Fleur Recommends Highrise CRM

It has been like returning back to an old friend. I have recently returned using Highrise CRM as my own personal overall database.

Why? Because I like to:

1. Keep track of conversations
2. I’ve used it before many years ago
3. I like the tasks ability and
4. Cases feature
5. Use something that is oh so simple to use

I’m still using Ontraport for my specific marketing CRM and landing page, sequencing and email management however wanted a CRM separate for all my own contacts over the years and suppliers etc that I don’t necessarily market too but still use on occasion or communicate with. I’d love to show you social proof and not just my word for it but can’t seem to find them on social media. So I guess at present you’ll just need to take my word for it…

Anyway, try it out if you’re in the market for a CRM – if not then no problemo

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