Commitment to Success

Have You made a Commitment to Success?

Writing down your goals is important.

Visualising successfully achieving your goals is important but what is essential is

Committing to take regular, consistent action towards your goals.

I have been saying I’ve been committed this year to the 12 month Super Affiliate Challenge I was invited to participate in.

While I have been taking action, it hasn’t been consistent and I haven’t been achieving the results I want. So this month, I have challenged myself. I have asked myself, am I really committed to this goal?

One of my goals

The goal of achieving as a Super Affiliate? Therefore I have committed to 2 actions which I’ll share in just a moment. But what is a Super Affiliate? My definition of a Super Affiliate is a person that generates a consistent, real income from their blogging activites through sharing the benefits of a product or service they believe in (and use) and is elegible to attend an annual conference held by the online community I am a member of. It is important to note that this is my definition and if you google the term ‘Super Affiliate’ you will read a varying range of definitions and attitudes about this label.

I only promote products and services that I use and I believe in. This particular community I believe passionately about therefore due to this it really does deserve its own website and domain name.

But back to the topic of this post, Commitment to Success…

Firstly today, I have recommitted to my goal. I have been learning about blogging for the past 12 months or so. What I mean by that is studying it, completing regular online training and receiving feedback and guidance from successful mentors. This has been more intense since January this year when I began the 12 month Super Affiliate Challenge, but frankly I haven’t been fully committed.

Taking Action

So the action I took today was recommitting to a new domain name (which means a financial commitment – although small) for a blog to educate and share about the online community I am a member of (and love).

It is interesting how much resistance we sometimes create when we have to pay money for something. Even if we know it is a direct link to our end result. So I took the plunge, I bought the domain which was only $13.99 and frankly I feel great and empowered because it is more than buying a domain name, it is committing to my goal and therefore my ultimate success.

The second part of this commitment is I have, through my actions, committed to blogging regularly every week this month, well for the past few weeks actually. Again, this is something I love to do so it doesn’t feel like work but for whatever reason I was finding excuses not to achieve this. Crazy I know. Sometimes human nature. I think the good old Australian ‘tall poppy syndrome’ was kicking in.


So why am I sharing this? Because any success sometimes feels elusive if you’re not yet where you want to be. I know this because I have had different business goals in the past and I have achieved them.

For example, I have achieved business awards on a local, national and international level. I can tell you before they became a reality it felt like absolute fantasy. Therefore, I now wish to achieve, in a big way, through my online blogging activities. Why?

  • Because I am a teacher at heart and I just love to help, educate and support people to achieve their goals.
  • It is an aspect of business where I feel I can learn and grow myself the most plus
  • I can reach more people around the globe.

My vision for myself and my business changed a great deal when I won an international business award; up until then I hadn’t even thought I could work with people in Canada or the US. So when I travelled to Santa Monica, California, how I saw myself and my place in the world and the impact I could have changed. I think since then I have been wrestling with whether this ambition can be a reality. The answer yes it absolutely can.

Now the work begins

The first step is to move the majority of the content here relating to the online community I share about from this my personal blog to my new domain: Do jump over and take a look. This blog will still continue and will improve with this new change so win/win. This blog is about sharing my own business and life experiences and providing Free Business Lessons. So frankly, let’s go!

commitment to successHow about You?

What do you need to confront yourself on? Look at yourself directly in the mirror and ask yourself:

  • What are you wanting to achieve that you know deep down you haven’t been fully committed too?
  • What do you need to commit to for your own success.
  • What is the next action that you have been procrastinating on?

Please share what you are committing to for your success in the comments below:




2 Replies to “Commitment to Success”

  1. Thanks for the post, Fleur.

    My commitment to success is to become financially free. It’s something I’ve thought about for a long time but I don’t think I’ve ever believed it’ll actually happen. I work hard on my blog but there’s always a seed of doubt in my mind that it ‘might’ not work.

    To MAKE it succeed I have to destroy that seed. The next action is to write up my next post! I was supposed to do it yesterday and the football world cup is making me (shouldn’t blame, I know) put it off another couple of days.

    Thanks for all your epic content and take care.

    1. My pleasure Stephen. I hear you, financial independence is a great goal and with a plan and intention is absolutely possible for us all. Just takes some planning and discipline, I am committed to the same outcome myself. I talk in more detail about it on my personal blog (I’ve had this blog for 10 years). E.g.

      Yes for success for your blog, committing to regular high quality posts is the way to go. Carve out time where you do post. Make it a non negotiable, even some world cup games may need to wait or else blog in between games! I look forward to hearing of your success

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