Free Traffic for your Website – 3 sources

free traffic for your website 3 sources

You have a brand new business. Let’s say a shop front. But you have no foot traffic (people) or car traffic (people driving past). Disaster!

No traffic + No Sales = No Business

That is the exact same formula for failure for any business. Whether you have a shop front or a website or both. Today we will focus on 3 free traffic sources for your website:

  1. Search Engines
  2. Global MoneyLine (GML)
  3. Social Media and

Before we continue, there is one warning. All these sources are legitimate and available for free. However, they all require time to be successful. Therefore although you can achieve in all 3 very much without spending a cent, there is a time commitment required. For some, time is money. But if you can put that to one side then read on.


1. Search Engines

I have already written a number of posts on this topic which I will include links too. But in summary, if you are writing good quality content that solves a problem(s) for your niche audience then you will rank very well in Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. The key to success in this area is good quality, relevant and consistent content.

For an understanding of How to Get Free Traffic for your Website using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) read my blog post here from just last month.


2. Global MoneyLine (GML)


This is a membership-based business that is focused on giving you access to free traffic to where you wish to send your ‘Moneyline’. This money line is growing on a daily (minute) basis. To be honest I have only just joined myself from a recommendation from a trusted Super Affiliate. I will write a review on this business once I’ve spent some time experiencing it for myself. Then I’ll be sure to link to it here. If you’re curious to know more now, you very much can sign up for free find out more here.


social media networks

3. Social Media

All social media networks enable you to create an account for free. But before you join every network. Think about who your niche audience is? Where do they hang out in social media? Is it:

  • Facebook?
  • Instagram?
  • Google Plus?
  • LinkedIn?
  • Twitter? or
  • Pinterest?

What about YouTube and Amazon? They’re not search engines I hear you say. But they attract loyal users that log in and search every day.

There are many to choose from. I would begin with 3 initially. I focus primarily on:

  • Instagram because I love the aesthetic of high-quality images telling the story
  • Google Plus to help with SEO and
  • YouTube because this is the 2nd biggest search engine after Google. Plus many people prefer video to blogs (reading).

Then the key is to decide on how regularly you will commit to sharing content. Be mindful here, the reason why these networks are called social networks is that they are exactly that. The online version of people connecting face-to-face in a room. Therefore make sure you are posting fun or social posts and not just selling what you do in every post. It is also good to provide ‘social proof’. This is when someone on the social network jumps onto your profile and provides a positive comment, testimonial or experience with your business.

Writing this particular post has highlighted to me the need for me to create a post focused on generating traffic from social media networks so I will do so and then link that article back here for you. I will summarise the top 10 social network traffic sources that I believe are the most worthwhile. So stay tuned.


What are your experiences in Free Traffic sources for your website?

10 Replies to “Free Traffic for your Website – 3 sources”

  1. Thank you for these tips, I havent had much luck getting traffic to my website through Google so I am keen to explore other avenues. this week i signed up to Pinterest as I have heard that some people get huge traffic from this one source. I really hope that pays off for me, I have never heard of Global Moneyline so I will be sure to check back here to read your full review!

    1. I’m delighted you found it helpful Chris, appreciate you letting me know. Yes I think it is good to have at least 3 sources of traffic, that way if one drops off then you’re not left in a rut. Yes Pinterest is very good for some people but it also comes down to what appeals to you and what you wish to commit your time and energy too. Consistency is the key. I prefer Instagram the most for me, but that’s personal preference. Yes am in my first week of joining Global MoneyLine so will write my review once I have a bit more experience.

  2. I love the three options you have listed for growing website traffic, as I only knew of the social media aspect and paid traffic sites. The search engine aspect is intriguing, as it seems to be paired with that of you social media. Great content plus traffic from friends and followers seems to be extremely enticing. I had never heard of GML, but I look forward to your post when you gain info on it as it is enticing for sure. This post is making me want to write content on my niche and promote it freely on social media! Great insight!

    1. That is fantastic to hear, I’m thrilled you found this article so helpful. Yes I have been on GML for 2 or 3 days and have already successfully referred someone new to the membership which I’m delighted about. So will keep you posted as I think it is another feather in the cap of attracting traffic. Good to have multiple traffic sources and not just rely only on one – this makes your business very vulnerable if that traffic source suddenly changes.

  3. Hi! 

    Thank you so much for your post! You are totally right, you need to get traffic to your site and getting free traffic can take quite some time as you gain trust with the search engines, especially Google!

    In your article you talk about how you should use social media, and one of the ones you use is Google Plus. Since Google Plus is not going to be around much longer because of that security breach what would you recommend instead??

    I also look forward to your moneyline review!! Let me know once you have it out!!

    All the Best,


    1. Yes thanks Chris good reminder re Google Plus. In the meantime I would include short Youtube videos because Google owns YouTube. The reason I was using Google Plus was to assist with ranking to Google. But using YouTube videos can have the same effect.

  4. YouTube is definitely an untapped source for potential traffic. Not only is it a second big search engine, but it is actually owned by google as well. 

    I am definitely looking to getting into the idea of making my own videos so it can extend my website page view time and increase my rankings further.

    1. Yes agreed YouTube is definitely win/win. Great plan re adding video content consider doing screen videos as many of mine are then you don’t have to worry about what you look like every time you make a video.

  5. I am new to Affiliate world and have been searching for free ways to get traffic to my new website.  You have a lot of great  examples of free traffic sources. I never even thought of YouTube as traffic source, but it makes sense, because everyone uses YouTube for looking up ways to make money online.

    Thanks for the helping 


    1. Yes Dora YouTube is a good resource for people looking for How to and Review videos so a good amount of traffic can potentially come from there. Delighted to hear you found this post helpful.

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