How to Blog Tutorial Series

Today I have decided to write a series of ‘How to Blog Tutorials’



  1. To dispell the myth that if writng doesn’t feel comfortable for you now that you can’t be a blogger. I was exactly the same last year, now I absolutely LOVE it and I’m better at it!
  2. Because my blogging skills have improved dramatically from getting and implementing quality training since April 2017. If I can do it, you can too! (Enough with the exclamation marks right?)
  3. I succeeded in a Marathon Blogging Challenge I set for myself in March 2018 of writing 10 blog posts in 10 days. Which I laugh about now, that is just a warm up to…
  4. 1 September 2018, I set myself a new true Marathon Blogging Challenge of 100 posts in 122 days (Today is day 5 and this is post 4) and
  5. Since setting the above challenge and sharing my progress with an online community of bloggers, colleagues have been asking me ‘how do you manage to write a blog daily, you have to so fast and of course very well organized I suppose?’ I answered this specific question here but this has inspired me to create this series of posts with more people asking similar questions.

overcoming challenges

I am very open that I have not felt like a natural writer or blogger. Despite this I have always wanted to be a successful professional and profitable blogger. Since 2007, I share this story on my About page. I am definitely well on my way for the former, I am now focused on achieving the latter. It is important to me to continue to learn and grow as a person, particularly since becoming a parent. It is very motivating to have a young person, your own child looking up at you and seeing how you behave and deal with life. Since having my son I have been motivated to consistently be the very best version of myself. This requires continual change because as you achieve one goal then you strive for another.

So why has it taken me so long to achieve success as a Blogger?

This is a great question:

  • I had a beautiful baby boy in 2006 and therefore most of my personal goals and personal development goals have either been put on hold or been slow to progress. Now that my baby is 11, I am now able to have more time to pursue my own interests and develop my own skills again.
  • I didn’t have the right training to help me improve
  • 10 years ago I didn’t believe it was possible to make a living online through blogging
  • I was not part of a community of bloggers that I could network with and support and they support me and
  • With 10 years of small business experience under my belt I feel I now have much more I can offer

Therefore it was in 2017 that I recommitted to this goal to take the steps to achieve this long sort after goal. The first step was to surround myself with those that have succeeded as bloggers before me and also for those that are happy to train and support you through this journey. This I have done and now I wish to share my knowledge and experience with you.

This post will be shorter than usual as I will be adding to it as I progress with the tutorials. Here are some of the planned topics but feel free to share what you wish to hear – if I have the knowledge I will create a tutorial and if I don’t I’ll connect you with a post that does.

Planned How to Blog Tutorials:

  • How to Blog Daily
  • How to Increase Your Typing Speed
  • How do your Daily Habits Impact Your Blogging?

What topics would you like covered in these How to Blog Tutorials?:

6 Replies to “How to Blog Tutorial Series”

  1. It’s a big challenge that you have set yourself and I wish you much luck with it. I think a lot of it is mind over matter and being very organised, you have given me the inspiration to write more posts for my own blog! I will be back to read your tutorials.
    Many thanks.

    1. Great Helen yes it is more the organisation and preparation both with writing and organising life to have the regular daily writing sessions. Yes about to publish the next tutorial

  2. Hi, Allen. A very motivating blog post. I agree with you that motivate does have something to push to make a write blog professional and fast. It is a happy thing for a child to be your motivation, because it allows you to set a big goal for blogging. This is something that many people can’t do, but you did it. Although I don’t have the goal of writing content quickly, but I will do my best to achieve the goal, because your strong strength burns my enthusiasm. Thanks for sharing.

    1. No problem at all, I’m delighted you have found this blog post motivating. The first post of this series I am about to post shortly so stay tuned and let us all know here how your own blogging journey is travelling.

  3. Hello Fleur,

    I was intimidated at the thought of coming up with content for blogs at first too. I had multiple college degrees and had written more research papers than I can count. I knew I was a good writer but I was still worried about blogging. I was not worried about the writing but about coming up with ideas and getting the formatting correct and all the steps to monetize content and do search engine optimization correctly.

    It is SO much easier now that I have practice! I don’t dread it at all and in fact I enjoy it. I am glad you are able to sail through your blogging faster now but I can’t even imagine doing your 100 post challenge! Good for you!!

    I really look forward to your series here! I am sure this will really help the rest of us out as we try to get more consistent and produce more content.


    1. Thanks, Jessica for sharing your experience and particularly your initial worries about blogging and the difference between blogging and writing. Yes my 100 post challenge while it is a ‘challenge’ it is also becoming more achievable the more I post – post 5 about to go live shortly.

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