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Chapter 1: Emotions, Structure and “Love” The 5 Pillars of Property with Purpose by Fleur Allen
I am very excited to have completed and submitted to the publisher for editing my final draft of my chapter on the topic of ‘The Mindset of a Property Investor’ today for the forthcoming book ‘Ignite Your Property Investment Mojo’ (due to be published by June this year). I am one of 15 authors for this book having been invited to contribute by editor Lenore Miller from Newcastle, New South Wales. And as far as I know I’m the only WA author.
It is an exciting opportunity to write what I know about this topic out for people to read, learn and put into action. This will be the first chapter of the book (an absolute honour). So what have a included? I have divided the topic into 5 sections relating to how your mindset can affect your success as a property investor.
As the content for the book is not available yet for publication I need to keep it under wraps BUT I will list these 5 sections on my welcome page when you sign up for my Hot Tips to Getting Started in Property and when you attend my live seminar  

 on TODAY 6 March you receive a copy of the book FREE (That’s right I’ll send a copy to you if you attend a seminar before June 2012) This offer ends April 2012. The book will retail at RRP $30 (plus postage and handling).

I hope to hear from you and meet you at one of my live seminars to learn about your own journey as a property buyer and investor.
Have a wonderful and purposeful day!
Fleur Allen

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