Free Business Lessons (originally Weekly Business Updates)

The First Weekly Business Update – Original Post 24 May, 2016

Back in May 2016 I created my first Weekly Business Update on my YouTube Channel. Now over 2 years later a great deal of content later, I’ve realised I’ve never really blogged about these updates. I mention the motivation and conception of the idea here in my very first one: Be Consistent in Business. But since April 2017 I have been retraining myself and learning how to blog more effectively and in a more meaningful way for you, our readers.


weekly business update

I can’t forget to mention the original series of videos with an unfortunate logo transition graphic – unfortunate for the image of my head anyway…. view here. Yes something on the to do list to improve – it is a journey!

Post Update June 2018

I have now shifted to favouring blog posts rather than video episodes for the weekly business update and prefer to call them Free Business Lessons for clarity. This is not to say I won’t return to creating video episodes again, I’m preferring to focus on my blog posts at the moment. However, I am adding a great deal of video content, mainly the monthly Business Tips I presented for many years through my business Out of the Box Biz.

In the meantime, I have invested in access to great education on how to blog successfully through a Super Affiliate Challenge I’m been selected to participate in. I’m in month 5 of a 12 month challenge. This is within a global community of over 800,000 entrepreneurs. At the time of writing this post I am ranked in the top 100 of this elite community (yay me!).

Motivation Shift

Therefore my personal motivation for creating Weekly Business Updates has shifted however my business reason hasn’t. The motivation for this blog, for these blog posts, for me to educate myself on how to improve my blogging skills is all so I can help more people. I am a trained and experienced teacher, this is my university qualification. I have always had a passion to help people and since about 2010 I’ve had a passion to help people in wealth creation and business. So voila! Here we are!

Free Business LessonsFree Business Lessons

Because I began these updates before I knew how to blog successfully, I am now going back over my past blog posts to improve them. Therefore, while I am refreshing this content, it will be viewable to all on this blog. Once this process is complete I will then have this content exclusive for our email subscribers to be the first to read and comment on every new weekly business update.

Please note, when you do subscribe I will also show you how to access creating a Free website. Please do make sure you have subscribed here.

I have also realised that there is no list of all the episodes for the Weekly Business Updates. So this page will act as a contents page to the YouTube playlist. This list will include all the blog posts and therefore will also assist me to make sure that eventually there will be video episodes for all the topics.

On the note of topics, if there is a business topic you would like included please let me know in the comments below this post – thanking you in advance!

Therefore the following list of posts and video episodes is a mixture of the original Weekly Business Updates from 2016 but also my monthly Business Tips I shared at the live events through my business Out of the Box Biz. Here is also a list of all the content on this blog under the category Free Business Lessons

Free Business Lessons Blog and Video episodes list:

more to come


Many people I work with, whether they’ve been in business for a short time or a very long time find it very useful when they come to work with me on a one-on-one basis in a mentoring capacity to redefine or review their ideal customer.

I have a three-month mentoring program that I take people through. This program begins with:

  1.  A Visualization process that draws out your values and your vision, mission and your most immediate goals.
  2. Then we move on to the ideal customer and then we move on to,
  3. What I like to call the ideal customer journey which is more commonly known as the sales funnel. That’s a topic that I’ll deal with in another how-to video/ another weekly update. I’ve mentioned the visualization process on a previous weekly update and i’ll talk more about how you can draw out your vision, mission and goals from the values raised in another article.


2 points:

  1. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for future lessons and
  2. If there is a business topic you would like included please let me know in the comments below this post – thanking you in advance!

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