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Are You Seeking the Best Blogging Tool?

I believe I have the answer. In my world it is the best blogging tool – Site Content. This post is a walk through the tool showing you step by step how I use it. Keeping in mind that I regard myself as a blogger rather than a writer (I secretly know they are one in the same) however I began this journey of blogging over 10 years ago as a non-writer, to give you some context.

What is a Blogging Tool?

best blogging tool

This is a tool or platform or framework that assists you to:

  • Plan your blog posts
  • Record blogging ideas and topic brainstorms
  • Write your blog posts
  • Add relevant images to your posts and image titles etc and
  • Add external and internal links to your posts (psst great for SEO)

The tool I use is Site Content and it does all of the above to getting results fast. I have gone from writing a 1000word blogpost in about 2 hours or longer (including keyword research) to writing it in under an hour!

The Best Blogging Tool – Site Content – What is it?

site content

Site Content is a tool that is included in an online membership to a business community called Wealthy Affiliate, often referred to within the community as WA. Therefore it is a free service within this community. The danger of having so many great things included for free in a membership is you don’t often realise the full potential of services. I am aware of this having run membership based businesses for over 10 years, so it has been great to experience being a member. How often is it the case of…  you didn’t think you needed a service or indeed you just didn’t know what you didn’t know! To find out more about this membership please read my review here.

The Best Blogging Tool – Site Content – Walk through:

site rubix suite of services

  • When you first go into Site Content, which is part of the Site Rubx suite of services at WA which includes (as pictured):
    1. Site Manager
    2. Site Builder
    3. Site Domains
    4. Site Content
    5. Site Comments
    6. Site Feedback and
    7. Site Support

I’ll create another walk through post for Site Rubix suite of services and include the link here once done.

  • You come to the main menu which is a summary of your writing statistics, goals and published and unpublished posts.

Blog templates

As you can see from the images above your writing statistics are also put in context of where you sit in the entire community of online entrepreneurs; which is really motivating and also provides context to what others achieve.

What I like most in this blogging tool is the ability to set your own goals. At the moment I have a crazy goal of multiple posts in a very short period to meet a Super Affiliate Challenge monthly goal and once achieved I’ll then reset back to a less ‘intense’ goal.

blogging goals

  • Plus you see a live tally of your word count is also visible while you write, which again is highly motivating! Ref the stats for this post in this image: writing stats
  • Another great feature is the ability to organise your blog posts into buckets (essentially folders) to find published or unpublished posts quickly. Being able to save unpublished posts means I can go create a draft post of a new idea and/or include my chosen keyword when I have completed that research. This I always do to create my title and before I begin writing the article.
  • Now down to the business of writing. First step is to choose a template from one of the many provided within Site Content. I find it far easier to write from a template than a blank page. For the purposes of this post I have chosen what is called a Keyword Rich Content page. You also have the ability to create your own templates too.

January upgrade to Site Content

One of the most valuable features of Site Content happened when the tool was upgraded back in January to include a database of thousands of images that all Premium WA members have access to use. That’s right copyright permission. Which is HUGE! No more searching for images and then images you have permission to use. This saves sooo much time plus makes your blog posts ‘pop’! Increasing engagement and breaking up those huge blocks of texts for easier reading. Full details of the upgrade, with technical speak, is in this post by one of the creators of WA, Carson.

free image library

  • Finally, this tool allows you to publish direct to any of your websites that you have hosted within the WA platform and also checks for your content being unique – which is fantastic. Google really doesn’t like duplicated content so you are reassured by this check prior to publishing.

Using this tool yourself is the only way you can understand its full potential. Since using the tool, I now write faster, more efficiently, includes high quality images and tweaking for SEO is also faster too. Win/win I say. I encourage you to check it out for yourself. A Starter (free) level membership is available for you to try this service out risk free here.


Please do share your experiences of blogging tools and your blogging experiences. I’d be delighted to hear from you:




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6 Replies to “Best Blogging Tool – Site Content”

  1. Ive been pretty comfortable using my word processor to write my blogs but having a running word count and all my blogs organized in one place would be pretty sweet. Having access to pictures right from inside the editor would save me a ton of time. Actually I am thinking that it might be time to upgrade to a better writing situation. How many pictures are there to choose from?

    1. It is time Dr Doug! There are literally thousands of images to choose from. The majority of my images in the past 3 months are from this library other than those I have created myself. Completely takes the stress about copyright and use of images.

  2. Site Content is absolutely vital for organizing and planning my posts. How I managed before discovering this amazing blogging tool, is a mystery to me. Site Content saves me so much time, freeing up time for blogging, blogging, blogging & more blogging 🙂

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