Blogging for Non Writers

Do you think you’re NOT a Writer?

A Non Writer? Not a Blogger?

But, the problem is, you want to share your knowledge… Well, I’m here to tell you – you can!

This article is about Blogging for Non Writers

The purpose is to take you beyond: Fear of Failure or

writers block





Procrastinating to Start or

blank page

Feeling like you don’t have the Right Tools


  writing tools  typewriter  typing

Taking you from Writer’s Block to Writing Like a Pro



In the past, I have identified with the title Non Writer for a long time. Writing has never come naturally to me. However, the problem with identifying with this label is…. it got in the way of the fact that I also love sharing my business knowledge and experience to help professionals in business. And, one of the best methods to share your knowledge is through blogging. So frankly, I needed to ‘get over myself’. As my blogging mentor, Kyle says, you have the:

Ability to Write (that is, communicate). We all can write. Some people feel as though they are not writers, and that is fine….and in the
next breath send me a 500 word message explaining why they cannot write… So your goal is not to become a writer, but to remain a communicator and this is something you do every day

So begin by calling yourself a communicator, a blogger, an expert (in whatever your field is). Find a title that works for you and… you guessed it:

Start Writing

The key to achieving ANY success blogging is to get past the blank page. Regardless of your skill or experience level beginning from a blank page is near terrifying. Therefore try the following methods to avoid having to start from a blank page:

Create a blog template to use as a starting point.

Outline a structure to follow. Remember this can adapt according to your topic and purpose. For example begin with a:

  • Heading
  • Background
  • Summary
  • Sub heading(s) Topics and Ideas and
  • Conclusion or Recommendation

Eventually, aim to create several templates however don’t let that overwhelm you, begin with one. For example, a How to Blog post, Review post, Keyword Rich post or Human Interest post etc.

Keep a Note book of Ideas

Keep a small notebook with you at all times to write down ideas as you think of them. I have ideas cross my mind while waiting for meetings or from business conversations or reading the paper or listening to the radio or waiting in traffic etc etc.

Create a Writing System

The ideas from my note book I assess once a week and transfer the ideas I want to work on over to my computer. I then:

  • Save copy a template with one of my ideas as a Heading and sometimes a short summary of what I had in mind.
  • Refer to these saved ideas when I sit down to write 2 to 4 times a week.
  • Will flesh out a title based on keyword research (Jaaxy is the tool I use) and then add a selection of images I have permission to use to keep the reader’s interest but they also inspire me as I write.
  • Write the blog post.
  • Publish the blog post to your website.
  • Check and complete SEO elements such as adding keyword(s), alt tags to images, links etc
  • Share to your networks (social media, email list, forums you have permission to share too)

Commit to a Writing Routine

You know the saying ‘Practice makes Perfect’. Commit to a regular writing routine you can keep. That way you will be writing regularly. The key is to write, write, write and then write some more.

This routine, maybe daily, weekly or monthly whatever suits your lifestyle. For example, I write in my private journal daily, jot notes in my Ideas Notebook most days and write blog posts minimum 2 times per week and sometimes up to 4 times per week.

Seek Feedback

Find yourself a forum or community where you can receive feedback. Last year I committed to writing more once I found a community of like-minded bloggers I knew I could go to for support, education and feedback. Feedback is critical to improving your skills. However, don’t ask for feedback from your neighbour, best friend or family members (unless they are expert bloggers). Ask those that have already succeeded in what you want to achieve.

Finally, seek a mentor that can personally guide you to success.

This I am delighted to have achieved and it has increased my motivation 1000%. A mentor can:

  • Motivate You
  • Create Accountability for you
  • Provide relevant Education
  • Give Feedback
  • Make Recommendations and much, much more

Blogging for Non Writers

you            blogging success

In summary, You can Succeed as a Blogger

No matter what your writing skill or experience level is. Do what has been outlined here and BELIEVE that YOU CAN DO IT and YOU CAN!

If you are seeking a community or mentor please read this review on the community I am a member of and where I met my mentor and where I am able to mentor YOU for FREE. All you need to do is take up a Starter (Free) or Premium (Paid) Membership. If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact me here

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16 Replies to “Blogging for Non Writers”

  1. Hi Fleur, I read your article and was encouraged by your helpful tips. It is good advice to just write rather than procrastinate. I like the sound of being a part of a community that provides feedback and encouragement. I would like to read the review on the community you mentioned at the end of your article. Where can I find this? Dave

      1. Thanks for the link Fleur. Your very honest approach is appreciated in a world of scammers. What a great product with so many benefits, I am glad it is free to try. Cheers Dave

        1. My pleasure Dave – delighted to be able to help. Yes open, honest information and communication is absolutely the only way. I can’t express enough how much I get from this community and the products available through the membership. Yes the free version is great to give it a ‘test run’

  2. Hi Fleur.. thank you for great tips which I am sure will help many people to go from being a NON WRITER to a WRITER/BLOGGER.

    I would like to start blogging but writing has always been a challenge for me. I really like your idea of a mentor as this will keep someone on track to success.

    I will checking out the community you are part of and if I decide to join what kind of support can I expect from you and the community?

    1. Thanks Moni for your comment. I completely relate and am grateful that I have overcome writing as a challenge. Regarding support from the community I am a member of. I am available within the community to offer immediate support and guidance when you join. In addition, there is a community of thousands of members able to offer support 24/7 as it is a global community so there is always someone online to offer assistance. On occasions the owners offer mentoring programs. I have recently been accepted into a pilot mentoring program and therefore am able to provide details should this be of interest to you. First step is to jump on over and create your membership then I can guide from within the community.

  3. Hi Fleur,
    I am a “budding blogger” having just begun in mid-October 2017. I’m grateful for the advice you give in this post. I’m finding myself really enjoying the task of writing (I have a background in manufacturing and trucking, not writing).

    One of the challenges I experience, seeing I do this part-time, is taking too long to produce a piece. Instead of one or two days, It often takes one to two weeks to produce one blog! Maybe I’m agonizing over details too much but I want to produce quality.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing you insights for us newbies!


    1. Hi Bob, thanks for your comment and sharing your journey. I completely understand and remember how much pressure I would put on myself to make my blog posts ‘perfect’. I say park the ‘perfectionist’ attitude to the side (as I had too) and write, write, write. You will improve and also begin to write faster and as I mentioned seek feedback.

  4. This is the thing I was looking for becuase I have had trouble to start writing but after I have read this tips and tricks I think that I can finally start to build up a blog thank you!!!

  5. This is some excellent advice. Many people think they cannot write. But if you ask them to explain in writing why they think they cannot write and they will give you 800-word answer. What they do not realize is that they just wrote something. Now all they have to do is convert that style to their blogging.

  6. Great post Fleur. Writing is hurdle which will kill your online business if you can’t do it.
    Thankfully this is skill which can be developed and I’m living proof. 10 years ago, I could not string a few sentences together and now writing content daily.
    You tips are all fantastic and I want to add a few more:
    1. Read, read and read some more – This will build vocabulary and understand how to present a story.
    2. Start a journal and write every morning. A gratitude journal is an excellent way boost mood as well
    3. Get a copy of Steven Pressfield’s – The War of Art. If you had writer’s block, this will fix it.

    1. Thanks Vince and thanks for adding your tips too. The War of Art sounds interesting will take a look at it. Yes I agree re journaling, I write daily and express gratitude daily it completely enriches how you perceive the end of your day

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