Australian Financial Year

1 July 2018, marks the first day of the 2019 Australian Financial Year

I see dates such as these as an opportunity to:

  • Reflect on the last 6 to 12 months; 
  • Compare what you planned to what was actually achieved and
  • Review and reset goals

The Success Principles Approach

As I have recently re-read Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles book, I am using his structure of setting goals. He suggests to set goals in 7 areas of your life:

  • Financial
  • Job/Career/Business
  • Recreation
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Education and
  • Community

I will share with you where I have come from to where I am now as this is a beneficial process and allows me to realise and focus on my succcesses rather than dwell on failures or goals not yet reached. I encourage you to do the same and put pen to paper:


financial goals

This was a BIG one for me this financial year just past. One year ago, I was ok, recovered from the devastating year that 2016 was but I had a LONG way to go – or at least it felt that way.

One of my goals this time last year was to have regularly full-time income so I could pay back a lot of business bills and personal bills that had accumulated during the challenging 2016 year. TICK I achieved this. Even better than that, I know it is continuing at this level for another 7 months so far.

The next 6 months will see me pay all bills associated with the live events business that I now run in a different structure (online) plus pay off all what I call ‘bad debt’. All credit card or high interest debt that is basically not my mortgage. This will then enable me to begin tackling the ultimate goal of paying off my mortgage and being 100% debt free. I am to achieve that within 10 years on my current income, faster with a higher income.


career goals

I achieved my goal as I mentioned above of full-time equivalent income through regular work. I needed a complete break from any ‘hustle’ and business. I am delighted with the fundraising/business development role I work in 3 days a week and am enjoying teaching children to play the flute again 2 days per week. I also wanted to make sure I expressed gratitude regularly for these opportunities and to be in the moment and enjoy them.

Plus I wanted to continue to blog, so that I could still nurture my entrepreneurial spirit and not feel like I had given up. As a result my regular writing has improved my writing skills for my day jobs – TICK – an unexpected bonus.

I now wish to continue my ‘day jobs’ because they are fulfilling and I am growing professionally in them but also I want to grow my blog businesses. I am focused on this one my primary blog to bring it up to the level I am aiming for and then will build a team to work on my essential oils blog. I just love helping people not only in business but for business professionals to maintain good health so they are able to excel in business.

Recreationrecreation goals

This past year my son challenged me asking why I didn’t know how to skipper a yacht when I love sailing so much? I responded with fair enough and went and did a sail training course. While I am not a qualified skipper yet, I am many steps closer and with much more experience. This has resulted in having a shared interest with my son which we are both loving.

This year, we are looking at buying him a small boat he can compete in. I think this will be a good introduction to the experience of boat ownership and the realities of the expenses and maintenance that comes with it.


health goals

I am still yet to achieve my ideal shape/weight goal that I set myself last year. However, I am feeling MUCH better about myself and my level of health. Given I have also made sure I’m up to date with relevant medical check-ups including the dreaded dentist.

What I did achieve was re-educating myself to have a more low carb diet which I am just loving. It really suits me and my lifestyle so I’m looking forward to learning more and continuing this journey.

I have also achieved meditating daily and regular short yoga sessions at home.

This year I am returning to going back to group fitness classes to increase my fitness because I tend to work harder and am more accountable when at a group fitness class rather than only at home. I am on my way because I began yesterday. It was very challenging but I am glad I have taken my first step in this direction.

Relationshipsfamily goals

My goal this past year was to let go of negative relationships. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean you never see the person again, often, shifting your attention can actually solve some problems.

I have definitely achieved this. I am enjoying the relationships and interactions I currently have and feel I have allowed negative people and/or behaviours to drop away from me simply because I no longer tolerate them or give any attention to them. This is great.

For this next year, I wish to continue the above and to discipline myself to ‘be in the moment’ with those I am face-to-face with and not be distracted by technology. This I feel I’m reasonably good at but am wanting to improve this more particularly for my close relationships such as with my son.

Educationeducation goals

The membership I began at the online business community, Wealthy Affiliate in April last year has been a big part of my journey to get back my ‘business MOJO’. This truly is a positive, supportive, inspring community that also lays down challenges to stretch you. I am currently in month 5 of a 12 month Super Affiliate Challenge. This has a goal that if achieved means I’ll attend their annual conference in Jan/Feb 2019. At the time of writing this post, I am NO WHERE NEAR achieving that goal but I have made progress just the same with my education. What now needs to happen is my commitment to regular blog posts. I have plenty to write about it is simply the discipline of actually doing the work. I am ready for this!

I also have enjoyed regular professional development for both my day jobs and am very much looking forward to a fundraising conference this November in Canberra that I am attending. Another big TICK.


community goals

Finally, donating my time and/or money has always been important to me throughout my professional career. This past year I began a fundraising group of 10 women; we call ourselves the Hepburn 10. So another TICK and I’ve just confirmed this group continuing into this financial year – plus I almost have a 2nd group of Hepburn 10ners confirmed – TICK TICK.

So the goal this financial year will be to confirm that 2nd group of Hepburn 10ners.

I highly recommend you taking the time, setting aside 20 – 30minutes to go through this process of reflection and review. I feel far more accomplished than when I began, Often we forget the successes as we continue to strive to achieve the goals.

So there you have it. What have you achieve in the past 6 to 12 months that you would love to share?

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