Are Keywords Important? Yeah but Nah

This is a topic of great discussion and debate. And there are dual arguements that can be easily found through a simple Google search. Which is why I have used the Australian slang phrase Yeah but Nah. To understand more about this use of language check out this article at LifeHacker. As an Australian, I think it does a great job in explaining this use of language.


yeah keywords are important


I think Keywords used to be very important. However, as there are so many more bloggers and articles being published every moment of the day globally, I think their relevance has become less important and less of a focus. In that, if the content you are writing is relevant to your chosen keyword and the article supports this topic then your chosen or focus keyword will be ranked by the likes of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. But also, other relevant keywords will rank also. A colleague at the online business community I’m a member of, Robert at Wealthy Affiliate (WA) has written a great article ‘Are Two Target Keywords Enough? Yes and here is why‘ explaining this. It really was a ‘penny dropping’ moment for me when I read his article. It also was a big relief. Because as long as we’re writing relevant content to our audience then it will satisfy their search needs and will attract more quality readers and subscribers and fellow WA members.

Therefore, having an understanding of keywords is important to be able to focus your writing and blog posts however it should not be your 100% focus. You should not be writing for the sake of keywords and potential search engine traffic. But write for your audience. Making sure it is relevant and it solves a problem your audience seeks answers for. This is why I used the image of the map of all elements that are a part of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). That keywords are a part of the SEO picture but so is meta data, back links, strategy, marketing, design etc.

Nah keywords are not important

but Nah

So in essence, keywords aren’t so important therefore Nah or No they are not important. Their importance is relative, as I explained above. BUT they are not so important to take over from the purpose and relevance of your content. It is good to know about keywords and have an understanding of them and how to use them to focus your writing. But you should be planning your content by knowing your niche audience and what their needs are. For example, I write to an audience of professionals interested in or that are already working from home, and specifically parents that work from home. Why? Because that’s how I started out in business 11 years ago. I understand this niche from my own experience plus I am passionate about children seeing their parents working in an area that is important and passionate to them and is purposeful as well as profitable. Thus why this site is called passion to purpose.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out this training video by my Super Affiliate Marketing Mentor, Kyle ‘Understanding the Importance of Keywords‘ Listen to the first 4 to 5 minutes to hear how he explains the relevance of keywords.


To be honest, it is a relief not to be too focused on keywords. It can distract you or intimidate you from writing your content. I know it has done both these things for me in the past. However, I am grateful I am knowledgeable about keywords because it helps me focus my writing style and blog posts so that they are easier to read and understand. But I am also grateful to know that even if you do rank highly on your chosen keywords, you are also probably ranking on keywords you haven’t even thought about. Now that is interesting and very cool. Robert explains this more in his training ‘How to Rank on Google Page 1 WITHOUT a Keyword‘. This training both challenged me as I had spent the month of August this year increasing my knowledge, understanding and experience in keywords so I was highly invested in keywords (possibly a little obsessed and distracted too) but was also a great relief. It was a relief because I felt this knowledge is now in perspective. His trainig is a great reminder that keywords should not be the main motivation of your content but writing for you audience always should be. That is my focus and what brings me the greatest joy and why I blog.





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  1. I like your approach to understanding keywords. It is important but the quality of the content is also important. We should be choosing a keyword, yes, but we have to remember that we are ultimately writing for a human audience. Furthermore, Google and the search engines are able to identify when you are keyword stuffing your posts. This leads to a less favourable ranking.

    1. Agreed Reyhana, and I think also a testament to Google too for evolving and focusing on quality and what is important for their audience and our readers. As I was discussing just now with Dale in my previous comment, it is great that writing for a human audience rather than keyword stuffing like back in the old days is preferred now but also that is is much more fun and meaningful for us as writers and bloggers.

  2. Years ago keywords were everything.  I remember keyword stuffing so bad that it got hard to understand the articles.  Yep I made a lot of money but really at the end of the day I was doing very little for my readers.  Of course with all the changes I have since stopped writing in that format.  It is fun to write now.  It is great to read an article like this and know that I am going in the right direction by not focusing on keywords so much.  Im not going to lie that sometimes it takes some effort to not fall back into my old habits.  Thank you for reinforcing how I write now.

    1. Absolute pleasure Dale delighted my article could reinforce the current trend in using keywords. Yes, I remember those days of keyword stuffing years ago. I just couldn’t do it back then, I think my training as a teacher limited me there. I’m delighted to hear of your long term success but now how much more joy you receive from writing and that it is so much more fun for you and meaningful.

  3. Hi

    Thank you, I found this article really interesting because you have hit the nail of the head when you combined passion with keywords.  

    Also knowing you target audience is important. You are so right when you say that keywords should not be your 100% focus and knowing your niche is far more important.

    Thank you for the gentle reminder


    1. My absolute pleasure Jennifer! Yes I like to remind myself of who my niche audience is by creating a profile or case study of what that person is like. For me, it is a parent that works from home with a professional background wanting to share their knowledge and experience through blogging.

  4. Yeah but Na!  I like that!  And I agree with both sides of their meaning when it come to SEO and keywords!  

    Being a Wealthy Affiliate member, I was also mesmerized by “boomer’s” blog.  He has proven that as long as our focus is on delivering the message to our readers, the search engine will recognize that our main purpose is to provide quality content.  

    As he says in his blog post “Content is King” and the main objective is to answer the query by writing for the audience and not for the search engines.

    However, I must say that you have a great perspective here, and you have really “hit the nail on the head” when you say that we should not be too focused on keywords and write without being intimidated by it!  Bottom line is that we are writing for an audience not the search engines!

    1. Denis we are clearly likeminded. Yes ‘Boomer’s (Robert’s) blog I was delighted in reading because I uncovered all these keywords that I am ranking for that I had no idea about and on some topics that I wasn’t expecting. Good topics, but there you go. 

      Having this realisation has really freed me up in terms of motivation to create content and I am back to loving writing and sharing my knowledge again, after all as a blogger that is the point. To provide solutions and value for your audience.

  5. Another great article. Thanks for linking to Robert’s post, I’ve had a quick read and it really makes sense. 

    I knew straight away that you’re an Australian btw, being one myself 🙂 It probably seems strange to other people that “yeah, nah” means no and “nah, yeah” means yes. 

    Anyway, I’m usually thinking about what I could write about next, then do my keyword research, decide which one makes sense and then basically forget about it and just write relevant content. So I seem to be on track with what you and Robert are saying. Good to know. 

    1. ‘Yeah’ 🙂 it so is important to know. 

      Hello fellow Aussie too! I’m in Western Australia where are you?

      I’m delighted to follow Robert’s guidance knowing how successful he has been for so many years and it is reassuring that we can just get on and focus on what we are supposed to be doing and that is providing help, value and solutions for our niche audience.

      1. I’m in QLD, on the Sunny Coast (not so sunny at the moment though).

        Yes, Robert is very knowledgeable. He puts things in perspective, where I might be spending to much time and effort trying to figure out the best way.

        1. Oh QLD is great! I’ll be in NSW and ACT for a work conference later in the year pity I’m not going to QLD otherwise we could meet – how cool would that be?

          Yes, we all have limited time so Robert’s knowledge totally helps sift through the priorities.

  6. I never focus solely on keywords, although I do like to find a really good word to rank under. That’s probably the most important part to me. My niche allows me to be informative and to also express my opinion a lot, especially when it comes to reviews. 

    I think keywords are definitely important, but some people tend to overdo it. Keyword spamming will definitely dish out negative points in search engines. I’ve seen it happen way too many times. 

    1. Yes agreed Ty you have a good clear understanding of keywords and I’m delighted you shared your opinion because this is helpful and valuable to all those that read this article. Yes I’m with you, ‘nah’ to keyword spamming.

  7. are keywords important is an informative article.

    It helps me with a lot of questions that I had on keywords and now I can continue with my writing style and not have to worry about if I am using my key words enough.

    This article makes me feel better about writing and worrying are keywords important.

    Thank you again for this informative article I really appreciate all the effort you put in to give me what I need to be successful.

    1. My absolute pleasure Quinn. Yes it is frankly a huge relief to not have to be so focused on keywords anymore but just to use them to focus your topic and the point of your articles. Delighted to hear this was helpful for you.

  8. I agree with you. The use of keywords should be a perfect blend of the one you choose, and the content you write with the main purpose of satisfying your readers.

    And it was a great initiative including those links from Robert to better explain your point. I had a lot of issues with the use of keywords too in the beginning, I kept targeting high traffic keywords, but didn’t get the traffic, perhaps because my content wasn’t written to satisfy my intended audience.

    To crown it all, one needs to really focus on writing quality content that can help readers solve a problem. Great article. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. Yes keywords and understanding the correct use of them has been a topic that has intimidated me for sometime. I guess that’s why I included links to Robert’s and Kyle’s training to back up what I was sharing and to give my knowledge credibility. Besides, they have both explained it so well and I wanted to share this knowledge because blogging has returned to being joyful for me once again.

      My pleasure, delighted to share with you.

  9. Hi Fleur I have spent many a night trawling through Jaaxy trying to find a great keyword for my site. I usually go for a low hanging fruit long tailed keyword. I will then make it my title to my post and then include it somewhere in the first paragraph. I will then concentrate on writing my post naturally.

    I have read that keyword stuffing is frowned upon by google. I didn’t realize you could get ranking without keywords though, I always thought it was a major factor in where you ranked in google and other search engines.

    I should really look into this a lot more.

    Thanks Emma

    1. Oh I know exactly what you mean Emma re trawling through Jaxxy trying to find a keyword. 

      Yes the whole getting ranked without a keyword is mind blowing. What Robert also highlights that you are more than likely ranking on keywords that you don’t even realise! Just because we decide and focus on one keyword per article doesn’t mean the search engines only look at that. They look at the overall content and its intention and how it relates to the topic. It is quite liberating as a blogger I think.

  10. Thank you Fleur for this great post about the keywords. I am still new in this business and when i see word keyword i feel a bit dizzy because i found it is challenging. As you said, for getting ranked by Search engines we must use the keywords known by those SEs but what about our readers? We have to think about our audience too.I was happy when i saw your answer to the question ( yes and no)  and that is my position. If i write with great keywords that’s fine but if my content is useful without keywords that’s ok too if my readers are satisfied with the content.

    Great post

    1. Julienne, I can completely relate to your experience of ‘feeling a bit dizzy’ regarding the topic of keywords! I felt that way too. Now it is a topic that I feel is in perspective. Good to have an understanding of but it is no longer the major focus of blogging anymore – thank goodness!

  11. Hi Fleur,

    Thank you for this great insightful article and Absolutely loved this article! I like the way how you convey your ideas and knowledge to us whether still learning the ropes of internet marketing or a successful internet marketer will truly benefit from your article. I like reading a good article with real intentions of helping others internet marketer to grow and develop their skill more and the way to share this article, you’ve achieved that and showed your intention very well.

    1. Thanks Glenda I’m delighted to hear you found this article helpful and valuable. That is absolutely what it is all about!

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