The Success Principles Chapter 2: Be Clear Why You’re Here

Be Clear Why You’re Here or Define Your Life Purpose

Knowing your why in life and business is a topic I’ve been discussing and sharing for many years now. But many people ask what is your why? Or ‘how to define your life purpose’? Your Life Purpose, Your Why, Your Purpose, The Reason Why You’re Here, to me are all the same thing. We just give them different labels according to our own filters and perceptions. Before we discuss and answer these above questions, first it is important to ask:

What is the point of Defining Your Why or Your Life Purpose?

Why bother? It is to know yourself.
What your fundamental purpose is.
What you’re passionate about. This you can link to actually what you want to do in life.
It cecomes your guide to make sure you’re on track to what you want and want you want to achieve.

Having your why is something you can refer to daily. This means whenever opportunities come your way, you can compare them against your why and be able to say yes or no. This becomes clear, simple and easy. It is a way to ‘clear the clutter’ and assists you to remain on your chosen path and not get distracted by new opportunities that may not be right for you.


Chapter 2 in Jack Canfield’s book The Success Principles(TM) – 10th Anniversary Edition: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, is ‘Be Clear Why You’re Here’

Therefore defining your why/your life purpose. Every chapter includes a relevant quote to begin and then Jack Canfield discusses the topic in detail. In this chapter he includes a simple exercise to assist you to uncover your why.

I have gone back and reviewed my why completing this exercise numerous times. Which has been very helpful. Keeping in mind that we are evolving beings, growing, learning, adapting and changing on a daily basis. Therefore once you’ve written your why, don’t be afraid to go back on occasion to ‘tweak’ it. Make sure you’re on track to where you want to be. I have included My Why/My Life Purpose here on this blog.


I recommend grabbing a copy of Jack Canfield’s book and working through it chapter by chapter. In addition, to seek a mentor to support you to take action.

For example, through businesses I have founded, Property with Purpose and Out of the Box Biz, I have assisted hundreds of business professionals to get clear on why they’re here; to define their why; to define and write down their life purpose based on their most important values. Here is a short video of me working with a room full of business professionals to define and write down their why statements. Beginning with a quote from futurist, Nathaniel Small and ending with people in the room sharing their why statements:

Without your why you can’t achieve a noble cause…

Nathaniel Small



Please share your experiences of going through the process of getting clear on why you’re here as discussed in this 2nd chapter of Jack Canfield’s book:


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