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Throughout my business career, I have been passionate about helping others by sharing the knowledge and experience I have. I began in business over 10 years ago now. Interestingly I have come full circle; I began blogging when I had my son and went off to a 6 week Baby Bloggers course and now have come back to blogging. This initial short course wasn’t blogging about babies but rather Mothers that wanted to connect with other entrepreneurial Mums and learn how to blog while our babies played or slept.

This short course changed my life. How?

It opened my mind to the possibility of working from home and having control of my diary. That course was back in 2007. Jump forward 10 years and I am back continuing my education about blogging having joined a global community of over 800,000 entrepreneurs (Having being ranked in the Top 25 of this community).

I began my first online business on 1 December 2007. It was an online gallery (2007 – 2013) called Interactive Arts. I have since created several more businesses including a property mentoring business and a business development community providing business education and live events. In 2014, my existing clients asked me to work with them and mentor them on how to succeed in business. Therefore I became a business mentor, at first I was apprehensive however now my clients tell you their incredible results for themselves.

Although I have experienced a great deal of success in business, I have always felt limited in my knowledge of websites, keywords, SEO, web hosting, domain names etc until now. In 2017, I discovered a great online community (I wished I had found 10 years ago) that provides quality step-by-step education for one affordable subscription. I share my experience with this community in this blog post.

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I have always wanted to help people by sharing skills I have that are of assistance to others. There was a reason why my university degree is a teaching degree; I just love sharing knowledge and helping people achieve their goals.

I’d like to share with you My Life Purpose, also called ‘My Why’ so you know what motivates me:

To Empower Entrepreneurs to Share their Passion

To Connect, Empower and Motivate You into Action

To Create greater Freedom, Choice & Opportunity in the lives of those I work with

To bring Like-minded People together

For Entrepreneurs to Access Business Education Online and Wealth Creation strategies to leverage their profits.

In particular, I enjoy working with women over 40 to help them to generate profits in either investment and/or business so they are able to fund their purpose, passion or cause. This is an extension of what I began doing years ago in my property mentoring business however to a much more specific and niche audience.

In addition, the value of philanthropy and giving I have actively either volunteered my time and expertise and/or donated money since I graduated from university. Why? Because I was incredibly grateful for all the support and assistance I received as a young person coming from a low socioeconomic background and household to be able to attain a different life experience than my invalid mother was able to provide. Therefore this brings us to this current blog, Fund Your Purpose which I believe brings together all my knowledge and skills to assist you to achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations in business, investment and giving.

I share more about my background in the past businesses below which may be of interest to you.

My Businesses:

Out of the Box Biz (2014 – 2017) a membership business providing business networking and business development and education events for entrepreneurs, professional people and business owners has been developed by master networker, Fleur Allen.

Please note, Out of the Box Biz may earn commission or referral fees

I held my last live networking event for Out of the Box Biz on 1 December 2017, the 10 year anniversary of being in business and also hosting business events too! It was a nice, natural end to the regular monthly live events.

Property with Purpose (2011 – 2018) Fleur Allen is a property mentor, investor, educator and best-selling author: “I Just Like To Simplify Property’

Presenting Property with Purpose x3 

(Family Times, Self-Nurturing and …. Giving) 

My vision for Property with Purpose is for every professional to achieve financial freedom through home ownership and property investment to fulfil their purpose in all areas of their lives.

Property with Purpose provides an live, educational trainings in the form of seminars, workshops and a mentoring program. I am passionate about teaching you to use property to have the time AND the money to fund the cause, purpose or passion of your choice.

Fleur Allen I am blessed to work as a property mentor in a business born from one of my passions: property investment. As a property investor myself for over 10 years and as an ex qualified teacher for over 20 years I have the skills and knowledge on how to put together educational, meaningful programs to teach you and empower you into action.

So what is a Property Mentor?

As a property mentor, I provide a variety of services to equip you with the tools, strategies, knowledge to succeed at buying the property that fits your life and purpose. What I teach educates you for life. What you receive you can use time and time again for any property purchase whether it be for your own home or as an investment. So to get started subscribe to our monthly newsletters or attend my next property training

Learn How ANYONE Can Use Property to have the Time AND the Money to fund the Cause, Passion or Purpose of their choice

I look forward to getting to know you and sharing your property buying success!
Public Speaker

Fleur is available providing professional, informative and engaging speaking presentations.

Education and Professional Development

February 2014 – Present Tough Love Mentoring with T Harv Eker

September 2014 – Inspired to Buy with Ben Harvey, Authentic Education

April 2011 Days 2 – 5 of 5 The Power of Siz-Figure Speaking with Shaune Clarke

January 2011 Day 1of 5 The Power of Six-Figure Speaking with Shaune Clarke

March 2010 Speaker Mastery Course Business Fusion

2003 Graduate Certificate in Management Deakin University

1999 Education Degree University of Western Australia


The purpose of this website, FleurAllen.com is to share my wealth creation and business knowledge and experience with you. How this works is I have several opportunities for you through an invitation to:

  1. Receive my online property seminar
  2. Receive regular Free Business Lessons
  3. Contribute to this website through the comments or providing articles on wealth creation, business or lifestyle topics.

Please share your questions below and I will be happy to help you out.

Warmest regards,

Fleur Allen

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