The Importance of Health and Wellbeing


The Importance of Health and Well Being in Business and in Life

Isn’t it always the way? Human Nature? To take your health for granted when you have it. To value it more when you don’t? This has been my experience of ill health this week and as I know I’m not unique in this the motivation to share this post.

The Importance of Health and Wellbeing in Business

I think there is a general acceptance of maintaining good health in your personal life however why is this topic near dismissed in a business context? It makes sense really. Greater health, translates to greater quality, working hours of an individual and therefore greater outcomes.

I have been talking about the needs of Business Professionals using this holistic approach for years. As a result, I know I have lost many of my audience dismissing it as ‘not on topic’ for business conversations. However, I challenge that view.

Now I am not claiming to be a health and wellbeing expert. There are plenty of great people already working in that space. Simply it is importance for all of us in business to take responsibility for our own health needs. I will share my own experiences from this week:

This week

My week began with a head cold taking hold last Sunday night. I had some niggling symptoms on Friday however using home remedies and rest on Friday I woke up refreshed on Saturday. Therefore I thought I had beaten the bug. Unfortunately I was mistaken. However, as soon as I knew I was unwell I rested immediately and therefore symptoms improved consistently throughout the week. Until… I was a little vague and light headed on my feet on occasions due to my head cold (and an ongoing journey with hormone imbalance) and I stubbed my toe on Wednesday night – ouch! Now I live in a small apartment and so bumping into furniture is not a rare thing. But it is when I woke to an aching toe and purple coloured toe that I realised that perhaps it was broken! Bummer! Man how it hurt. However it has improved once I remembered the appropriate first aid treatment (to elevate the foot). Since I’ve had my doctor check it out and the diagnosis is rest, rest and more rest.

Out of Despair, Inspiration can be Born

good health and well being


On Thursday, frankly, I felt completely sorry for myself, in a great deal of pain and frustrated having spent 2 of 3 days prior resting for my head cold. Now staring down the barrel of more multiple days, yes… you guessed it. Resting! Anyway, fast forward to Friday. I am feeling MUCH better due to a day of rest on the Thursday and an elevated foot. I have my son coming back to me (I share him with his father as we are divorced) so I am motivated to not be miserable and grumpy for his sake. So I thought about how can I improve my mental wellbeing, as this completely helps physical recovery. What can I do to feel better while I spend the next 2 to 3 days with my foot elevated?

I also am 3 tasks away from completing a list of 18 tasks for the February monthly tasks for the year long Super Affiliate Challenge I had accepted at the beginning of February. Due date for these tasks is 4 March. What I need to complete in 2 of the final outstanding tasks is 16 blog posts on my blog – this blog! I had written 2…

So I am now stepping up to the challenge of writing 14 blog posts in just over 48 hours! This is blog post 4. I can tell you it feels SOOO much better to be on the cusp of coming down below 10 posts. How powerful is your mind over how you feel and what you achieve.

How can we incorporate the Importance of Health and Wellbeing into all aspects of our lives? Including Business?

  • I think it is about being open and transparent about what your needs are and limitations are in business. For myself, I am someone that is happy to give, give and give. However when I am unwell, I find it very difficult to ask for help and also to communicate that I need some time out to recover. This is my challenge in this area, which I am learning to improve. This is a strategy when you’re unwell but I prefer to talk more about preventative measures.
  • To incorporate regular exercise that incorporates into your lifestyle to maintain good health. I recently have engaged a Personal Trainer to create an exercise regime that works for me, my body, my goals and my lifestyle. This personalised service has been hugely successful.
  • Be organised to make sure you have the type of health food you know works for you. If you don’t know what works for you work with an expert to educate you.
  • Finally, do what you need to rest your mind and your body and your soul. For the latter, what uplifts you? For me daily meditations I love to rest my mind, with regular time outdoors in nature. Taking the time to stretch through yoga helps me to rest and rejuvenate my body. And taking time away doing what uplifts me boosts my soul. This might be relaxing with friends, sharing a new experience with my son, dancing, playing music or being under sail out on the river works for me.

What is your challenge or experience in this area?





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