Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

I’m back. So where have I been you ask?

Living life and focusing on goals and ultimately overcoming challenges. I’ll share more details in this blog post in a moment, but I also want you to know that I have missed blogging on a daily basis and helping all of you that visit, subscribe and interact with the topics discussed here. My apologies to those of you that had become accustomed to me posting regularly. I am committed to sharing my knowledge and supporting you all and I’ll share more here. As this is a free blog it sometimes has these challenges, which is no disrespect to you. For those that, join the online community I am a member, I am there every step of the way because although you don’t personally pay me, the affiliate payments enable me to allocate regular time to support your online business progress. But let’s get back to the specific topic of this post:

‘Every Cloud has a Silver Lining’

But before I share my recent experiences relating to this expression, what does it even mean?

In my own words, to me it means that in every challenge or perhaps seemingly negative experience there is always an opportunity; a reason for the better. But before continuing let’s look at more definitions of this expression:

Reference: dictionary.cambridge.org

every cloud has a silver lining

said to emphasize that every difficult or unpleasant situation has some advantage

Reference: dictionary.com

Every cloud has a silver lining

Every misfortune has its positive aspect.

identify the opportunity in every challenge


Do I really believe this phrase? Yes, I do. I have experienced this numerous times in life and business. Do I achieve recognising the good in every challenge not always. But I find, being in the moment helps to identify the opportunities. For me, meditation, running or regular physical exercise helps me stay present and grounded. What helps you stay in the moment?

Goals Setting

This year I have been focused on specific goals in different areas of my life. These are:

  1. Work/Career
  2. Health
  3. Relationships
  4. Wealth Creation
  5. Recreation
  6. Education and
  7. Community

I have set these 7 areas of life from a variety of training I have done over the years but mainly from Brian Tracy. I set goals in each area each year, however, I have been very focused this year to achieve balance. That is, to achieve in multiple areas of my life and not just focused on one or two, as I had been back in 2014 – 2016.

Back then, my health deteriorated due to stress and forced me to look at how I could reduce stress to improve my health. Although I worked from home for over 10 years, in 2017 I decided, for a portion of my income, to go back to working for someone else to reduce my stress, take a break and basically to get my business ‘MOJO’ back.

I hadn’t realised that all my work from home business activities had been centred around me hosting or facilitating live events and for health reasons, I needed to change this as after 10 years I was exhausted. But rather than ‘throw in the towel’ and give up on business I decided to re-educate myself and share my knowledge through online methods such as blogging. Which I love, by the way, do let me know if you find value or love the knowledge shared here in the comments.

And the change has worked. I feel great and my health has transformed. Woohoo, which means I can do this for years to come.

So getting back to where I’ve been and ‘every cloud has a silver lining’…

In a nutshell, this year’s goals are to:

  1. Increase my positive working environment
  2. Improve my health and wellbeing
  3. Attract a kind, positive, fun intimate relationship
  4. Change my home environment to one that has less ongoing costs and more room
  5. Sail again for leisure
  6. Increase my knowledge in blogging and affiliate marketing and
  7. Give back to the community with my time and some financial support

I am delighted to share that I have made progress in many of these goals, particularly in the past 6 weeks.

I am now in my final week of taking leave from my ‘job’ so that I could work on some goals. During this 6 week period, I have had some incredible opportunities plus also what could be seen as disappointments or setbacks but I think they have just been checkpoints to see if I am still moving in the direction of my goals. Which is where the ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ saying comes in. When there has been a challenge to overcome, I have had the ability to stop, be in the moment, reflect and see the silver lining, the opportunity. I share in each goal area here:

positive thoughts

Positive Work Environment

Firstly, I am always seeking a positive, thriving work environment and am always taking steps to improve this. What I thought was the solution being a complete change, for the moment appears not to be the answer. I was considered for a dream opportunity, however, I didn’t make the short list but I did receive some glowing, positive feedback which was welcoming and very encouraging. Particularly, because they offered feedback that they believed I was a good match to their positive, professional culture. Having such a positive experience of being told ‘I didn’t get it’, makes me feel there is a better opportunity just around the corner. Therefore the cloud here is I didn’t make the shortlist. But is it just because there is a better opportunity for me just about to happen? I believe the latter is the case.

daily habits

Daily Habits

Secondly, I had got off track with my regular exercise and my preferred diet and wellbeing regimes but have now returned to my regular, daily and weekly routines and am thriving again. The challenge here was I taking time out from my regular routine (by taking leave) but this also meant I was out of my regular routine… ironic, so I am now managing to enjoy taking time out but keep exercising regularly. This is the absolute key for me being able to stay present, in the moment and to identify those important silver linings! The silver lining is, that I am able to see the opportunities in every situation, positive or negative.

love kindness intimacy


Thirdly, I have met a kind, fun, generous man that I am enjoying getting to know. And as always, it happened, quite unexpectedly, after I had shifted my focus and just got on with enjoying life and being the best version of me. Plus we have a common interest of sailing – yay – yes – yippee! Which lead to my fifth goal… The cloud here was how do you meet someone now nearing 50 when life is full with single parenting and work commitments plus running a household solo? Well I figured it out. The key really was focusing on myself, letting go and being open to the unexpected and that’s exactly what happened.

New Home

New Home

Fourthly, I had stalled on moving forward on striving for a goal that in the current real estate market seems impossible. However, due to listening to Abraham Hicks meditations each morning with my son, my son said to me, ‘I think we should strive for the dream Mum because it feels good and we should be open to seeing what happens when we do.’ He amazes me regularly. So I am taking action on what needs to be done to get a property ready to sell, which certainly takes time.


Sailing Adventures

Fifthly, I have returned to sailing for recreation for myself. This is my version of fulfilling a sense of adventure. This year I have been focused on moving my son’s junior sailing membership and setting him up with his own boat so he can sail competitively. This meant that I wasn’t actively looking for sailing opportunities for myself. But again, when I took a moment to be open to opportunities that came along I have now crewed a few times. The first time in 6 months!



Sixthly, this year I am focused on my professional development in writing professionally and that is blogging here but also the professional writing I do in my job too. Therefore all writing benefits both. Which means I am loving the education I receive from my Wealthy Affiliate Membership. My time just got used up elsewhere but I am back. I am still committed to my 100 post challenge, which is a little daunting now, but I am giving it my best to achieve it.

Giving making a difference

Giving making a difference

And Seventhly (is that even a word?), I have brought together a group of 10 women to donate and support a cause financially and also volunteered my time on the Dinghy Sailing Club’s committee. Although these take time, it has always been important to me throughout out my professional life, when I have been earning an income, to give back both financially and in time.


So there you have it, my clouds and their silver linings. When I began this post I wasn’t sure of where it would lead other than, I knew I wanted to be open to sharing with you. Now it is your turn:

What Clouds and Silver Linings have you experienced recently?




12 Replies to “Every Cloud has a Silver Lining”

  1. Hello Fleur, great post, I have enjoyed reading this. I have never heard of Silver Lining before, and I believe it to be very true. My experience was when I was fired from my job 2 years ago. Afterwards, I have came across WA, and a better money making opportunity. I am currently making great money doing what I’m doing now, and working part time to get this Affiliate Marketing business opportunity to take off. Thanks again, I can’t wait to read more of your blogs!!

    1. Thanks Ahmad that is great news to hear you are making great money right now, well done! Yes I had a similar experience being made redundant in a job years ago, but it lead to an even greater opportunity for me. I look forward to your comments on your return to my blog!

  2. For me it’s similar with a job I held a few years ago. I had an injury to my arm and when disability did not pay, my manager didn’t approve my time off, neither to come back to work part-time. I had a deep reflection on the workings of society and really started hating it. I had to choose between my health and my job.

    I chose my health.

    Now, I am a happy blogger. Not making much money off of it yet, but hoping to improve my results by working harder.

    1. That indeed sounds like a challenge Reyhana. Your health absolutely is most important well done to you for recognising this and putting yourself first.

      It sounds like you are on the right path, stay open to seeing your silver linings and they will come to you faster and more often. Thank you for sharing your challenge and silver lining.

  3. This sounds like you are really on track with every area of your life. Well done for having the courage to take some time out to look at all those areas and achieve quite a lot of things in quite a short amount of time! 

    In my personal experience there have been quite a few clouds in the last few years or even in the last decade or more, but there have always been silver linings at least or the sun shining through fully, lighting up a completely new path that I wouldn’t have been able to see without the initial challenges. 

    Some of these clouds linger on and you kind of have to get used to with a sky that’s not fully blue and sunlit, but that’s okay as well. 

    I won’t get into the challenges, but some of the silver linings were a move to a different country where I found the love of my life, finally took up the chance to study what I was interested in, found what I really wanted to do and keep on finding the right path, just following the silver linings. 

    So thank you for your post, it really resonated with me. 

    1. Thanks Petra for sharing your silver linings! Oh I sound like I’ve got it all completely together all of the time, I am human so it is always a daily renewed commitment each morning. But I treat it like brushing your teeth daily. I get up and meditate and focus on, as you say, follow the right path by following the silver linings. I’m actually dealing with one challenge at the moment but am reminding myself daily to let go of the ‘how’ and be open to the silver linings. I know with some more information I need, the silver lining will then be able to reveal itself.

      I guess it is the key to stay mindful and in the moment and focus on what you want rather then focusing on how you’re going to get there.

  4. Hi Fleur, I enjoyed reading this post.  It really sounds like things are working out great for you.. I  have always believed that everything happens for a reason, and if you don’t get a job that you wanted , it just wasn’t meant to be and better things will come along.  I always try to see the positive in  things.  It is a great outlook on life.  I look forward to reading your other posts.

    1. Thanks Jenny, yes I absolutely agree. It is really about recognising and being open to the better alternative when you don’t initially achieve what you thought you wanted. Some days that is easy and some days this can be more challenging but I find morning meditations help me. Do you have strategies to stay positive?

  5. Hi Fleur, My parents and grand parents always used the saying every cloud has a silver lining when I was younger. I really had no idea what they meant back then. But as I’ve got older and had my own children I have come across this feeling so many times in my life. It is now something I say to my son when he doesn’t get picked for things at school. He really wanted to join the school football team but all the places had been filled so instead he had to do drama club instead. Anyway he found out he really loves drama and he has been picked to appear on television here in the UK for a televised charity night called Children in need. So he really did have a silver lining to his cloud.

    I really enjoyed reading your post and found it refreshing that you were so open and honest about your experiences.

    Thanks Emma

    1. Emma that is a fantastic story about your son and evidence that there was a better plan in motion that he was not yet aware of. I often say when writing or reviewing goals is to state the goal or intention and then say afterwards ‘this or something better’. That way I am not limited by my own limitations, if that makes sense?

  6. Thank you for this great article every cloud has a silver lining. 

    It is so true no matter what you are going through you can alwaysbe positive and make the best of every situation. And positve change can make a lot of difference. It doesn’t make any difference what the situation is about home, work, relationship it doesn’t matter.

    Thank you for this wonderful article it will be helpful to alot of people. 

    1. My pleasure Quinn, I’m glad you received value from this article. You are so right this approach applies to any situation in any aspect of your life. I guess that’s why I shared in all 7 aspects to highlight that point. Because why reinvent the wheel when one strategy can be applied multiple times?!

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