrilled at this opportunity because it was the first chapter of the book focusing on the mindset of a successful property investor.

As a property mentor for over 8 years, one aspect of what I teach is for investors to purchase property that suited their specific purpose or needs. Rather than just what is ‘hot’ at the time. Frankly, what is ‘hot’ for your needs may not be ‘hot’ for another investor’s needs. This chapter is relevant for any aspiring or existing property investor regardless of location. The principles of all that I teach as a property mentor through this book chapter, my online seminars and workshops can be applied to any real estate market.

Here I provide an overview with an abstract of the chapter with a brief sample to give you an idea of the content. I share part of my own property investment journey and story in the book and later in this article to give you a sense of what is in this chapter and the book.

how to buy property for investment


Ignite Your Property Investment MOJO

Book Facts

Editor: Lenore Miller with Clare Monkley
Authors: Fleur Allen, Clare Monkley, Brett Brookfield, Dianne Marshall, Lindy Bonnett, Anthony Simon, Naomi Findlay, Amanda Garrett, Ross Mason, Anita Marshall, Wayne Lennan, Tracey Lunnis, Tony Young and Tiron Manning.
Sales: Australian Best Seller
Contents: 245 pages divided into 14 chapters, written by 14 of the above contributing authors.

More Information about the book here

ignite your property investment mojo

Chapter 1: Emotion, Structure and ‘Love’ The 5 Pillars of Property with Purpose by Fleur Allen

Chapter Structure:

The 5 Pillars of Property with Purpose by Fleur Allen overview (taken from the book):

Fleur Allen is a property investor and educator empowering everyday people
to get into property because “I Just Like To Simplify Property”.

Fleur is passionate about teaching and empowering you to use property to
have the time AND the money to fund the cause, purpose or passion of your

Combining her teaching skills and experience with over ten years of property
investment, she has developed a DIY system to help people to understand the
real estate market. She has used her own property investments to fund her
passion for art through an online art gallery and she knows others too can
leverage real estate for investment to pursue their passions.

A diverse combination of past experience working in administration and
management roles in banking and performing arts organisations, plus over
20 year’s teaching and sales experience, has groomed Fleur for the ultimate
professional challenge of running her own business.


  • How it All Began
  • I Got Over My Fear
  • Finding My Motivation
  • Finding My Property MOJO
  • Love Thy Property
  • What is Your Dream?
  • What Exactly is Mindset?
  • The Five Pillars:

Pillar 1: Benefits & Big Picture NOT Emotions

Pillar 2: Structure-Focussed NOT Cosmetic-Focused

Pillar 3: Immersion = Informed Opinion NOT Emotion

Pillar 4: There’s Always Another Property and

Pillar 5: Love Thy Property

  • You Can Realise Your Purpose

What I Got When I Reached One of My Dreams
All of the 5 Pillars includes and explanation with practical exercises you can complete to begin to buy your property with purpose investment portfolio.

Sample from the book, page 15:

Love Thy Property

After owning my first property for five years I decided it was time to sell. I
had started a family and my then-tenant became the new owner.

My return on this property was more than a 280% increase of my initial
deposit. Thus began my love a air with property and I learned a vital
lesson – ‘Love Thy Property’ – because if you do, then it means someone
else will also love it when you’re ready to rent or sell.

But that’s enough about me – what about you?

What Is Your Dream?

Now it’s your turn to transform your dream into reality. Take some time to
think about it. What would you create if money were no object?

Would you work fewer hours and spend more time with your family?
Would you own your dream car, boat, house or all three?

Would you give a lump sum to your favourite charity because you want to
make a difference?

But are you thinking this sounds all a bit too ‘woo woo’ or ‘airy fairy’?

Maybe you feel the language I’m using, such as dreams, aspirations, goals
or purpose, are not business-like enough in a discussion about property
investment? How can focusing on your purpose help you in property
investment? And the term mindset, what’s that all about?

Firstly, within the context of this discussion on property investment let’s
refocus the language and refer to your dream as your purpose. I know that
by increasing your wealth to achieve greater financial freedom you will
achieve all that you desire. I also know it can be done through property
investment. It is what I call buying Property with Purpose.

Secondly, the most essential step in realising your purpose via property is
to adopt an appropriate mindset towards property investment.



This is a great book for:

  • Business professionals wanting to fast track their property investment goals
  • Especially good for Entrepreneurs wanting to get into the property market and diversify their investment portfolio
  • Great for first time buyers and investors


An online property seminar and workshop are available to assist you to fulfill your property with purpose goals. Individual support is available through group and one to one mentoring.

A short video with excerpts from the property seminar view here: [embedyt][/embedyt]



The Book ‘Ignite Your Property Investment MOJO’ is available here

A digital copy of Chapter 1: Emotion, Structure and ‘Love’ The 5 Pillars of Property with Purpose is available here


6 Replies to “How to Buy Property for Investment – Love Thy Property”

  1. Hello Fleur,

    What a great opportunity to be invited to write the first chapter of a book, and even more so when this book becomes the best seller. Congratulations!

    Understanding of “The 5 Pillars of Property” sounds like a solid foundation for a making a profitable decision.

    Thank you for introducing the book.

    All the best to you!

    1. Hi Julia, thank you for your comment and taking the time to read my most recent post. A pleasure introducing the book to you. Yes it absolutely is about creating a solid foundation to build a profitable portfolio on. Cheers!

  2. Hello Fleur,
    This is quite interesting topic for me, I’m mexican, it’s very common to know people buy some properties to make a living, some do well and some do really well.
    7 years ago I moved to Canada and I see here the idea to get a property for investment is not a priority, and I could say when I talk to people here they don’t see the reason to do it. You’re website will give me some ideas on how I can work to get a property for investment here.
    Thanks for sharing this great website about this topic, I would love to learn more about it.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Alejandra. It all starts with working out what you want and making a plan to take action. I would recommend as a first step to read the full chapter or book. Yes I will also post articles on this topic from time to time and share details on my online seminar which many find helpful too.

  3. Hi Fleur, and thank’s for the valuable information.

    I have invested in some property here in Thailand. I too bought land that I really loved and some year ago I could already sell a piece for over 200%.

    I like the criteria for buying you recommend a lot. I think just thinking about profit doesn’t add much quality to the investment.

    I still have some pieces of land I would like to sell. Can you recommend any publication to find interested people for Thai property in Austrailia?

    1. Hi Stefan, thank you for your comment and sharing your experiences. Yes moving beyond the focus on profit actually leads you to properties you want to hold on to and ultimately leads to more profits, ironically! I’ll get my thinking cap on for you re Thai property in Australia

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