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A Post About the NEW Weekly Business Update Page

I am re-organising the structure of this blog as it has been feeling a little confusing. What this has done, it has got me to go back over the content of this blog since I began it in 2008!  I have uncovered the great content I have created through:

  • my own experiences in business since 2007
  • The monthly Business Tips I used to share through the live events I hosted in my business Out of the Box Biz and
  • The blogs and video episodes for my Free Business Lessons (originally called Weekly Business Updates).

Therefore, I have created a mini home page for the Free Business Lessons here. Please note, at the time of writing this post, the page is a ‘work in progress’ but I would rather publish it and receive your feedback to improve it than keep it under lock and out of sight.

New Look Pages

I am also restructuring my Start Here and About Me pages as they were blurred into one and didn’t communicate how to use this website (start here) or my background (About Me) clearly at all. It’s funny how you sometimes get too close to your own work. It is so much easier to provide constructive feedback for other people’s work and sites!

So a short post to update you on what is happening round here at my personal blog, Passion to Profits…

Top 100top 100

Psst… also, this week I returned to the Top 100 rank of the global community of entrepreneurs (with over 800,000 members) woohoo… it is not my main focus or reason for being a part of this community, it is just a nice added bonus. But as I am a goal setter (and achieve) I wonder if I can get to the Top 50 of this community? The Top 25 elite members are known as Ambassaders… I wonder…  now that would be fun…

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