Vision Boards Work

How do Vision Boards Work?

I believe how vision boards work are:

They keep your goals top of mind with motivating visual stimulus that helps you to evoke the emotion of achieving your goal.

These are the keys to achieving your goals:

  • Keep your goals top of mind
  • Stay motivated to take action to achieve your goals and
  • Remind yourself of how you feel to you achieve your goal

As we live in such a visually stimulated environment it is important to visually represent your goals to catch your attention daily that inspires you to keep taking daily actions no matter how small. In addition to remind you of the feelings associated with achieving your goals is highly important

vision boards work

I practice what I teach

Yesterday, my son said to me, ‘Mum isn’t it about time we changed our vision board?  We have got a lot of what is on there?’ I completely agreed with him. What he did was:

  • took my vision board to the next level
  • took action and created one for himself
  • said I needed to do the same.

Plus we did a family vision board that we have in our family/living area.

Nice. I’m delighted that by living an authentic life, my son is now beginning to adopt some of these positive strategies that I have been practicing for many years.

Which is why I asked the question in the business community I am a member of:

Do you Vision Board?

I’d love to know from you.

Sharing what we actually do and what works assists us all to learn and grow together. Please share your comments below:

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