Are You On the Right Path?

Do you believe in Coincidences?

Do you sometimes ask yourself – Are you on the Right Path?

Do you, at times, reflect on experiences as a sign you are in flow?

are you on the right path

I do. This evening I had such an experience…

Expressing Gratitude

I was delighted and very grateful this evening to have had the good fortune of enjoying a stunning, original artwork called ‘My Homeland’ at a function in the Perth CBD. This artwork had been purchased for the function I attended from Yamaji Art. The artwork is by Aboriginal, First Nations artist Barbara Merritt, she is currently residing in the Yamaji Region of Western Australia. I include the term First Nations because I understand that the words Aboriginal and Indigenous sometimes have different meanings in different countries.

This experience this evening was special for a number of reasons, one of which is I have family connections myself, on my mother’s side to Yamaji country. I am not from Aboriginal descent; but part of my heritage comes from people that did reside in this area and have lived there for many generations.

Please note, I am waiting on permission to be able to share the image of the painting ‘My Homeland’ here so you know what I am talking about and you can relate to its beauty and natural flow in itself. Plus it includes one of my favourite colours; blue tones. I love being connected too and near water both in reality and representations of it which is way blue tones resonate with me so much.

When You Know You’re On the Right Path

This experience gave me a deep sense that I feel like I am on the right path. When I say that it doesn’t mean I always have all the answers about what life holds especially in the future but what I mean is that I was at the right place at the right time to be open and available to receive this wonderful experience. The circumstances around receiving this painting and the title ‘My Homelands’ and image of the painting itself got me to reflect on what ‘My Homelands’ meant for me.

What I simply love about Australian Aboriginal or in fact First Nations people is their connection to the land and particularly where they are from. Therefore upon meeting rather than asking ‘what do you do’ they begin with ‘where you are from’. This topic was one of conversation at the event I attended this evening and we were reflecting on what a wonderful way this was to begin to get to know someone in a meaningful and personal way.

First Nations Culture

Because I come from a country that has a challenging history in terms of the relationship and acknowledgement of Australian Aboriginal people I have always sought ways to learn more and pay my respects throughout my professional life. One way I did that was many years ago I was a Volunteer Gallery Guide at the Art Gallery of Western Australia. During the years I hosted gallery tours I often presented tours of contemporary Aboriginal Art. To give me the opportunity to learn more and get to know more Aboriginal people. Therefore viewing this artwork this evening took me back to fond memories of my experiences at the gallery. I also used to own an online art gallery so I am verypassionate about the visual arts.

Where are you from?

perth western australia

When I ask this question I’m referring to where you were born. Where are you from? Is often a question I ask many people I meet here in my home city, Perth. I ask because Perth is often regarded as one of the most isolated cities in the world; a claim that perhaps is debatable however given this reputation and context I’m always curious as to how people from all over the globe end up living in Perth. What their personal story is to have found themselves here. I am also curious about those that are ‘born and bred Perth’ both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal and to here their love of where they are from. Perth is commonly a place for those born here to often travel away but end up returning to live. I myself have lived elsewhere for a short time but it was enough to deepen my appreciation for the stunning place I live.

I would love to you to share where are you from and/or an experience that affirmed you are on the right path in the comments below:





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