Commitment to Success


What is Your Commitment to Success

How Committed to Your Success Are You?

What is Your Greatest Fear about Not Succeeding


These are interesting and important questions. I have been contemplating just that recently and have already blogged about this topic on my personal blog, Commitment to Success and also my WA blog, $13.99 Commitment to Success within the global community that I am an active member. But in these blogs I haven’t really defined what Success is; well at least what it is for me. As I share this, think about what Success means to you?

Definition of Success

definition of success

Success səkˈsɛs/ noun noun: success; plural noun: successes

1. the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. “the president had some success in restoring confidence”

2. archaic
the good or bad outcome of an undertaking.
“the good or ill success of their maritime enterprises”

It is interesting to clarify definitions because the second definition described above using Success as a noun to describe both a good or bad outcome. But for the purposes of this article, let’s make the assumption that we define success by the first above definition ‘the accomplishment of an aim or purpose’. Which highlights the necessity to your commitment to your success you need to know:

What is your Aim or Purpose? What is your Passion?

what is your goal

Before answering that. Firstly, this is all up to You. Now that is not to say you have to go on your journey of success alone. Far from it. You may want to take a moment to yourself to think and contemplate on… it is you that needs:

  • to take responsibility for your success.
  • to take responsibility for where you are now.
  • If you are not where you want to be, then you need to own that.
  • You need to do something, whether that be to get some feedback; get some education or simply take action.

So back to our question. What is your aim? What is your Purpose in business? What is the Passion behind that Purpose? This often begins as something in your personal life that you were passionate about. For me, helping people, sharing knowledge and mentoring them to achieve success has always been a consistent theme in my life.

Where it all began for me

Bringing people together. Supporting people. Helping People. Has been a constant theme in my mother’s family; a family that travelled constantly in rural areas because my grandfather worked for the railways. What this meant is my mother’s family learnt to bond and build relationships and friendships quickly. I learnt from my grandmother the importance of bringing the family together regularly and that this did not come naturally to all members of the family. Therefore she felt it was her role to do so; she did this by hosting the family. For example, for a Sunday roast lunch.

Sunday Roast

sunday roast

This was when you put the kitchen table, the dining table and any card or folding tables together to make a long lunch table down the centre of my grandmother’s small house. It was when everyone would ‘bring a plate’ and BYO (bring your own) drinks. In Australia that means a plate of food to share. For example, something for entree or dessert. The host generally provided the main meal, the roast.

But the host home functioned with the philosophy ‘my home is your home’ therefore everyone pitched in. Everyone helped each other. Everyone knew where the drinks were. Everyone helped themselves and looked around to see who else they could help at the same time. It was when there were no technical distractions. No phones at the table. We certainly were not allowed to bring a book to the table to keep ourselves ‘entertained’ or quiet. We, as children, were all expected to participate in conversation, and for hours. Lunch begining with an apertif such as a glass of sherry. Admittedly I think we as kids got to go off and play after we had eaten our main meal and came back for dessert. This also gave the adults some space and to have frankly, adult conversations.

But the biggest memory of these lunches is the feeling I felt when our family came together. A feeling of belonging. A feeling of being at home.This was important because I often felt on the outer due to growing up with a parent that was unwell, meaning my family was different to the majority because of this difference. Which means both my brother and I in our professional lives, quite subsconciously have always built a sense of community; a sense of belonging. We have always supported diversity and encouraged bringing all types of people together; united by one theme or purpose or shared experience.

This is the background to my aim, my purpose, essentially my passion. To bring people together through a shared experience of education. To create an inclusive environment for people to participate and to thrive and to achieve their goals. Therefore to succeed.

Passion to Purpose

This passion to bring people together through a shared educational experience has fueled all my business interests. It happened quite by default in my first 2 businesses: Interactive Arts and Property with Purpose they both ended up as a community of artists and a community of property investors. However, for my second 2 businesses: Out of the Box Biz (business networking and education community) and FDL Tribe (essential oils community), I had worked out my passion and purpose by then.

Therefore knowing my passion and created purposeful businesses has shaped what success means to me. Although I am no longer running live events for Out of the Box Biz, over the past 7 months since the last live event, I have had a core group of members that have confirmed how much they received from this community. Particularly how many business relationships they initiated and that continue years later with a direct and positive financial result in their businesses. That is the best feedback to receive; meaningful business relationships with profitable financial results.

Now I choose to bring people together for a shared online business education experience beginning with this blog. My motivation for this change is so I can focus on some personal goals for my son and I at the present time.

Returning back to our topic of this article: Commitment to Success

Now that I have defined Success for me.

What is Success for you?

Please share in the comments at the end of this article I would love to hear from you.

Continuing with the theme of this article…

Success is a Decision

Therefore, I believe Success is a Decision. We can decide to succeed and we can also decide to fail. Sometimes this is on a sub concious level. But let’s bring it into our concious thoughts.

After all as Buddha said:

What We Think We Become

What are your regular thoughts on what you want to achieve? Positive, Uplifting, Inspired, Motivated? or Negative, Judgemental or Critical? I would suggest flooding your thoughts with positive messages is much more helpful. It is frankly easy to slip into negative thought patterns. It takes discipline to maintain a positive approach to business and life. Therefore to be able to succeed it is important to know:

What are you Non Negotiables?

To be able to succeed I believe we need to commit to a set of non negotiables. The parameters you set to achieve your goal. What is it you need to do to achieve your goal?

For example:

  • If you’re goal is to reduce your weight. Not eating ice-cream you may set as one of your non negotiables. Which means you may decide to only eat ice-cream once a month instead of after every evening meal.
  • If you’re wanting to succeed as a blogger. Writing a minimum of 3 articles per week maybe your non negotiable
  • If you’re aim is to improve your intimate relationship. Your non negotiable maybe to commit to a monthly date night.
  • If you wish to improve your positive mindset you may decide your non negotiable is a short meditation every morning (or 5 of every 7 days)
  • If you want to increase revenue in your business and you know your conversion rates your non negotiable may be to follow up every lead within 7 days.

We are all different and we are all changing and evolving. What worked for you 5 years ago may not work for you now. What works for your neighbour may not work for you.

For example, I know many people that understand academically the benefits of meditating however are very resistant to including meditation into their regular routine. I know that meditation boosts my immune system, it quietens the ‘monkey mind’ and energises me. This is what it does for me. I know that because I know through experience. Therefore, I am now (after many years of resistance and excuses myself) highly motivated to meditate daily. I now am introducing 15 to 20 minutes yoga practice into my daily routine after meditating. I achieve 90+% success in meditating but probably only 50% success, at the moment, in practicing yoga. And that’s ok.

What is Your Greatest Fear about Not Succeeding

If you’re procrastinating or self-sabotaging your success in anyway one useful strategy is to face your fear(s) around not achieving your goal. Sometimes realising the ‘worst thing’ realistically that might or could happen, is not really that bad. It kind of takes the pressure off. You realise:

  1. Life goes on – you will live
  2. The earth isn’t going to suddenly open up and swallow you whole (I love saying this to young people they really understand the visual imagery) and
  3. You can change your goals if you or life changes

Susan Jeffers dedicated a whole book to the topic:

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway


I am not suggesting you give up, simply to have a proportionately appropriate amount of pressure to motivate you to get going and action your goals. It isn’t healthy to get yourself into a spiral of extreme stress obsessing over achieving business or life goals. In fact, letting go and taking time out is often the best thing you can do (in between taking action).

Therefore consider what works for you when taking time out? Is it:

  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Reading or
  • Changing your routine

What works for me is a mixture of a variety of activites. Not necessarily every day either. For example,

  • Regular short meditations
  • 15 minute yoga sessions
  • Writing in my gratitude journal
  • Regular exercise
  • Cooking with plenty of time
  • Gardening
  • Anything on or near water (the ocean or river near where I live)
  • Holidaying
  • Taking a different pace

So make a note of what works for you and commit to regular time out to balance actioning your goals. This will get you to your outcome (destination) faster.

We are on a Forever Evolving Journey


It isn’t always about arriving at the destination. Many Millionaires say it isn’t the Million dollar achievement at the end that is important, it is the person you became along the way that is.

In addition, I have heard many people say to me over the years. ‘I don’t set goals because life changes anyway so what’s the point?’. This is true however as Jim Rich said:

A goal without a plan is just a wish

I love to plan and set goals, I guess I may be a bit of a goal setting geek. But I take the pressure off myself by reviewing goals every 90 days. I do this because 90 days is an amount of time where you can achieve something. You often also experience during this amount of time, moments of focus and moments of distraction and everything in between. After 90 days I reflect and decide what I have learnt and if I have achieved the goal. If I haven’t I evaluate whether it still is current and relevant and bringing me closer to my long term goals.

I have learnt, sometimes, it is ok to let go of a goal. That it isn’t failure. You may just have a change of needs or focus.

Finally, as I asked you at the beginning of this article:

What is Your Commitment to Success?

How Committed to Your Success Are You?

What is Your Greatest Fear about Not Succeeding?

Do share in the comments below I would love to hear from you:






10 Replies to “Commitment to Success”

  1. Hi Fleur. I loved your article. Very thoughtful and well written, Success to me has a number of aspects. I’m very successful in love. I have a loving family, wife , children and grand children, Even a couple of greats now. I’m successful with friendship, social media has seen to that. Am I financially successful? Not yet, but I’m far more concerned with the first two. Thanks for your incredible insights and for being willing to reveal something about yourself.

    1. My absolute pleasure and thank you for sharing your comments and what success if for you right now. It is fabulous and so beneficial to highlight was is working and what is successful. You sound like you have a deep appreciation for what you have in your relationships. For our financial success that is often relevant… depending on your perspective. What I mean by that is, I had an idea that I had to earn 100% of my income all the time from being in business. However, after a very challenging time in business I realised I needed to take some time out from business and recharge. So once I ‘let go’ of my income ‘having to always come from business’ I went out and got a regular income, well beyond my expectations which took the pressure off so I can then return back to business activities stress free.

      I guess what I’m also saying here is sometimes success is not what we originally thought it might look like. I have been incredibly successful in all aspects of life and business over the years but we are always evolving and changing, as I mention in my article and therefore there will always be something that we strive for. That’s essentially a privilege of being a part of this great world we live in.

      Thanks also for your feedback on my article, it is always appreciated.

  2. Success to me is feeling self-pride and proud. When I accomplish a goal, even a small one, I feel proud that I completed something that adds to my life. It can be something as small as getting a household chore done, as big as saving a certain amount of money for retirement, or even admitting to myself that I made a mistake as long as I’ve learned from that mistake. I don’t know if that makes sense, but success is feeling pride and proud of the goals I’ve set for myself. It’s a great feeling!

    1. Yes I understand Jeremy, it is so important to take a moment, to reflect and admire what you’ve achieved. Otherwise life becomes one endless search from one goal to the next. After all, once we achieve a goal we normally reset and improve or strive for something else or in another aspect of life.

      Thanks for sharing, I do the same by keeping a gratitude journal that I aim to write in each day. In reality it is probably about 4 or 5 times per week. It keeps the successes and positives top of mind rather than always dwelling on what is yet to be achieved.

  3. For me, success is to be able to follow my dreams without worrying all the time about money. To be able to travel all over the world with my friends and not having to work all day for a salary that is not enough for me to give comfort to my family.

    I love your “success is a decision” mindset. I just started something on my own and I’m trying to persuade myself of that!

    Have a nice day!

    1. That is a great vision of success Jenny, I think I might join you traveling the world later in life when my son is older and independent!

      Yes by making the decision to be successful then it becomes something real and tangible and something to strive specifically for – it is then more about what you need to do each day to make it happen. Plus your definition of success can change over time too which is great so there is never a dull moment in life.

  4. Thanks for a very inspirational and thought provoking article. I do naturally set goals for myself but not in everything I wish to achieve so I will now try to do so.

    1. That is my Les, I’m delighted to hear you found the article inspirational and thought provoking that’s fantastic, thank you for sharing that.

      Yes I follow the principles from Jack Canfield’s book ‘The Success Principles’ and he suggests to set goals in 7 areas of life: Career/Business; Wealth creation; Relationships; Health; Recreation; Education and Community (giving back)

  5. Hi Fleur,
    Lots of great information on your site. This is an educational article for me. Will have to read and study it.
    I am still in the process of finding something ( meaningful life). I believe success is a state of mind so I love what you are talking about the meditation in the article.

    I’ am a blogger. I also like writing a minimum of 3 articles per week if you I really want to succeed as a blogger.
    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    1. Thank you Maun I’m glad to hear you found this article educational, that is my aim with my blogging.

      Yes a short 10 minute meditation really sets me up well for the day; when I miss it, I really feel it and often find myself making sure I do it mid morning or at lunch time.

      Oh I love to blog too, it is such a great medium for me to share knowledge and to continue teaching – you just can’t get the teacher out of me.
      I look forward to hearing your success also as a blogger

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